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  Oct 2016 Endya Tremese
chasing vapors
just because
it doesn't leave
a single line
doesn't mean
it's not a poem

just because
it doesn't rhyme
doesn't mean
you're not a poet

because a poem
is not merely
about the style
but solely
about the soul
  Oct 2016 Endya Tremese
Angela Moreno
I miss teenage romance
(Or was it lust?)
When the only end goal
Was ***.
Before the *** was ever had.
Back to a time
Before we knew
We had emotions,
Before we knew
There would be consequences.
Before we worried
About the morning after,
Before we worried
About the pieces of ourselves
We might leave in their bed.
Before we cared
About whether or not
They would hold us throughout the night,
Before we ever cared
About forever.
I miss our silent conversations
And how we would watch movies
I miss your soft and soothing voice too
But the way I treated you was wrong
I'm sorry for everything I said to you

I really miss you.
Endya Tremese Oct 2016
I'd wish I had known you sooner but I mean...
We have the rest of forever and this is pretty **** perfect

You're kinda like Cinderella
No one expects your presence to light the eyes of everyone in the room
You probably don't expect it either
But Princess, you do.

Except you don't need no mice, no fairy, and no carriage.

I could wrap you in the richest of silk or the most unprocessed fur
Throw loads of makeup on you and contour your contour
But I'd still prefer you naked with steam outlining your body like fog over a lonely lake

And a lonely lake you are
But only because you choose to be

You choose not to be a river, where all of your secrets and thoughts could flow on into the next body of water
You choose to be hidden and secluded and only welcome those, who choose to visit, with your peace and tranquility

And you stay happy because of all the life around you.  From the sun visiting everyday to the wild grass and weeds sprouting through you.
You know that life is beautiful.  And you are Cinderella, kept behind closed doors.
Like a still lake, you're a hidden positivity.
Endya Tremese Oct 2016
Sit on the edge of the bed
Spread your legs
Let me devour your divine
Grab and pull on my tiara
Let your golden skin and fingers melt within it
Entangle in it
Arch your beauty in ecstasy
Point your toes and try on your glass slippers
Step into the ball room of an ******* high
A new dimension
A colorful kingdom
We rule this realm
Back and forth, from battling
To sitting on our thrones
We celebrate
Over and over
Hand in hand
Body to body
Sweat and tears
Till we collapse and the night forever goes down in history
Endya Tremese Oct 2016
"Are you high?"
"Don't you want to go vibe with your friends?"
"They might get irritated that you're on the phone"*
-I don't care

I'm sorry. I really am.
I'm not trying to get rid of you.
It's just the way you say my name
That really got me into you.

I really want to keep you.
I don't want to mess this up
And if I'm as bad as others say,
Then I'll try to switch up.

I'll try not to be needy
I won't fight hard for my opinion
I'll be that perfect girl
When you introduce me to a friend

That's why I come off the way I do
I don't know any other way to handle it
But I don't want to be a bother
If you're out and smoking cannabis

I'm not used to feeling this.
Not used to not wanting to beg.
I love how you want my attention. I love feeling wanted.

I pity the girl I was before
I was dumb but still down-to-earth
And it was still a reality check
When I finally found my worth
Endya Tremese Sep 2016
I've always known that red lights and good music was supposed to feel special
And at one point, with you, it was.
But those dark nights and red lights became something that told me to stop.
Not to stop the car, but to stop letting you draw me into what had been such a doubtful relationship
And those dark nights were the aftermath of the happy times you brought.
Those dark nights left me with nights even darker
And that good music we played was a distraction
A distraction from God telling me I was going the wrong way.
I was in the passenger seat of the devil's car, painted red
And later on, painted white
Confusing me, making me think I was going right
Till God says that that red glowing light
Is telling you that you're going the wrong way.
Where you're headed, no one is welcome
But with me, you're welcome to stay.
So just follow the green...

But that music was too loud
And the city lights were so bright, that it even blinded me from seeing the signs of the creator,
From seeing my fate,
From looking out for my own destiny.
That music drowned out my thoughts
And wrapped it's happy lyrics around my heart
And later on, my throat
Strangling me more and more with every red light

Till the car finally crashed and I thought that that was it for me
I was rushed to the ER and I met God
And he said he'd give me another chance
And to see the lesson as a blessing that taught me
And to follow the green and only the green
Cuz all the red will ever do is stop me

And now, because of you, dark nights, red lights and good music will never be the same.
These are the paralyzed feelings you brought me
Sometimes if you're too distracted, you can crash, and end up severely or chronically damaged.
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