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23h · 371
one day
fika 23h
what it feels like to find
the One
Sep 10 · 260
beautiful boy
fika Sep 10
beautiful boy
i know your weren’t the One
but i still miss you every day
i’m lucky i got to love someone like you
thank you
Sep 1 · 142
all night
fika Sep 1
i want to love you all night
and again
in the morning
Aug 14 · 152
note to self
fika Aug 14
don’t let others take advantage of your vulnerability
Jul 30 · 48
fika Jul 30
it felt like home
in your arms again
my heart is healing
Jul 21 · 349
my song
fika Jul 21
your hands touch my body
and play me
like the beautiful song
with rhythm
and sweet words
i was always meant to be
Jul 19 · 59
fika Jul 19
in a world that moves so fast
sometimes we need to slow down
fika /fee-ka/ - a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. “coffee with friends”
Jul 5 · 126
morning blues
fika Jul 5
i miss waking up
and you being the first thing i see
my heart is breaking
Jul 4 · 73
my body
fika Jul 4
I pushed you too far
You pushed for me
But you wouldn’t let me go down that path any longer
I thought you failed me
You only did it out of love
I got sick
You were unable to fight it off
You weren't weak
You didn’t have another choice
You fainted
Hands that saw your true beauty that I couldn’t see caught you.
Dad caught you.
You became frail
You became pale
Doctors saw illness
Needles pricked in you
Tests were taken

But I saw beauty
That still needed “more” progress

I will not let myself go down that path again

Thank you
You taught me love
You taught me acceptance
You taught me that eating is a form of self respect
I want to grow with you

I love you
Jul 3 · 215
fika Jul 3
i find you-
in everything i see
my heart is breaking
Jun 30 · 39
yours and mine
fika Jun 30
two hearts broke tonight.
and mine
Jun 13 · 315
Because of you
fika Jun 13
Because of You-
I belong among the wild flowers
When I was young my dad used to plant wild flowers for me and my sister. We would spend hours running through them. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.
Jun 13 · 96
fika Jun 13
dance through
the hard times
i’ll dance with you
Jun 5 · 213
sea hair
fika Jun 5
i love when
the sea air
dances with your hair

you are so beautiful
Jun 4 · 83
fika Jun 4
relationships are like bridges.

don’t burn bridges
even if they are less traveled

don’t burn bridges
even if they have failed you

Rebuild the ones that were once traveled greatly
Let them become Overgrown
Let them become Vacant.

keep your Integrity.
Jun 4 · 113
us & wild flowers
fika Jun 4
we are like wild flowers
they take time to bloom
and once they do
nothing is more beautiful
May 14 · 201
beasts & me
fika May 14
you threw me into the Lions Den
and I tamed the Beasts
May 14 · 99
fika May 14
make love to me
under the rain

your soft skin
against mine

i love you eternally
May 4 · 92
fika May 4
i hear
the frogs
singing to their soul mates
Apr 29 · 2.5k
fika Apr 29
overthinking is the key
to destruction
and i have demolished cities
Apr 26 · 64
fika Apr 26
i have watched the wild flowers
and bloom
just to start again
Apr 20 · 121
fika Apr 20
the only wars
i create
are against myself
i am my own worst enemy
Apr 19 · 263
precious time
fika Apr 19
you still have time.
to Live.
live /liv/ - spend one’s life in a particular way
Apr 18 · 65
love is love
fika Apr 18
fall in Love with someone’s soul
no matter gender
or beauty
fall in love with someone who makes you feel Whole
and love them
until you grow old
Apr 17 · 119
fika Apr 17
starvation is “beauty”
and i keep drowning in this beautiful pain
Apr 16 · 104
fika Apr 16
you are the person that makes me feel ok
sometimes i just need you
Apr 11 · 66
freedom from heartache
fika Apr 11
if i knew leaving you would feel this good
i would have done it a Thousand times over again
Apr 11 · 220
fika Apr 11
i want to be everything i'm not
and nothing that i am

but everything i am
is enough
Apr 9 · 161
fika Apr 9
leaving you
set me free

finding you
let us fly
true love let’s you both fly.
Apr 9 · 71
fika Apr 9
i want to be everything i’m not
and nothing that i am
Apr 7 · 365
fika Apr 7
i keep stretching
and who i want me to be
Apr 6 · 83
fika Apr 6
I wish I could Free myself
From my Birdcage kind of mind
Apr 4 · 58
self reminder
fika Apr 4
you still have time
Apr 3 · 357
present tense
fika Apr 3
i live in the past
but with you
i feel present
Apr 3 · 69
perfect timing
fika Apr 3
weakness is
living in the past
strength is
living in the present
living in the present is not easy
Mar 31 · 154
time traveler
fika Mar 31
let me go back in time
let me prepare for this heartbreak
let me stand strong
for now i am Weak
Mar 29 · 69
fika Mar 29
the sky cries for you
let it Pour.
Tears of joy. Tears of misery.
Mar 27 · 925
me and myself
fika Mar 27
why is it so hard to love
what you hate

learn to love
what you hate.
self love is hard
Mar 27 · 93
fika Mar 27
why is it so hard to love
something you hate
Mar 26 · 51
something about you
fika Mar 26
my heart hurts
i cry
but i look at you and believe everything can heal
Mar 26 · 938
fika Mar 26
I am my Storm.
I am my Sun.
Mar 3 · 59
fika Mar 3
make love to me like we used to
touch me truly
heal me

- i need you
Mar 2 · 194
rain and flowers
fika Mar 2
you and me are like flowers
when the sun comes out
we bloom
when it rains
we hide
but we need rain to grow
Mar 2 · 55
somber seasons
fika Mar 2
the world is growing inside me
a flower is blooming on a beautiful day
in a few months the sky will become grey
causing my flower to wither away
i ask myself
why can’t it stay
i hope that one day
i can pick my flower
place it in a vase  
water it
and let it grow
i hope that one day
for me
another flower will blossom my way

i forced the seasons to change
i made my flower wither away.

i am the Storm.
i am the Sun.
This poem is about a women who is pregnant and her baby has birth complications and she has an abortion. This explains the struggle and emotional pain women face everyday.

— The End —