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Harsh Sandhu Apr 2017
U left me
As well as forgot my innocence
I hold the pain
As well pen!
Harsh Sandhu Apr 2017
Last bench , a bunch of friends
And pranks
Classes went on
Days went on
Years are gone!
   No complain
    I can!
To have life is
But to live it
I got one thing abt
No matter what
    It has it's flow
And it goes on
   Whether u can
See this beautiful world
   With hatred
Or with love
  Only way is this
         No excuses
And causes none!!
Harsh Sandhu Apr 2017
I counted stars all night
Sitting on the roof
One is missing
Moon is in the clouds
Not coming out
Because u r lost
In dark
Come out under the
Open sky
Let the night
Full moon
As it needs !
Harsh Sandhu Apr 2017
I cheated again
For a change
It was for me
Didn't know
It will come with
Hard feelings
For other
Neither expected
Said she
Falling tears
From both of their
I wz numb
Didn't feel
Nothing just
Heartbeat banging me
Hanging tears from
Her eyes
Rainy day
It was
Everyone running
I can't move
Lots of weight
On me
I hold tightly
To that pain
Didn't set it free !
  Feb 2017 Harsh Sandhu
They said I could be
whatever I wanted to be.
So I decided to be a
poetess. I decided to be
wild and free. I broke out
of my skin. Dressed my
self up with my papers
and pen. Broke my walls
and burnt my bridges ,
stepped on my past and
took out my stitches. I
became a soul drenched
in chaos and raw emotions.
I became madly in love
with a man who became
my religion and god. With
a man who became
everything I've believed
in. I became madly in
love with a man who
washed me from sin
and made me holy
again the minute he
touched my back
and chest. The
minute he kissed
my lips and
hips ~
If the present is a gift
Then I'll just keep it,
Past reveals secrets,
The future doesn't cease it,
Exist in an infinite abyss,
Tomorrow is myth amidst a mist,
A barrage of nothingness,
A mirage A persuasive oasis,
A collage of plans that never pan out,
Tunnel vision the peripherals stand out,
Ousted   It's a miracle hands down,
How we prepare for the next day
Its always right now,
Like now or never,
In retrospect now is never,
Understand that forever never arrives,
So make best of the moment,
The real money is time,
So spend to own it!!
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