The soul so crushed that she dared not dare to dream again.

Always saddens me indefinitely.

Not because I wasn’t the avenue to her success, but because she wouldn’t try and be.

More of her former self around me.

No notes

I'm going to take
A step
Further away from her
Until one day
I'm in that good horizon
And she
Is wherever I was back then

Noo Commento

I cast no stone but the honest truth.
That hypocrisy runs in all of our veins.
Around the inner workings of man.
Yet its our own perception of things which pollutes the mission, the vision, the application.
Blacken my eye and bloody my nose.
What will I do?
What can I do?
When I'm not a stone am I with you?

There’s a darkness out there
Even more blinding than any light
Steer clear from it...
Go the long way
Round it
Take your time with it
It’ll pass...
Try my best
Try my might
I’ll go
On Ahead
Provide the shield
A different kind of light
Hope you make it there before I do....

green grass
dead grass.
what lies
on the
other side
of the fence?
i crane
i jump but
i can't see.
liked change
when it was
meant to be.
not to be
confused with
that of which
sits in
my pocket.
but change,
change of which
obama spoke of
and failed like
an unflyable rocket.
change, like how
people change
partners because
they need
something "fresh"
something new.
change, can be
good but...
change can be
devastating too.


 4d Isabelle

When muddled there is,
Necessity that every motion approaches zero..
For potential to to be constructed again...
For winds of change to transcend...
Original energy needs a Pause,
a casual drop of thought,
introspection to resurrect again...
Cessation of motion,
A slight gap or
A step back,
A zero( "shunya")
A suspension
Need of Pulsations,
to accentuate, assimilate thoughts and to  flow  with the vibrations of cosmos..
Punctuations,Thinking (Chintan and Manan)
Helps in taming wild desires..
Forms conscience
And fill up with vigor...

Even without me
You'll just be fine

Even without me
You'll still be you

Even without me
You'll still smile

Even without me
You'll still feel glad

build that wall
who said
an wall job

she said let's build
will help


I took a familiar nightmare
For a frightening final ride
Facing all my failures
Feeble fable, foolishness
And freakishness, inside
Intense, fuck ya, you bet!
To say the fracking least
The finality of a fearless
Forgotten rotten kind of beast
Now forever starving
At the final festive feast

Traveler Tim

Babble in the name of creativity!!! (-;

that i've been reading your poetry
(on the new front page)

I fucking love
your words; your worlds;
it's like i'm,
    there. right there,
with you.

you see, i didn't do what you do--
         write my story aloud
--when i was fifteen, or even twenty-two

just an inch off the ground
                        i confided in clouds
stayed lost (was a puff too proud)

that was then, sure, but even today
   (it's 11:11, now)
putting any of it down
committing to this word, not that
this sentiment,
      not that
this meaning
       (and not simultaneously that)
              is walking through fire

and so, for leading the way
           let me just say,
                       i love you

and please,
don't ever stop.

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