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Oct 2016
I see a man who still dreams
And a man who aspires to be better than the man he was the day before
So Ambitious Man, how are you?
A mentally strong being who is the voice for others
That only he can gather the ears of his sisters & brothers
The power is within him but that ambitious man can not see
Because those small failures that set him back
Have him to believe he's weak
But ambitious man, can't you see?
The drive that you possess is what defines you as a king
And a king is a unique male being that many men desire to be
But lack the ambition and productivity that you so effortlessly own
In result, you are a king that sits upon the throne
So Ambitious Man, how are you now?
Knowing that your ambition & your drive is what won you the crown.
Written by
       Lior Gavra, Ooolywoo, Endya Tremese and Doug Potter
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