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Endya Tremese Oct 2016
I'd wish I had known you sooner but I mean...
We have the rest of forever and this is pretty **** perfect

You're kinda like Cinderella
No one expects your presence to light the eyes of everyone in the room
You probably don't expect it either
But Princess, you do.

Except you don't need no mice, no fairy, and no carriage.

I could wrap you in the richest of silk or the most unprocessed fur
Throw loads of makeup on you and contour your contour
But I'd still prefer you naked with steam outlining your body like fog over a lonely lake

And a lonely lake you are
But only because you choose to be

You choose not to be a river, where all of your secrets and thoughts could flow on into the next body of water
You choose to be hidden and secluded and only welcome those, who choose to visit, with your peace and tranquility

And you stay happy because of all the life around you.  From the sun visiting everyday to the wild grass and weeds sprouting through you.
You know that life is beautiful.  And you are Cinderella, kept behind closed doors.
Like a still lake, you're a hidden positivity.
Endya Tremese Oct 2016
Sit on the edge of the bed
Spread your legs
Let me devour your divine
Grab and pull on my tiara
Let your golden skin and fingers melt within it
Entangle in it
Arch your beauty in ecstasy
Point your toes and try on your glass slippers
Step into the ball room of an ******* high
A new dimension
A colorful kingdom
We rule this realm
Back and forth, from battling
To sitting on our thrones
We celebrate
Over and over
Hand in hand
Body to body
Sweat and tears
Till we collapse and the night forever goes down in history
Endya Tremese Sep 2016
I've written and re-written
And still *cant
find the words
No words to describe your smile
No words to describe your curves

No words to describe your chocolate beauty
**** you are a queen
The way your eyes get more defined
While wedged against your cheeks

The way your thighs get more defined
While pressed against your jeans
Sorry but it caught my eye
How you hide such physique

Sorry if I'm blunt
I want to taste your lips
And glide against your perfect hips
With just my finger tips

And well, my thought process goes
From "****, I want to kiss her"
To hear you moaning in my ear,
While in yours, I whisper

Seductive secret words
That will only **** your mental*
Its crazy how such gentle words
Can make you feel so sensual
Hidden Message

— The End —