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 May 2018 ejb
Inner Beauty
 May 2018 ejb
she had a heart
that could light up the sky
she had a smile
that would brighten the gloom
on a winters morning
she had the laugh
that could remove all your worries
she had the will
To stand up for what is right

but she hid her beauty
beneath scarves and long sleeved shirts
covered for everyone not to see
that behind those mask and clothes
is an angel, too fragile for this world

her beauty remained hidden
until i told her what she had
that i appreciated her no matter what
even with flaws that she really never had

on that day she pondered and learned
that not everything is judged by the outside
 Mar 2018 ejb
Mister Granger
She was the light
that hung like a shadow
in the sleepy sky.

Clinging to eternity
the shape of her soul
tugged me closer.

Her skin
was like black glass
cool against my burning heart.

She leaned into me
and all at once
I became overwhelmed.

She is
and she always will be
My Black Moon Goddess.
 Jan 2018 ejb
On the spectrum of energies
I am actaully a positive charge  
Where you see negativity
I'm not willing to starve
Where you bow down
And forfeit your voice
I am really loud!
I have no choice
But to be the big mouth
Liberal in the crowd
Traveler Tim
 Jan 2018 ejb
Ashly Kocher
A drop of love
A pinch of you
Mixing up the perfect brew
Under a spell
Drink it down
Screaming I love you without making a sound
You and I
So in sync
Love potion so wicked
Only the two of us can drink
 Sep 2017 ejb
No Love
 Sep 2017 ejb
the day I met you
there were stars in my eyes
but eventually I figured out it was all lies
we weren't aligned
we weren't designed for each other
the trembling in my legs wasn't a sign of desperation
not a declaration of love
there was no love
it was never even given an expiration date
because it was never even something to anticipate
you had too many expectations
and you hands held no patience
your words tumbled smoothly against my guilt
your actions all perfectly structured and built
all to pluck the strings of my decision
you put me in an uncomfortable position
 Jan 2017 ejb
Devin Blazejowski
Body shaking
Heart racing
Mind scattered
Feeling dizzy
Need help
Can't talk
Go away
Can't walk
Pass out
Why not cry a little too

Hello my name is anxiety
 Jan 2017 ejb
Sarah Barrow
There's a demon inside me,
He's called anxiety,
He shouts and screams,
Until I can barely breathe,
He makes me feel sick,
Weak in my knees,
Oh please Mr Anxiety,
Just let me be.
 Jul 2015 ejb
Tyler Durden
It's been a week without you here
and honestly it's killing me, my dear.
 Jul 2015 ejb
Sophia Adelle
 Jul 2015 ejb
Sophia Adelle
Pretty flowers
Little kids
Wasting hours
In the fields
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