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Florence Maude Apr 2015
Hes right there

Shes right there

Just across the way

He looked at me, I hope he didn't notice me blushing

She looked at me, I hope I didn't blush

He blushed when he looked into my eyes

She blushed and I realized that I was blushing too

She smiled at his blushing and giggled a bit

I blushed deeper as she smiled, and I smiled back

He smiled back

She was smiling

I probably looked stupid

But I don't care

I love him

I love her

But he doesn't see

But she doesn't see

I hope he likes me back

I hope she likes me back

This whole thing may have been a bad idea

What if my heart gets broken again?

Stop thinking that

It'll be worth it

*That's why you fell in love in the first place right?
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Today is the day
The day that I feel utterly
And completely

I scream out to the world
But all I get in return
Is the empty echo of my voice

I listen to the world
But all I hear
Is my black heart beating hollowly in my chest

I look at the world
But all I see
Is the blur of life passing by without a care

Just who will be there?
To listen my cries by choice?

Just who will be there?
To call out to me instead of myself and all the rest?

Just who will be there?
To help me crawl out of the hole filled with the burdens I bear?

Who will be there?
Who will be there?
Who will be there?

Or to more simply put it,

Who will care?
Florence Maude Jun 2015
There’s a hole
In my heart
And it’s shaped
Like you

There’s a wound
In my lungs
And It feels
Like your touch

Because of you
Everyday is weighed down
Like I’m a prisoner

Because of you
Insanity for me is just around the corner
Like I’m lost in the labyrinth of your eyes all over again

Because of you
I’m not my own
IK that I've used the first stanza or something VERY similar to it before but it goes better here tbh
Florence Maude Apr 2015
If you see with your heart and not with your eyes,
I will let you see past my disguise.

If you seek with your words and not with your hands,
I will share with you my mind's wonderful lands.

If you love me with all you are,
I will never leave a scar.

If you work to break down my walls,
I will never let you fall.
Florence Maude May 2015
If only someone could save me
From falling off the edge

If only if someone could catch me
When I fall off the ledge

If only I had a savior
If only I could be saved

Alas, I'm to far gone
I've fallen to far

And no one would ever catch me
Without making me spar
Florence Maude May 2015
How can I
Stand up
When all you do
Is kick me down

How can I
When all you do
Is choke me

How can I
Learn to fly
When all you do
Is hold me down

How am I
Suppose to live like this?

Always drowning
Craving the light
Trying to break free with all my might

When all you do
Is kick me down
And I get pushed
To the ground

And I break
Once more

And I have to
Piece myself together
All over again
So you can break me again
Like china
Florence Maude Mar 2015
What is this feeling in my chest?
It's like a thousand fireworks going off at once,
Mending the shattered parts and rejuvenating the rest,
Making me more alive than ever.

What are all these new colors I see?
They make the world so much brighter,
Kissing life into the dark places and thoughts
Making me feel lighter.

Why do I feel this jealousy?
When he looks at another,
Darkening the clouds and making things once again gloomy,
Making my blood seem to boil.

What is wrong with me?
Thinking thoughts such as these,
Twisting reality making me wish I was normal and free,
Making me drunk on this sudden highlightation of life.

They say I have a crush,
But really I'm a million miles away,
Hoping in a rush,
That it is alive on both sides instead of just one.
Florence Maude Jun 2015
How we can be born from love
And filled with such hate
I shall never know

I have learned
Over the years
Is that demons are real
Just not where you think they are

I've found some
Oh yes
I truly have
They're more terrible than your wildest dreams

Where did I find them?
Why the answer is simple
I found them inside of me
For the demons we fear
Are inside us
And they come out to play
When we're afriad
Florence Maude Nov 2016
They think I'm a mocking bird
-Singing a false song

They think I'm a siren
-Leading men to their doom

They think I'm fools gold
-Too good to be true

That is why I'm all alone
Sitting in silence at night
Because no one believes that a gold rush
Is any where in sight
Florence Maude Jul 2015
Remember when all the lights went out
And the snow drifted all over town
Remember when we let our hearts show off
And all that we had lost was found
Remember those moments
Where everything seemed
Like it could last

Maybe even though
Stars fall
We can all learn to
Stand tall
Maybe even though
Empires crumble
We can all last

Even when all the lights go
And silence is the only
When everything is new and cold
Maybe we can break our bonds
Maybe we can bend our molds
Maybe we can make this last
Inspiration struck and I had nothing  to do for once!
Florence Maude Apr 2015
You can't play me
Like a chess piece

You can't slay me
Like prey

You can't treat me
Like I'm lesser

You can't
You can't
You just can't

For I am a human being

I have
And dignity

I have
And trust

I am not some puppet in your play
I am not some punching bag at the gym
I am not some target that you can shoot at

I am alive

So you can't
Shoot me down,
Kick me when I'm on the ground
Hurt me and think I'll come back around

I am alive

And I have the right to be free
Florence Maude Jun 2015
Sitting in the dark
All alone
Wondering who else is home

Oh how you wish to roam
Those city streets tonight
Just hanging out and picking fights

But all your friends are out with lovers
Hitting the scene with style
You don't bother finding others
You know they'll come back in a while

Being left behind never hurt so much
Never before wished I was in love
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Just Grey
Black and white world
Black and white life
Black and white heart
Nothing special



Like color to a canvas you lit up
My world
My life
And my heart

Now because of you I have color
And with that color
Came hope

A hope that things could change
That things could be better
That this wasn't the end

That my fairy tale dream of life
Would no longer be fantasy

And it can't
It just can't be a fantasy any longer
Because of you

And I thank you for this spark
To light up my life
And to keep my dreams of love alive
Florence Maude Jun 2015
Isn't it so beautiful
To see something as simple as a heart beat
Come alive?

Not just the steady thumping
The thumping that keeps you alive
But something more

The quickening pace
As you heart enters this race
That occur as soon as you see your lover's face

The little flutters it emits
Right from your soul
Making those empty spots whole

Isn't it incredible how it goes to your smile
Your eyes
Your very mood

Oh don't you wish
With all your heart
That you can see it again soon
Florence Maude May 2015
I want to make him proud
But all he sees is loud
I want to prove that I'm worthy
But everything I do seems to come back to bite me
And it be real

Why do I crave is approval?
When the reaction I get seems to be wishing of my removal
Why do I wish that he'd say
You did good today
And mean it

Why does he keep hurting me?
That's not the way its meant to be
He's suppose to keep me safe and warm
Instead of the one who brings me harm
Florence Maude Oct 2015
The taste of bitterness in your mouth
While everything seems to go south
With no light in the dark
No hope should spark

But it does
And it feels like Christmas
Even with no light in this dark
Hope sparks
Florence Maude May 2015
I don't know
How they
Can sleep at night
After hurting
One who is
And laughing
Because they did

I don't know
How I
Can sleep at night
After knowing
Such horrible
People exist
Because they do

I look around
And all I see
Is Humans
Without Humanity

How will we survive
Without hurting us all
Florence Maude Nov 2015
Those were the best times
The old times
Where we never laughed & mourned in a sitting

Only sunshine
No rainfall
Till caught up the hurricane

It destroyed our ritual
We couldn't make new
For too few of us made it out in one piece

Now we've been broken
Set apart
So far that no glue can fix us

All thanks to that hurricane
That revealed our differences
And hid the similarities

All thanks to that hurricane
That snuffed out our link
And our light
Florence Maude Mar 2015
Accusing of wrong,
Hurdling insults,
Calling names,
Really they're all the same.

Making fun,
When will this be done?

The only cure for this,
Is not to ball your fists,
Or to start a fight,
But to defend peacefully, before taking flight.

Make sure you keep your head high,
Keep your eyes bright,
Stand tall,
And don't let them see you fall.
Florence Maude Nov 2016
I am water.
I mold to fit into your life
But you never really care for the flavor I add.

I am a chameleon.
I fade in and out of the existence you know and into another's.

I am clear.
I seem to be see through, but you never really know what's inside.
Not the best but oh well. I'll cook up better ones later
Florence Maude Jun 2015
Isn't it amazing
How smiles can be faked
How laughs can be plastic
How ****** expressions be unreal

Isn't it incredible
How good of actors
People can
And that no one can see

Isn't it sad
Being that person
Behind that mask
Longing for someone to see

But alas
You're all alone
And your screams
Only echo
Off the sides
Of your mask

You can't let someone in
You can't get out
You must stay
An imprisoned actor
Faking to the end
Florence Maude Jul 2015
He looked into my eyes
And he said
Not yet do we have to be dead
And in that moment
I could have sworn that maybe
Just maybe
We could be forever

I told him
Nothing lasts forever
For forevers always turn into

He took his hand
And cupped my cheek
His eyes turned so mournful
Like he bared the kind of love that could make armies turn weak

Maybe we don't have to be forever then
He said
But maybe instead we can be infinite

In that moment I knew for sure
That in fact we may not be forever
But that maybe
Just maybe
That it was okay
Because as I kissed him I believed
That we truly were
Sorry guys, summer drama and had no computer for a while. Going to the beach Sunday so no computer access once more for the whole week. I'll try to post lots of poems tomorrow
Florence Maude May 2015
My Dear Marie
It kills me
That you can't see
Your worth
Your rarity
And your importance

My Dear Marie
It kills me
That you don't see how
You deserve only the best
You deserve to be happy
And that you deserve him

Because you do
Florence Maude Jan 2016
I am a villainous heroine
Leaving my family brings me sweet sorrow
Marrying my kin’s murderer brings me miserable joy

I am a lucky wretch
Paris’s devotion gives me belittling flattery
Romeo’s adoration gives me obscured clarity

I am a guide lost
Society rejects this careless affection
My heart is open to this insensitive empathy

I am loved hatred
I am an accepted cast off
I am Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Perspective 3/3 (the easiest)
Florence Maude Aug 2015
I feel the walls around me cavin' in
We're in the deep end with out favorite friends
And in the dark we like to play pretend
As we struggle to make amends

The water here is pourin' in
Our time as kings almost spent
It ticks away with every grain of sand
Maybe one day we'll find land

Now here we're drownin' with our crown
Fighting those who try to bring us down
They think that all we do is mess around
They only see us as little clowns

But what they don't know is they got another thing comin'
We've all brought our knives do you better start runnin'
We don't thirst for blood we only fight for the title
Sick of being taught you're our idol

So you better be on your guard
We know that this war is hard
But be careful for we're wild fires
Especially as our situation dires

One day all the marble will crumble
And the next ruler will rise from the rubble
But we know that it's okay
For today is not that day

We know eventually we'll be replaced
But we won't let that scare us away
They say all we have to do is sit and wait
We know that our end is near
But also that we ha nothing to fear
Florence Maude Jun 2015
Just let me in
Past the walls
Of your perilous fortress
The barbed wires
The treacherous spires
Won't let me in unharmed

That doesn't mean though
That I'll walk away
Because I won't
I'll just have to suffer through the aches
The scrapes
The scars
And the breaks
From the seemingly endless spars

Just open up
If only to me
I just want to see

Just open up
You can be free
I just want to help thee
Florence Maude Apr 2015
What joy I feel
To see little children running about
Without a care in the world
The stars shining in their eyes
Hope glimmering in their hearts
Laughing at the littlest things
Loving everything and everyone with all their little hearts
Giving the world
The little love
That it needs
Florence Maude May 2015
Little wisp of hope
You're drifting away
And so soon

Little wisp of hope
I wish you would stay
And sing your little tune

Little wisp of hope
Why must you always leave in the end?
Without a farewell?

Little wisp of hope
Am I not allowed to have a forever real friend?
Instead only for a spell?

Little wisp of hope
Why must you torture me?

I almost wish
That you'd just leave me be.
Fictional character stuff again
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Thoughts spinning round my head,
Making me wish I was dead.
But I cannot die,
I can only cry,
Wishing that my wings could fly.

Ideas March around inside me,
Like a humming of bees.
Twisting me down dark roads
To the croaks of lemon toads.

Spiral pathes,
Brick bathes,
This is insane!
Vibrant colors,
Flowers like 'find anothers',
Are all over.

Here in a world of my own,
The madness here has grown.
So please save me,
By lending us a bit of sanity?
Sorry if it's a bit random, but that's what madness is.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
There is a hole
In my heart
And it's shaped
Like yours

There is this emptiness
In my lungs
And it's all because
Of you

There are these flutters
In my stomach
And they appear when I
See You

How do you make me feel this way?
Any time of day?

Where are the wires?
Where are the tires?

Where are the strings?
Where are the backstage things?

How do you do it?
You must be a magician
To make me feel this way
Florence Maude Apr 2015
An abundance of hope in her heart
Light dancing in her eyes
Who could imagine such a horrible thing could start
To take that all away

She use to do these little dances
On her way to the kitchen
Now she barely takes these little chances
For shes afraid what she has now will be swept away

How could this be?

How can no one see?

They took it away
In a midnight raid
Now she has to pay
For the damage made

How could they
Take it all
And have nothing to say
But goodbye

Where did it go?
I can't find it
If only someone could show

Now she drags her feet
To the kitchen

Now her eyes
Are dark

Now her heart
Is missing a piece

And all she hopes for now
Is to go back to the way she was
Florence Maude Jul 2015
The summer sun
Kisses my skin
Perfect time
To be young again

No more worries
No more doubts
No more cages
No more pouts

And here I am
Drifting about
Thinking of
What happens next

Of how we'll meet again
If we'll stay friends
If I am wrong and you are right
And if my black soul is still comparable with your pure

And while I spend
My time contemplating
The summer slips away
Leaving me here wishing it would stay
Florence Maude Apr 2015
I looked into the mirror
To see
A terrifying monster
Staring back at me

I took a step back
And the monster did the same
Perfect timing
Perfect time frame

I made a confused face
And the monster copied me
A reflection of my actions
Oh what a sight it was to see

To test this beast I smiled
The monster smiled back
And I realized

I'm afraid of it
And it's afraid of me
Neither of us would hurt the other you see

And I learned
That the so called beast
Wasn't looking for a feast
Only someone who could love it

I became friends
With the monster in the mirror

And I discovered
What love really is
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Beautiful dreamers,
Heart broken believers,
Don't let your cracks show.

Glistening stars,
Chasers of cars,
Where did our luck go?

The monsters,
Are hunting us,
The demons are getting faster.

Look out,
Look out,
The horrors are real.

Watch out,
Watch out,
Some how to their tastes we appeal.

Keep your eyes open,
They feast on fears.

Keep your eyes open,
They are your peers.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
People think he's perfect when he's not,
People think he just breezes through life without a care when he doesn't,
People think he can just shrug everything off but he can't.

Nobody sees the real Mr. Perfect.
Nobody sees that he works for it.
Nobody sees how hard he tries.
Nobody hears his silent cries.
Nobody... but me.

I see the man behind the mask because I wear one too,
I see how hard he works on it though just like me,
I see how every shard of him is driven to be perfect just like me,
I hear his silent screams because I scream the same things,
Only nobody sees... at least I think.

I think he can see the girl behind the mask when he looks into my eyes,
I think knows how hard I work when I ask him for help,
I think he can sense that all of me is driven to being perfect when he stands near,
I think he can hear my silent screams when he hears my voice,
I think he's like me.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Oh save me my angel,
From this mad insanity.

Oh save me my angel,
I don't like him the way he does me.

Everyone pressures us together and he doesn't mind,
I can't let my friends down it would not be kind.

I do not love him the way he does me,
I love him like a brother,
Not a lover,
As he does me.

Every time I try to secretly turn him down,
He just comes back around,
Paining me at the sight of him.

Oh my angel save me,
From the pain in his eyes that I see.

Oh my angel save me,
Hurting him makes me unable to breathe.

My angel,
My angel,
Wipe the tears that I shed.

My angel,
My angel,
**** his love that's been bred.

My angel,
Please save me,
From this torturous misery.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
For th washed,
The splintered,
And the torn.

For the withered,
The bitter,
And worn.

This is a beacon,
A flare if you must,
Into the sky,
Telling you that it's okay to cry.

Cry a river,
Cry a storm,
It'll make you feel better.

Cry a pond,
Cry an ocean,
It will only help.

Just don't leave,
I'll be with you every step of the way,
And then finally we shall see the day,
Of eternal peace prosperity and love.
Florence Maude May 2015
Just close your eyes my brother,
Unless the demons come near.

Love with all your heart my kin,
I'll make sure that you have nothing to fear.

And stay by my side my friend,
Never shall they hurt you as long as I'm here.
Florence Maude May 2015
She smiled like sunshine
I can't believe that she's mine

She kissed like raindrops on a summer after noon
I hope she comes back soon

She'd whisper in my ear
So only I could hear
"It will always be you and me
And together maybe we can be free"

She is my love
And she fluttered away like a dove
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Please don't go
Our love was only starting to show
Please don't leave
I let you put my heart on my sleeve
I should never have let you in

Please don't let go of my heart
I couldn't bear for us to part
Please don't leave a mark
I thought there was a spark
I should never have let you in

Tears stream down my cheeks
As I wait for you for weeks
Not learning a thing from my mistakes
No matter how many times it takes
I still won't learn

I should never have let you in
Florence Maude Jan 2016
What kind of an ungrateful brat
Trades her family like a hat

After keeping her from harm
Making sure she is warm

She married our only foe
Bringing us such grave woe

My once pride and joy
Leaves us like a toy

All because of a son of Montague
Her time in this family is through
My teacher assigned me to write four poems describing Juliet Capulet from four character's perspectives. Can you guess who each is from?
Florence Maude May 2015
I will never be
As smart as the other kids

I will never be
As happy as the other kids

I will never be
As good as the other kids

I will always be
The loner

I will always be
The worthless

I will always be
**never good enough
Perspective of a fictional character
Florence Maude Mar 2015
Soft touches,
Little glances,
Small talk,
Taking chances.

Brighter colors,
Fuller skies,
Bigger smiles,
No painful cries,

Something new,
A new begining,
Maybe you'll lose,
Or end up winning.

No one knows,
It's only a start,
A chance that can save,
Or break your heart.
Florence Maude Oct 2015
We are nothing but sunset and dusk
As ageless as a newborn's laugh

We are nothing but history and moments
As forget-less as heroes in legend

We are nothing but ash and flame
As timeless as a dying man's last days
Inspired by Cassandra Clare's quote: "we are nothing but dust and shadows"
Florence Maude Nov 2016
Everything nowadays is so dark and dreary
That now it's becoming tough to see clearly
Bitter tongues clash as swords
Some in the name of the lord
Others in the name of what can't be restored

Everything nowadays is so miserable and bleak
That now our bonds of love are growing weak
Talking becomes an act on a tightrope
Some no longer know how to cope
Others no longer know how to hope
Florence Maude May 2015
One day we'll out run the monsters,
One day we'll live without fear,
One day we won't have to keep running,
One day they'll all disappear
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Once upon a time
In a dream
There was just you and me

In the dream
You took my hand
And lead me away from everything else
So it was just you and I
It all happened so fast I though I was flying

We talked
We laughed
We danced
The perfect fairy tale romance

To bad it isn't real
To bad we've never had the chance

To dance under the stars
To feel that we could go far
To fall in love with each glance

Oh only
Just only
If we were given the chance
Florence Maude May 2015
In perfect harmony
You and me
Together like a rhyme

From the start
We've never been forced to part
For I was yours and you were mine

Even before we knew
I was in love with you
And you were in love with me too

This is our fairy tale
One that will never go old and frail
One that will always be true
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Some people are like stars,
so close yet so far away.

Some people are like the moon,
Shining so bright, but rarely noticed.

Some people are like comets,
They burn so bright and so fast that they don't last.

Some people are like constellations,
They look so put together when really everything is far from it.

Some people are like the night sky,
They look so dark far away, but really are filled with light.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
Perfect clothes;
Perfect hair;
Perfect make up;
Perfect perfume in the air.

Perfect grades;
Perfect outlook;
Perfect act;
Perfect,not even a little crook*.

I wonder how perfect people think;
Do they see their own perfection?
Do they strive for it?
Do they know their direction?

I will never know;
For I'm far from perfect;
I'm far from normal;
But I'm worth it.
*crook as in a bend of sorts.
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