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2.5k · May 2014
unstable May 2014
you don't like my words
but you preach yours.

your words are full of frightful hate,
and childish ignorance.

your veins are black just like your distraught style.
and your heart is cold,
just like your fate.

you may think I'm harsh,
you may think I'm incorrect,

but my opinion will still say the same,
just like your indecencies
body of a fifth grader
mindset of a self bruised three year old
1.8k · Nov 2014
unstable Nov 2014
I broke your heart while wearing the bracelet my last gave to me and yet you still think my words weren't sincere
1.2k · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
I'm done holding on to these false hopes,

to these broken promises and trust issues.

I can't believe a word you say,
but maybe that's because you're a man of fiction.

I'm hurting all over my body,

everywhere where I wanted your hands on me feels numb,

and after every exhale I think of your smile.  

it hurts to lose someone,
someone who you love.

someone who will never love you back,

someone who never did love you back.

I wish I wouldn't have fallen so easily,

and I wish falling out of love was as easy as falling in love,

because if you wanted me back I would run into your arms

even though you're still clutching the same knife that pierced through me before.
I have to stop running back to you because all you do is hurt me but I like the pain more than I like the loneliness
1.0k · May 2014
whatever happens, happens
unstable May 2014
your words wore silver;
but your gaze was golden.

you kept promises;
you held on.

you fed me your words
and I read them with glee.

I held onto them and gave myself to them.

I let you feed on me
as if I was your treasured prey.

I guess I wasn't that spectacular though.

something changed.
you stopped spoiling me with your words;
and for days I was worthless.

then you came back.
you continued with your lead passion;
with the words you knew I loved.

but those days I was merciless had already torn apart your silver;
they stole your gold with selfish regard and broken palms.

you were cold; merciless.
it was as if I had done something;
   as if I held on too tight and made you run

and oh did you run far

I guess I should have known
it wasn't going to last
it never does

maybe I should have left sooner;
played hard to get.

but it's hard when you're always watching.
785 · May 2014
hopeless words
unstable May 2014
I miss the feel of your lips against mine;
and their taste which was oh so devine.
I miss the redness on my cheeks and the purple on my neck that reminded me of you.
I miss the hands that I held and the words that you spoke;
although they can never be replaced.
not a single man nor woman could show me what you did; treat me how you did.
even though in the end it was all lies
you still mean the world to me
unstable Jul 2014
dear Married couple with children of any age,
dear divorced /couple/ with children of any age,

I want you to know that it's not that weird
for your child to love someone from a distance.

from a distance so far that your child and their love
may never meet.

I want you to know that even though you think it's
childish, and fake

love comes in many unpredictable ways.

your child suffers because that person is so far
from them that they can only dream about them.

your child suffers because you can hold your lover
every night, you can kiss them, hug them, or hold their
hand whenever you want
and you take that for granted,

when your child can only hear their loves voice while
you're asleep, or see them through screens for minimal

your child is in love with someone they've never had *** with,
so how can you say that it's based purely off of lust?

two people devoting themselves to one another for a long
period of time with no possible way of having ulterior motives

sounds way cuter than

you living your happy lives while your child thinks about someone
day and night but may never meet them,
they know they can never introduce you to them because you will
shun them,
turn them down.

that's just sick.
i guess this is kind of a rant but i've been thinking about this a lot,
how parents aren't accepting of their childs happiness.
it's horrible, because not everyone you meet over the internet is a ******* *******.
of course,
there are some,
but that's life.
**** it.
740 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
you tore me away from reality
with simple sentences
and idiotic jokes

you made me forget

I didn't know what to think

or what to do with myself.

I guess I just ended up becoming yours.

now you've broken

you've broken everything and you expect me to pick up the pieces

I will
I can guarantee that

but I can't guarantee that I will find all of the pieces

some will be lost,

maybe even broken smaller.  

some will have been stolen,

by nightly visits or maybe
close relatives

and I know we might be able to get them back but

I don't want to scrape my hands picking up the glass that you broke

I don't want to work for something and go against people while you're sitting in your high chair waiting for some gratification

I don't want my blood all over your floor
when I know you're not even going to help

I don't want to feel
or vulnerable
when we talk

but I guess that's how it goes

because humans have needs that need to be fulfilled

no matter how hard it is for someone else to fulfil it for them.
I'm to blame
for having emotions
and caring too much about the little things.
660 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
you can't
complain to me
about another's weight
and expect me not to feel worthless.

I don't think you know
how much I think
about everything.

I want to be flawless.

I don't deserve you.

I don't want to give you more than what you're asking for.

I want you to love me from a distance,
because I don't want you to be disgusted by me.

I'm not worth it.
I'm not worth the displeased looks,
or extra work.

I'm gross,

I'm nothing.

I would **** myself,

but I want to die pretty.
I don't know what to think right now.
I just hate myself but I think I love you and I'm scared of losing you I want to be worth something to you but I don't think that's possible because no matter how much weight I lose or how much make up I cover up with I still feel like a waste of life.
651 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
i heard a poem tonight.
it wasn't long,
and the words were gentle,

but it shook me to the core.
i've never been so
by words,
words from strangers.

i've never bitten off all my nails
due to 3 minutes of speech.

this poem reminded me of

you're the one who i think about every night before i sleep,
you're the one who i wish i'll never see again.

your smile
  and your wicked games
    haunt me.

they make me feel sick in my own skin,
they make me feel at loss,
and guilty.

three years is a long time
a long time i wasted
letting you take advantage of me.

letting you?

i fought back, of course.
i would kick,
or threaten to scream,

but your threats were laced thicker,
your manipulations were solid,
   there was no going back.

i remember tearing at my own skin,
and holding my breath,
hoping you wouldn't notice my presence.

you always did.

i remember how happy i was
when you would leave
and how much i dreaded your return.

i didn't have anything,
i was just a shy kid who didn't have a story to tell,

and you were the one everyone listened to.
the one who was always on stage.

ms. perfect would never ****** another child, now would she?


of course not.
i have trust issues.
637 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
my skin is barely intact,
  and my hair has split ends.
i'm not perfect,
   but i try.

i try for you.
do you even notice?

i've changed my style,

i've eaten your words instead of calories,

i've mentally prepared myself for when you leave me.

you told me that it was okay.
that even with all of my flaws i was perfect,

but you lied.

it's coming to me now,
all of the lies that you filled me with
are becoming so clear.

you do care that i'm not size zero,
you do care that my hair dye is fading,
you do find it annoying that i'm shy,

you don't like me.
but that's okay,

because i'm used to being just a thrown away toy.
i think i'm going deaf
622 · Dec 2014
i still love you
unstable Dec 2014
I thought I was over you but then you laughed, you laughed and it left butterflies in my chest and me light headed.

Then the dreams came. I had dreams every night that we were dancing, we were dancing in the waves, and in our own adolescence.

But the stares made it worse. They brought back the memories. You spoke about me, you blushed. Your eyes connected with mine and I felt alive. I felt as if my world was shaking but it was okay because I had you there to stabilize me. Just like it used to be.

Although realistically, we're on different sides of the world now and your world is being dominated by a new ally when mine is still unfound. Your hers, to put it simply, and seeing you kiss her instead of me makes me want to *****.

You should be mine.
I could kiss the solar system into your back and write you poetry that will hush you into my arms, I could lure you to sleep with gentle hands and slight bruising but
I guess that's not enough
hi im darlz n im sad
617 · Dec 2014
unstable Dec 2014
if you kissed my lips as passionately as you did my thighs maybe i would have believed you when you told me that you loved every inch of my tired body
587 · Aug 2014
I miss you.
unstable Aug 2014
missing someone is like breathing in a sauna, everything feels so thick and unbearable.

missing someone who ruined you is like pulling a trigger of an empty gun, but hoping for bullets.
576 · May 2014
unstable May 2014
you sit around and stare, looking for someone to notice you. striving for a glance, a look your way, for someone to acknowledge your suffering. you think it'll be okay if someone tells you it will be, if someone offers you their hand and their blood, but it won't be okay.

you turn around, you back off from the world, wondering if that will get you noticed, give you what you need, but it won't. it never does.
' you're in pain, you're suffering, everything is hell for you, everyone hates you. '
you have a family, you have friends, you're surrounded by people who could love you, who could give up their all for you, but that isn't what you want.
you want someone to talk about you, to tell everyone your problems.
you want eyes on you, you're starving for some gratification, for someone to pity you, to take you in so you can humiliate them.
you know it's alright, and so do many.  
they notice how you wonder, how you look for someone to fancy your sadness.
you're not sad, you're not broken, you're seeking attention, seeking blood. would you ever raise a hand to harm yourself? would you ever do what you say you do, what you cry about to strangers?
no, you wouldn't.
it's all a play, and you are the main character.
in this sick play your depicted as broken, a lost soul, when in reality, you're stringing everyone along.
you lie, you break, and you know.
maybe you should treat yourself the way you say you do, maybe you should learn how to harm your body, because then you will finally understand what it's like to hurt, to break, and to hate yourself.
needless to say, you'll never understand. you'll never care about anyone about yourself, about your pain.
that's fine, you do as you please, because one day you're going to fall in love. you're going to strive for that someone, strive for their eyes, strive for the thrill, the vulnerability of love.
but you'll be alone.
they'll call you an attention seeker, they'll avoid you.
no one will want you, and you will break.
you'll hide your sorrows in substance, in abuse, and when resources run low you will use your body.
you'll sell your pride, and your self worth away every night.
every fake sparing glance you give the people who take you, every lie you tell them to keep them going, to make them give you more.
you won't realize you've went downhill until you have a child.
this child will hate you, will disrespect you.
this child will string you along and betray you.
574 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
I don't even know if this is poetry anymore,

or if it's just words I put together to get your attention.

there's no use in trying, you'll never read this

I won't let you.

why would I want you to know how worthless you make me feel?

how much you make me think twice,

and how scared I am to lose you.

I'm so cautious with you,

I don't want you to snap on me.

I don't want you to leave me.

you can do whatever you want to me,

but just don't leave

don't make me feel empty,
or stop filling me with your words.

the words that give me joy,
and a reason to wake up.

I don't mind waking up to sour milk,

it's better than waking up to eggs.

you may be harsh,
you may make me weak,
you may treat me like the lesser,

but I'm yours.

I'm all yours.

be mine.
541 · Mar 2015
unstable Mar 2015
I listened to you laugh, and it cracked my bones;
I heard you smile, and I cracked my own.
I've been living in a paradox where everything is you; every whisper, every mumble, every tossed out goodbye.
I've been living in a world where everything's a lie, and honestly, all I want to do is die.
I've had writers block lately but I'm trying
515 · Sep 2014
unstable Sep 2014


477 · Jul 2014
miss me
unstable Jul 2014
i have to remove your name from my walls, and my chest.

i have to learn to breathe
   without you holding my hand.

i hope that their hands are warm enough to melt your ice,

i hope that you can bruise their skin and they won't care.

       i'm sorry that i cared

             i'm sorry that i didn't let you bruise me

                   i'm sorry i stood up for myself.

i thought you cared but
   i guess i should have believed my mother when she told me that i have a
'wild imagination'.


when i'm good enough..

you won't be.

farewell, love.
I miss you already.
462 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
I'm selfish because I want to know that you've cried over me

I want to know that you've clutched your chest, or pulled your hair while thinking about how much you miss me

I want you to feel heartache when I don't talk to you,
or when you know I'm upset.

I want you to comfort me,

kiss me when I'm sad

or even just hold my hand when I'm anxious.

but this is too much to ask of you,

you don't care.

you never cared, and I don't think I could make you care no matter how hard I tried.

you've moved on,

you're happier without me

but I wish that you were crying.

carve my name into your wrists

I want to see blood come from your pale skin while you cry out my name,

I want you to know how alive you will feel after the first cut.
love me again
451 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
I've been beating myself up over you,

I've been wanting to make you smile,

to impress you and make you mine.

but I don't feel good enough.

I feel worthless,
and alone.

but you're always there.
449 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
i felt numb for a moment,

i thought this nausea would go away,

but the thoughts of you just towered back
and made it worse than before.
448 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
it's not like i didn't expect us not to last forever but it's not like i expected us to end like this either because to me you were the night and we both loved the night it's when we opened up and expressed ourselves, it's when we would talk and i could hear your voice that sent shivers down my spine and caused carvings in my walls, but now those carvings are covered up and i don't know what to do with your name or your clothing because i can't stand to see either of them, it creates a hole in my chest and the heaviness returns, all of the tears come out and honestly i hate it to an unruly extent

i hate how much you mean to me when to you i was always nothing but a parasite,
i hate how much i want you back when you're already moved on and ready to shoot,
i wish you could have loved me
and cared about me

and considered me a lover

because all you did was fill me with lies that led my reality and i can't stand it anymore i can't get out of this ******* reality i wish it was oh so easy to forget about lost loves like it is in the movies but it isn't and it burns words into my soul and cuts calories into my wrists until i feel light again but that lightness is only temporary and when it subsides i can't help but feel alone again i can't help but need you beside me kissing me senseless

but it'll never be like that

it never was

i regret

443 · Oct 2014
Dear lover,
unstable Oct 2014
I want you to know that I'm weak.
I'm weak in the knees when I see you, and I'm weak mentally when you say my name.

I'm easily frustrated.
You see I don't tolerate people well, they're all too plastic and/or obnoxious for my liking.

I can't talk to others well ether.
In the mornings when your mother drives me home I don't know know what to say, and when you're around your friends I'm lost.

I write.
Writing is my escape, it sets me apart from you others.
I write about you and your cute nose, my weird obsessions, and sometimes even my past.

You could break me a million times and I still couldn't find a flaw in your smile.

I'm insecure.
I worry that I'm not good enough 24/7.

I'm feeble like a feather,
sometimes I feel as if I'm the feather and you're the whole bird, but love, don't take this piece wrong, for I, the feather, am honoured and utterly astonished that a perfect bird like you would pick up a wounded feather, as I.

Please, bear with me.

I'm such a ****** person, but I'll clear your clouds every morning if you let me.

i hate it when people take my poetry literally
427 · Nov 2014
unstable Nov 2014
even though you're not mine anymore i still get jealous knowing that you think of her before you rest

I still drive myself insane with thoughts of what you're doing

I still want you

It's been nine months and I feel like I need you

I want to kiss your dry lips and make you mine again

I want you to speak my name like I'm your own goddess and look for me in a crowded room

I want you

but you're hers

you'll never kiss me again or look at me with wanton eyes while you bat your eyelashes

but I want you to

I ******* want you back so badly
426 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
it takes me so long to trust someone fully but I trusted him in an instant and he left the same way
im laughing because his age is 22 too and i honestly just want to die right now
421 · Jun 2014
unstable Jun 2014
you make me feel sick

maybe it's the sorrow,
maybe it's the jealousy,
maybe it's the way you sway,
or the way you look away,

but something about your everything drives me insane.

the way you used to look at me made my heart swell,
it made me want to dance,
and write poetry all day long.

the way you avoid my gaze now drives me insane.
it makes me feel worthless and like I'm letting you control me,
it makes me feel like I can't impress you,
like you're just a brick wall that's slightly cracked,
but I like the cracks.

I like how each of them form your smile,
or your stress lines.
how they emphasize your chestnut eyes, and bleached tips.

but that smile doesn't work for me anymore.
that smile isn't directed towards me either,
and I don't think it ever will be again.
413 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
my chest hurts,

my palms burn.

my fingertips are numb from so many pointless explanations,
things just never get through to you.

i want to suffocate myself
in your chest

but she's already there,

my place is taken.

stop mocking me.
406 · Jul 2014
fuck you.
unstable Jul 2014
everybody else
used to be
a nuisance.

we used to block them out,
or talk about how much we dislike them.

everything fit into place
for a while

two people who hate the world

not as one,
but just

but I guess
you forgot that
I'm human too

and sometimes
I can be like the others.

you can be too.

you're stubborn and set,
which makes this complicated.

I can't state my opinion if it revolves around feelings,

you'll think I'm dumb.

so I didn't.
I tried my best to stay quiet.
It wasn't that hard


until you told me that
'I'm just like the rest'

I've never felt
so sick
in my life

I've never felt so worthless,
or so needy to prove my point.

to prove that I'm not like them,
I'm not some worthless scene ***** with her head in the sky
or a selfish **** with scars for attention

I'm me
I'm me and I want you to know that

I'm not them
I may have feelings
and words you dislike
but that doesn't make me
one of them

that doesn't make me
any less than you

that doesn't make me
any less worth it

I'm me
and if you don't want me

then *******
399 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
i know what i want to hear and i know what everyone is going to say but i can't subdue this heavy feeling in my chest and he was so different than anyone i've ever met i ******* miss it so much he made me feel like i was floating and he was holding me up he made me smile when i was angry at him and i was ******* happy to be angry at him i was happy that someone could hold up an argument with me and not back down when they were wrong i was happy that he was happy i was happy that when i told a joke he would laugh and he would remember and i was ecstatic that his life revolved around me just like how mine revolved around him

our love wasn't stupid and pointless like everyone elses, it was rooted thick in our veins and stuck in our heads to the point where it filled our dreams with chiche quotes and airborn fruitflies,

our love meant something,
it meant more than anything and everything,

it wasn't a game, but it was, we were always competing and complimenting each others personalities,

and i can honestly say that you made me believe in love, because my heart forever belongs to you and i cant wait until you come back and claim it..

it's waiting for you,

so please

find me
384 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
did you mean it when you told me that you loved me? did you mean it when you told me that i'm better than all the rest, all the rest that you pay more attention to? did you mean it when you told me that i was perfect, or pretty **** close? i don't understand what i did wrong, what could have taken you away from me. was it my insecurities? my jealousy? was it the way that i misunderstood your unclear feelings? was it how i loved you, and wanted to be loved in return? that's all i wanted. is she better? does she help you sleep at night too? does she bring those smiles to your face?
i remember when we were talking and you were going through your messages with her,
and you couldn't take that smile off of your face.
should i have caught on earlier that your feelings had changed?
oh, how i wish i did.
i wish i never met you,
never fell for you.
you and your manipulative ways, you and your hateful words and taunts.
you lead me on,
and oh what a great job you did.
i hope they break you like how you broke me.
i hope they make you feel like your stomach is rotting and your skin is peeling,
i hope they make you starve.
because all of this i've done for you,
i've gone through for you.
i've changed so much for you, and worked on all of my indecencies.
i've thrown up meals so that i could have a body that would be easier for you to hold,
but you didn't notice.
you don't care.
you never did.

i'm sorry,
i wish you could have noticed all of these things.
i wish you could have loved me, and not lied to me.*

i wish you would come back to me.
i want to die.
378 · Jun 2014
what she doesn't like
unstable Jun 2014

she doesn't like how I look at others
or how my lips pronounce anyone else's name
she doesn't like how 'everyone wants me' like she does
she doesn't like my style
she doesn't like my sincerity

my eyes, lips, and nose?
oh, of course she doesn't like that.

nor do i

I don't like how I look at others
I don't like how I pronounce anyone's name other than hers
I don't like how she doesn't want me
I don't like my style
I don't like my 'sincerity'

my eyes, lips, nose?

but I'm honestly starting to wonder

which one of us is in denial.
377 · Nov 2014
love me
unstable Nov 2014
seeing you talk to her how you used to talk to me puts craters in my chest and makes it hard to breathe because even though this is **** to admit I think I love you more than I've loved before and I think I need your breath on my neck to help my blood flow through my veins
371 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
do you know how great it feels
to be able to smile
through just hearing a laugh?

their laugh.
his laugh.

it's different.

it's not like
when you're taking a picture with a relative,
and they say 'cheese'

it's like
  you don't realize you're smiling
until you're not.

until their words have stopped.
365 · May 2014
unstable May 2014
the nights that you were here were different.
they weren't full of passion, or romance of our own,
they didn't consist of hands being held or vows being spoken,
they held fantasy and recreation.
a realm to our world;
a land we insisted on staying in.
we used our bodies to portray a new being;
a new story; new regrets.
we never loved each other,
we just loved the thought of the others creativity.
now you're forced into a new reality
and we're here waiting for your return.
365 · Aug 2014
is this even a poem?
unstable Aug 2014
i'm upset that i got so attached to you when all i was to you was a pest, someone to run to when you're bored of your perfect life.

i believed you when you told me that you loved me all those times, but i believed you even more when you told me that you've never actually had feelings for me.
you're just like the rest now,

and i was so sad to see you go, but it was the best for me.

you called me a psychopath when i told you that i was jealous that you liked someone while we were together,
you told me that i was childish and mentally unstable because you talked to her more than you talked to me.

you called me a nuisance because i wanted to talk to you more and hear your voice,
because i was jealous that you were letting her pull you away from me.

it tore me apart to see how happy you both were after i left you, and how much you would both laugh when i'd get jealous.

my being means nothing to you,

i was always just a chore,
a run to,

and a replacement.

thank you.
i ******* hate myself to an unruly extent right now
364 · May 2014
i tried
unstable May 2014
you look at her the same way you looked at me
those hopeless eyes holding nothing but weak promise.
you hold her like you held me;
with feeble arms
energetic hands
and lost fingertips.
you're still laced with the same high;
still broken from the same guy;
and she can't help you.
you act as if your spirits are high
when all they are is nothing but lies
you can't work your way through life with a fake smile
but I'm used to seeing you try.
359 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
i know that i'm way past my expiry date,

but for some reason i thought you wouldn't mind..

     what a silly thought,
because that's all you care about.
i want to light my clothes on fire
348 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
i regret telling you
that i love you
because it made me feel so vulnerable

it made me feel like my world was crashing down,
like now you knew every ***** secret,
and every lie.

it gave you control,
the control i have never given another,

you were my drive,
my prized possession,
and you knew it.

you knew how much i thought about you,
and you probably know that i'm thinking of you right now.

i always am.

why would i want to stop thinking about you?

i haven't felt this strongly about someone in a long time,
and even though my emotions now are sorrow,
and hurt,

i want you to know that even in years to come i'll think about you.

maybe not everyday, or once an hour,

but i'll think about you.

i'll think about how much you made me smile,
and how you taught me so many things that i'll need,

i'll think about how stupid you were,
and how much you mailing me things upset my mother.


i'll remember your voice,
and how much it made my cheeks turn red and fingertips shake,

you made me flustered,
you made me different.

your hands were always a favourite,
how they would hold things or
support rings,

but your smile was definitely the favourite,
your smile brightened my days.

i loved making you laugh, and seeing that smile that awakened your cheeks and brightened your eyes.

but it's gone now,
and even though it might come back,

it'll never be the same.

this is my farewell,
my goodbye,

because no matter how much you apologize or lure me in from this point on,

i'm gone.

*i'm not yours anymore,

i'm mine.
346 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
i want to tell you that  
i regret
  meeting you.

i regret how
easily i fell

and how
i can't help but
  want you.

it's selfish,
but i guess that's all you've known.

you don't deserve it.

i don't deserve you.

i don't know if i want you because
you caught me
  as i was coming down from a high

or if it's because
  you're different

you don't talk to me like anybody else has

your words form smiles,
  and flushed cheeks.

when all the words i knew before
formed frowns
  and stress lines.
336 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
all these lines i've filled with you
don't feel so empty anymore
334 · Aug 2014
italic lies
unstable Aug 2014
i always come running back to you,
no matter how many ill experiences you put me through,
i still want to feel your skin against mine.

i haven't yet, and it hurts,
my skin burns where i want you to touch me
and honestly,

you could put me through hell and back but this attraction will not cease,
it'll only roar like the waves,
howl like the wolves,

and work to keep me breathing.

this love is something that i don't want to lose,
even though it's one sided,
even though i can't do anything to make you want me,
i like pretending.
i like how you lie to me and tell me things,
i believe it for a moment until your actions prove your words wrong
but that's okay,
because i'm used to getting hurt.
i'm used to letting people use me when they need me, but let me go the instant there's another opportunity.

don't worry,
i never expected to be your number one,

but i just wish i could have meant something.

you're gone, far gone,

the same distance,
but emotionally you're not mine.
you never were,
but i think we were close.

you don't care about anyone,
and i've come to learn this,
but i thought that maybe
just maybe
i could make you care about me.

i guess i expect too much.

i'll remember you,
i'll remember how you would hide due to embarrassment or put yourself down,
how you would change the subject when i brought up anything serious,
how i made you laugh,
how insecure and adorable you could be,
and how much you meant to me.

how much you mean to me.


*stop coming back to me.
**** life
326 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
age isn't just a number

age is a boundary,
a risk.

age is a label,

from 1-10,

worthless to worth it.

age is a story,
your story.

age shows how much you know,

how many troubles you've faced.

age is you,

you are defined by age.
326 · Jun 2014
she'll never know
unstable Jun 2014
if only she knew how popular my poems about her are

if only she knew that she's all I think about

if only she knew that every word is written while I'm thinking about her

if only she knew that I think I'm in love with her
321 · May 2014
unstable May 2014
I remember the first.
she was my standing ovation,
she held me throughout thick and thin.
but I wasn't the only one she held.

and oh, the second.
the second is you.
you with your selfish remarks and idiocy,
you with your hate and irony.
you never cared
but I thought you were my friend.

the third.
probably the hardest.
the third was her;
my light,
my dark,
my everything.
she's my everything.
she will always be my everything.
she lead me and filled me with hops,
but that hope was burned when she spoke.

you three are the reasons I'm me
you three were the reasons I lived

but you're all gone now,
and what am I to do?

I guess I'll just say goodbye,

because I know that's what you all want to hear.
312 · Jul 2014
unstable Jul 2014
goodbyes are the worst,

especially when they're not said,

when they're silent.

you didn't even give me the chance to apologize for not being good enough,

i thought..
it was okay..

i thought you were okay with where we were at,
but you weren't.

you've moved on and

i don't know what to do anymore.
i want to throw up these memories
302 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
you've ruined all of my favourite songs because I remember listening to them to calm down the butterflies you gave me or to drown out my voice so my parents wouldn't hear when we would talk on the phone
297 · Jun 2014
unstable Jun 2014
we dress up at night because in the dark they can't see our imperfections
we hold on tight because we know when we let go we wont be able to retrieve what we have lost
we keep things from people because we're scared to lose them

but imperfections never leave,
your fingers will burn from holding on so tight,
and no matter what there will always be loss.

so why do we try?
we're all scared to be alone
288 · Jun 2014
unstable Jun 2014
most people are prescribed medicine when they're upset,
but i never obliged.

why let something else control you?
why not try to get stronger rather than paying for stronger doses?

i never took my Cipralex because i know it just makes it all worse.

you're still faking a smile if it's only there because of prescriptions.
287 · Jun 2014
unstable Jun 2014
i'll never fit your unrealistic expectations
and I know you're way to good for me
she'll never know what she does to me
282 · Aug 2014
unstable Aug 2014
I'm upset that I need you- I want you so badly
I would burn my fingertips in the ashes of your cigarettes if it meant that you would kiss me all over with those tainted lips of yours again
I would kneel before you and be at your command if it meant that you would hold my hand and guide me again
I would scar my wrists with the pointless slurs that you've wasted on me in the past if it meant that we could go back to the way we were before she came into your life

but that's impossible
hoping and dreaming for things to get better is pointless- I would have to do something about it but there's nothing I can do, I know that you won't come back to me no matter how much I beg and plead

because to you I'm just a waste of space
actions speak louder than words and this distance is killing me?!?!
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