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I see how white light startles.
I snapped a pic and she spun in circles.
She wanted a photograph
to cover her mother's epitaph,
so she could have a laugh.

She smoked to get away -
but this isn't what'd she say,
exhaling, "All we are is carbon
and a lack of empathy."

We blended into hues of
microwave dinners
and church alters.
I used to tell her to go
just to halt her.

We prayed to get away -
but that's not what we'd say,
whispering, "Help us be more
than carbon and a lack of empathy."
Looks can ****
so they say,
but words can't hurt at all.

But whoever came up with the idiotic saying,
"Sticks and stones can break my bones,
but words can


hurt me."

Has obviously never had a dictionary thrown at them.

Because words do hurt,
they think we can ignore it,
but the breaking point,
when is that?

They say it'll stop eventually,
but what if eventually isn't soon enough,

The Breaking point.

The breaking point,
no one knows where it is,
but it kills,
everyone dies in the end.

But others aren't that lucky,
when they aren't looking,
tragedy happens,
and it sneaks up on them,
it forms,
from their own thoughts,
a knife,
it will ****.

they are called words.

Words make the breaking point,

the breaking point,
where no one knows where it is.


It kills

Words are the deadliest of weapons,
they cause death, destruction,
and everything.

Wars form from...

They are the destroyer of the human race.

So next time someone tells you to toughen up,
or that stupid saying,
or that it will eventually go away,
don't believe them,
it won't,
you have to be strong and break the words.

Like a wall,
they block you,
destroy them,
be a wrecking ball,
because they will come down,

and you will be,


You will win against...

*The Breaking Point.
stop bullying please. They don't know, it hurts.
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