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Gary Z Jan 2016
With parted lips she soundly rests

As soft sound breaths flow steadily

I rest my ear upon her breast

Rejoice in her heart's melody
Gary Z Dec 2015
The girl of my dreams is living in Spain

While I'm still here counting planes in the rain.
Gary Z Dec 2014
We all have our own tragedies

Losing her was mine.
Gary Z Dec 2014
I am in no way remarkable or impressive.
I am one that does not stand out in a crowd
and will fade to a memory
that will be recalled long after this day.
Or not be recalled at all.

But if you do decide to believe otherwise,
if my image can be assembled in your mind at any time and if my image is paired with a smile, then know that I'm thankful for your company.

If I ever gave heed to your words,
and if I ever revealed a truth,
then know that those moments
were exclusively between us.

If we shared some conversation,
if we shared a genuine laugh,
and if we shared a sentimental moment,
then know that I'm blessed
to have shared it with you.

If I ever embraced you
for what seemed like a minute,
then know that I  desired
to do so without end.

If for some reason
I am kept in your memory,
I pray that you willingly did so
for good reason.
Gary Z Jan 2014
When you are lost within yourself
Open your mind and dust a shelf
Study your thoughts and be surprised to find
The beauty in the garden of your mind

Breathe in the fresh air around the trees
Intake what is real and set yourself free
Curl your toes into the sun heated sand
If seeing is believing, then feeling is grand

Allow your eyes to see clear and keen
An open mind sees beyond what is seen
To think that you are alone in your mind
Is to face one way, with the whole world behind

A flame waves fiercely when the wind blows
Yet when the wind comes, the flame never knows
A worthy friend is made in unexpected fashion
Ignite a relationship fill it with passion

Feel the sun's rays and warm embrace
Keep what matters most through all that you face
When you are feeling darkness's wrath
A flicker of hope will light your path

— The End —