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 Jun 2018 Ev
Brandon Conway
It was a warm June night
Swaying between two trees
You laid your head on my chest
The leaves whispered its sweet breeze
The lantern was set to low
While we read about that giant peach
Fireflies giving us a show
The AC shut off with a screech
You lifted your tiny head
Do you remember what you asked me?

Why do we never see mommy anymore?

Instead of telling you about the horror of drugs
I told you about the peace in death.
 Jun 2018 Ev
That which is done can't be unseen
That which is unseen, may never be
That which may never be, such loss
That which is such loss, albatross
That which is albatross, you run
That which you run from, is no fun
That which is no fun, shouldn't be done
That which shouldn't be done, don't see
That which you don't see to, won't be
That which won't be, is total loss
That which is total loss, albatross
That which is albatross, is you run
That which you run from, is... wait what?
That which is wait what, give no buts
That which you give no buts, is done!
That which is done, ad nauseam
 Jun 2018 Ev
ali brown
never meant
 Jun 2018 Ev
ali brown
i thought our love was meant for movie screens
i thought our love was worth writing 185 poems about you
i thought our love was made for park benches
and 12 am subway rides
and 4 am conversations

but i've realized there was one thing it wasn't meant for

it wasn't meant to last.
i guess..
 Jun 2018 Ev
 Jun 2018 Ev
Things that I am finally going to probably end up telling myself one day:

#1 you don't need permission to be happy

#2 read number 1 once more

#3 heart break is much less than suicide

#4 glass can take millions of years to decompose, so stop insisting for grabbing  another. So many busted ***** fingers have already bridged that gap. No need to lose another stupid boy to drowning

#5 family can sometimes only be defined by genetics. Not saying I don't love my family, it's just some days it's hard to tell

#6 when you grow up, jon, be a man

#7 still have no idea how the last one works

#8 show up

#9 still searching for something to reach for. The sun has been too **** hot and I think I need a drink
 May 2018 Ev
ali brown
we all have our reasons for not being able to breathe.
 May 2018 Ev
Kayla Flanders
you tell me
No One loves you
but i bet that isn’t true
what you really mean to say
is that you don’t love any of the
people that do, which is quite alright
i mean i support all the crap about waiting for the one
but don’t you dare say no one loves you. because.   i.    am.     not.    No One.
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