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Florence Maude Jan 2016
I am a villainous heroine
Leaving my family brings me sweet sorrow
Marrying my kin’s murderer brings me miserable joy

I am a lucky wretch
Paris’s devotion gives me belittling flattery
Romeo’s adoration gives me obscured clarity

I am a guide lost
Society rejects this careless affection
My heart is open to this insensitive empathy

I am loved hatred
I am an accepted cast off
I am Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Perspective 3/3 (the easiest)
Florence Maude Jan 2016
Her eyes a pool of liquid jewels
Drunken by only the most foolish of fools
Draw me in and weaken my legs
As if I’d devoured several kegs

Her smile that of an angel
The kind found in the old fables
Greets me warmly and welcomes me home
As if it’s the only one I’ve ever known

Her heart purer than gold
No matter how young or old
Loves me undoubtly and makes me lucky
As if I’ve won the grandest of lottery

How such a saint love a pilgrim such as me
Shall forever remain a mystery
Her voice lifts me from life’s misery
And shows me that all along she was the key
Romeo and Juliet Perspective Poem 2/3
Florence Maude Jan 2016
What kind of an ungrateful brat
Trades her family like a hat

After keeping her from harm
Making sure she is warm

She married our only foe
Bringing us such grave woe

My once pride and joy
Leaves us like a toy

All because of a son of Montague
Her time in this family is through
My teacher assigned me to write four poems describing Juliet Capulet from four character's perspectives. Can you guess who each is from?
Florence Maude Jan 2016
Break me down bit by bit
See which foreign piece will fit
Hold me back with chains of ice
Notice how you didn't think twice
Of the unhumanity at hand  

Scatter my thought
Love me nought
Hold me back with iron grip
Notice the sides start to flip
As I begin to take a stand

You have hurt me so
In ways you'll never know
Held me back from the world
Notice how this unfurled
And how it didn't go as planned
I'm back! My latest soul searching adventure has less to the conclusion that 80% of my poems ****... So im writing better ones! All because I got inspired this morning at 2AM (joy). Hope you like it!
Florence Maude Nov 2015
Don't look that way at me
We'll only be another tragedy

Like Juliet and Romeo
Like Monroe and DiMaggio
Like Princess Anne and her lover Joe

All will end with broken glass
Because we both know
That we won't last
Florence Maude Nov 2015
Those were the best times
The old times
Where we never laughed & mourned in a sitting

Only sunshine
No rainfall
Till caught up the hurricane

It destroyed our ritual
We couldn't make new
For too few of us made it out in one piece

Now we've been broken
Set apart
So far that no glue can fix us

All thanks to that hurricane
That revealed our differences
And hid the similarities

All thanks to that hurricane
That snuffed out our link
And our light
Florence Maude Oct 2015
The taste of bitterness in your mouth
While everything seems to go south
With no light in the dark
No hope should spark

But it does
And it feels like Christmas
Even with no light in this dark
Hope sparks
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