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Erenn's Collabs Jan 2015
It's just four words
But his knees are up his lips
Afraid it might not work in the long run
If she leaves one day
Will he ever find love again?
He loves her like the ocean waves kissing the shore
Like the sun burning despite sleeping but his love beating with fervor
For the gleaming moon with elegance in its eminence
But these four words are impossible for him to speak
"Will you marry me?"
Might never cease to exist

He doesn't know where to begin, for these four words overwhelm him
Flooded with excitement but doused in fear, losing his train of thought when she's near
His love for her burns a flame so bright, lighting up the darkest of nights
He thinks to himself, "we've leaped the hurdles of three words, I love you, I can do these four"

He imagined the first night with her
Will be the most intimate, not ***
But just being with her in bed
Pillow fights to jumping on springs
Talking until the sun rises
Knowing that this will be forever
With these reveries in his head
He cast aside all the enmities and fear inside
Looking at that Tiffany & Co Heart shaped diamond
He called her and said to himself
"This is it. I can do this."

Into the room she glides, glowing like an angel descending from heaven
With a questioning expression, exploring him up and down
She asks "Yes my love?"
With the confidence of kings, he kneels before his queen
Before a word slips his mouth, diamond rivers glisten
Streaming down her scarlet cheeks, he reaches out to her hand

*"Sweetheart, I would like to ask for your hand,
Will you be mine forever?"
Italics Shannon
My first ever collab with Shannon!
I've always though his writes were amazing. And I just had to ask him. Despite being busy at work, he still find time to make this work! Thank u so much dude!!
Check out his account guys!
  Jan 2015 Erenn's Collabs
The words they speak
are sharper than blades
And their looks,
daggers that could tear a skin
Their eyes are blind,
can't see what's inside

Like shadows they creeped
Stabbing backs and innocence deemed
Always lurking in the darkness
Justice they served
but lives diminished

Your flaws are
something they gaze
The truth made me daze
The word equality is no
longer in their vocabulary
How can they fire bullets
without thinking the lives
they perceived

Trash in their brains
are twirling like a tornado
slowly messing their thoughts
slowly killing feelings, everywhere they go

Dictated by their own free will
Cowered in fear as they
thought it was real
What they've seen,
deception in mutilation
Power overrule by those who torture
Torturing minds, creating lies
The innocent happily flying kites
But they cut it with pure contempt
Convincing they will get
that chance again
"Listen to the words you seek
Don't listen to a word they say
Do NOT listen to a word you've heard
Do not listen to a word you've heard
People are people we live for our own
Live how you think not by what you've been told"

In God's eyes we're all the same
where do you think we all came?
Don't let them fool you
By their tools of deception
We are all the same
We will die someday
So maybe, it's time for a change.

*Adele Karla & Erenn
"Let us start the change we want to see. The change that begins in me." Ending the poem with a prayer of hope.

Thank you Erenn! Especially for helping me out with my ink. Always been a good time collaborating with you. Society should hear this :D
Erenn's Collabs Jan 2015
Your toothbrush still has the paste on it
The plate shattered in fragments of you
The glass still has your lip stain on
This bed I'm sleeping in still smells of you
Lying to myself that you'll comeback
Leaving him and crying and knocking on the door begging to come in
But hey, who am I kidding..

Put the car in reverse as you slipped into neutral
A gear must've rusted; I trust the machine busted
because things became mechanical, to be truthful
Major malfunction--our junction ceased to be lusted
by my soul's circuits and tired wires proved to be liars
I thought I knew what I wanted, but I was wrong
My cogs, guts and screws became loose in the mire 
of our muddled love, where I did no belong

What worth is living when everything ran rampant silhouettes of you
Running through these polaroids on the wall
I did get out, but it's you everywhere I go
You have etched this fire in my heart 
When it burns when we're in love
And when it burns my soul 
To ashes remnants of you
Trying my best to get out
I knew you were trouble from the start
But my heart's like a glass thirsts for that lust
Now broken brittled into pieces
Fragments no longer could be fitted 

Puzzle pieces and Polaroids for the incinerator
A conflagration consuming our condition
where you fail to see what I fail to do
I may be coldly pieced together, but I'm no traitor

*My love was just another raggedy rendition,
But your eyes are the demons haunting you
Frank Ruland Italics
My first ever collab with talented Frank Ruland!! I was reluctant at first to collab with him as I feel my writes are not up to his standards. But he still wanna collab and I hope this will be good. Tell me what u guys think :)
Check out his account guys!
Erenn's Collabs Jan 2015
It's funny how we met right after my heart shattered 
It's like you knew me all along
And now you're here to save me
But I kept pushing you out
But why do you still keep coming back?

See, they say shattered mirrors yell out "bad omen!"
And I had stared till I no longer recognise my reflection
But you reminded me of sleepless nights and how the crows never called a name
Your heart does not sound like a broken glass to me

It rhymed with my beating heart
Though broken, it's still pumping
Notions of stigma streaming in that fervent river vein
The truth hits me when I stared long enough
I can never give what you've given me
But why do you keep coming back?

Your veins were rivers that would take us away
As these paper boats fall apart
I still see parts of myself in shards of you
We could share the same breath underwater

*So please, let me fix you.
Bold Erenn
Italics Iridescent
My first ever collab with a fellow Singaporean!
And my first ever collab on this account!
She's amazing! Check out her account!
Toes dip into the smoggy air
Count them down
10, 9, 8
Leaning forward
Diving into the city below

He ran as fast as he could
Tears streaming down his face
Reading that letter, flabbergasted
Every second mattered
As these stairs pulled him down

Deep breath in, exhale
Thoughts run rampant
A single tear falls down
She leans further ready to follow

She was about to plummet
As the sun rises, casting her shadow
Her shadow crying
Telling her not to go
His hand clenched tightly on her wrist
Trying his best pulling her back in

His tears form the stars
Their shadows cast upon the moon
She screams 'let me go'
Tears, drip drip drip

He took a deep breath
Exhaling, screaming his heart's out
"I've always loved you!!!
He doesn't love you!! But I do!!
And always will be!!!
So please don't leave me!!!"

She stepped back
Tears streaked her face
If he love her
The end could wait
Beautiful write with help from Erenn!! Hope y'all enjoy it!!
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