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They trying to figure me
I figured/
So I disfigured the message and
Sent it back encrypted/
Go figure/
Analyzed all day
as a wall of hieroglyphics/
A thousand souls with in him/
ancient tomes wisdom/
A copy of the greats
Out-write plagiarism/
Not a sight to be held
Not at all It’s in-vision/
Not the physical form
It’s a mental transition/
Hold that thought
Let’s break it down to physics.
Woke up wondering why my eyes not working/
Blinds open/
windows of the soul tinted
lying upon surface/
Eye try and keep my head up in-fact
fact surfing/
Relying on a purpose/
the truth shall set you free
They lying on purpose/
Lurkers dying to prove this and that
And why your not perfect/
shocked that your shocked
Energized the Devine circuits/
Bell in the ring
Fight in
With sharks, lions, tigers and serpents/
Payed a fortune
for the
fortune teller to
Advise eyes not worth it/

these naysayers riding in droves/
All in favor Eye oppose/
Never did what eye was told/
Didn’t do what eye was suppose/
Eye pose/
Eye never walked the talk
Running in place faking the stroll/
A pic worth a thousand words/
Suspended in-time froze/
Knowledge is free
Check please
It absolutely
pays to know/
It cost all of me/
now Eye finally can see
Eternally endlessly
Now that my eyes are closed!!
Overbite underfed 15 seconds
took 15 years overnight
A short flight
not plain
A small percentage of forever is infinity
Therefor it’s not much you have to give to me
Pay attention
Thoughts are in-sight
It’s NOT not tangible
It’s not applicable
It doesn’t check out
outside the box
perception is depth
You see it’s out of reach for you
So the questions come next
What finally ensues
An unearthing text from the moon
While cloud gazing clout chasing
**** remunerating
Chasing cash I’m chasing ratings
Another idiot made famous
I’ll work for you to know me
Opposed to your normal occupations
Since my bodies my temple
This is Gentrification
I’m braking ground tomorrow
Stomping flawed information
Constructing a knew build
A mind shield a timed skill
Protecting mine
Perfecting design
don’t tread on me
Imma minefield
Intellectual property is vacant
Up for sale a boat load of air
Ear head air bnb for the staycation
Never ending wasteland
I just purchased my own head
From a real estate agent
John hancocked blank papers
Words have it
I’m in debt for ages...
I want to go away forever
just for a second without leaving
A small percentage of infinity is permanent
I want to inhale deeply without breathing
I would love to have never existed
To understand loves linguistics
I’m bias towards the living
Sense is the lords present
Gods gift is death
Life is *** dressed in lingerie
A ***** you came home to after a long day
A seductive entree
What comes with that meal
Poison inside it
the root of evil
A wave of emotion
Filtered my soul t
Tussling with life
The tension
It’s dense
Obstructed light
It’s tense
Washed up
seeking a potential rinse
A spiritual cleanse
Weakened knees
The last leg
Requested permission
souls beg
Pains you can’t see
That traverse the head
A quick whiff of character
Negative voice
Alternate the narrative
Stay grounded
What’s underneath
Same old discoveries
Massive hide and seek
What’s founded
None hark
As the soul speaks
As the hurt leaks
Emotional bagged
Lurks deep
Read between
With articles
Of clothing
Disguised what
Lies Beneath
One tear
Is a luggage
Of truth
The pillow seeps
Rooted in honesty
Every cry
Layers shed
souls filter
Don't judge a book by it's cover
My life's an open book,
From the intro to the index,
Every page is a phase,
some paragraphs are laughs
with sentences of pain,
Illustrious  Illustrations
Can be interpreted in varied ways,
If a million people read it
A million different angels,
Each increment is instrumental
Essentially a tangle,
Web world wide,
Interconnect the internet,
seven degrees
of separation have now become five,
Or maybe even four,
If you want to hide something
Put it in a poem,
Don't **** the messenger
My job is to push the envelope!
It’s redundant
All around
The circumference
(Everyone says)
do it now


Not in a hurry
Scurry to postpone
Never serve time
Waiting on the perfect moment

Habitually late
Enjoying the wait
Ideas usually are
A heavy weight

Opponent Opposing
A-head of class
Earlier mornings
Life is immature grow up
Get up!
bonus is a
love too pure to embrace
Anxiously I’ll aaaaaaaa...wait
A student of moments

Eyes bleed to see thy own face
Yawn bored of the curriculum
I used to want and know it all

Living with ignorance was bliss
At his juncture I’m dying to forget
Everything sacred
No longer want a glimpse

Stood woke need a nap
minds was a-dressed
Anticipation striped naked
Take your time
Here it’s yours
I’m waiting

It’s wonder fuel
Barter thoughts
Mental trade
Traits training  
Wonderful consummations
The physical
and soul mate
Outlined the bones
The sole trace

The only proof we have
Hasn’t been found
The only choice I
Have is several
The river of persistence
Is the Grand Canyon
The earth soon
Shall Split in two

Severed through
A considerable
A Lot of nothing
I’ve been waiting
to put everything in-to it
taking major action
Forever waiting
Until nothing happens
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