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Endya Tremese Nov 2016
Oh he's bad
Bad to the bone
He makes me feel a little nervous
But I swear it turns me on

He takes me to meet his friends
And makes sure that they respect me
He says it's a bad neighborhood
But I know that he'll protect me

Everyone is high or drunk
Even I was a little buzzed
But every time I seen his face
My body did something it never does

All he wants is a girlfriend
He just wants someone that's down
But I told him if he gives it time
I just might stick around

He had his heart broken,
A feeling we've both met.
He wishes for a forever
That he won't later regret

He wishes for a sister
That'll keep his *** in check
Keep his pillow dry of tears
But his sheets so soak and wet

He wants the police off his back
So he doesn't have to sweat
But yet....
He can't dip because the streets is his family
Literally, EVERYONE knows him,
How could I EVER be his sanity?

How could I keep him from behind bars?
Cuz yea, he's looking like a man to me,
But to the feds?, that's dead.
They would never see his tragedy.

Yea he made mistakes.
And on paper he got a record.
But if you lost 10 friends in a year!,
I'm sure you'd be that hurt!

I'm sure you'd smoke so much loud!
Just cuz no one else would listen!
With your ******* in the air
Screaming **** the system!

But it's okay, I'll be the flame
That matches and calms his fire
We can grow and glow together
He'll be calling me his rider
Candy Noire Aug 2014
Cheekbones so sharp you cut through diamond
Your gaze pierces my soul
I'm naked though I'm fully clothed
Bruised eyes, ****** knuckles tell it all.

I meet you where nobody goes
The grey sky marks the open road
To love so deep and live with nothing
This longing now is all I know.

Fight for me with all your jealous rage
If I have you I need nothing more
So drive away and live on adventure
Feel the fire in your core

I indulge in this decadence
This raw passion tears me apart
To die so loved would feel like heaven
So shoot your bullets through my heart.

— The End —