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Ev Dec 2018
bite me,
so you did.

with pine slivers
plucked from vertical thrones by an unpolished stone,
you plunged
(hapless heathen),
becoming the ripple that would knock charon to the floor.

the ark bowed down,
drenching us all in the needles of your sunken oar.
Ev Aug 2018
night bursts open
egg sack spills
tadpoles wriggling
dead light
no Eye

keep screaming.
there's no sound in space.
Ev Aug 2018
Bifurcated, broken thing,
longing to belong again,
hangs with hangmen from a string
along a wall of wallowing.

Speak of pain, he speaks no more
but rasps his voice against the door.
Save me, sir, what is in-store?
Salesmen smile and take the floor.

Cauterized with spit 'til dry
lies the spider with the fly.
Of one, blood made two one-alike.
Awry, awry, what's left is right.

Lonesome at last what alone begins,
ten hundred is but ten handfuls of ten.
The hunted, hungered will soon bends
as all are lost as all will end.
Ev Jun 2018
We make scratching posts of cats,
call it nature’s design
as if God were the sun and to save our eyes
we turned our voices to the moon,
singing to the shadow of a bigger man.
  Jun 2018 Ev
Brandon Conway
I don't
want stray
dog freedom,
people bring
dogs home.

I do
want stray
cat freedom,
people leave
them free
to roam.
Ev Jun 2018
Sunset smoked itself a desert fire.

Somewhere across the Atlantic,
you were busy painting your own horizon
when the steps of morning met the sea.

That night you learned clocks don't really tick,
just shiver and sigh.
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