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ejb 7h
am I the birds in the sky or the dew on the grass
am I the wind in the leaves or the mud on your shoes
am I the thistles in your garden or a prairie on a hill
am I the paws of a kitten or the gills of a fish
am I every person that's ever lived or no one at all

am I anger, am I joy, am I suffering, am I love

am I nothing or am I everything or something in between

am I me?
i'm having an identity crisis
ejb 7h
inside her there's a rumble, not a fire or a tornado
but a rumble that keeps her moving
but its soft and slow and is sometimes mistaken for stillness
but even when she is still I feel the pebbles rolling across the ground
she levitates above it all
but her roots connect thousands of acres
she knows everyone
she feels everyone
she hears everyone
but sometimes she get lost in her own rumble and cannot hear herself
ejb 7h
her eyes look so deeply into mine, I can feel the warm burn even when she's gone
I know she sees my soul and feels it

we can talk without speaking
we can feel without touching
we can know without seeing

every ounce of her is filled with the purist beauty I've ever known

she spins around my mind like a planet and makes me dizzy with lust

she is the moon, venus and all the stars and I will always be in awe
ejb Aug 2019
cigarettes taste like you
and I've never craved nicotine
but tonight, I miss you
ejb Jul 2019
every headache is cancer
every heartburn is a heart attack
every bug bite is poisonous

every thought is a boulder
every thought is a gong
every thought is a hundred

every breath is my last
every sleep isn't enough
every ache is never ending

every touch feels like more
all my pain is never ending
I can't take it anymore
OCD is exhausting
ejb Mar 2019
I envy the birds that glide fearlessly above the trees

I change my clothes three times a day because I feel uncomfortable staying in the same place

I love tall trees and honey bees

I bought a bunch of fruit that all went bad
and I feel like a disappointment to my dad

I've wasted so much time being sad and angry
but maybe I only have myself to forgive
for thinking I could be happy for once
a continuation of the first piece. this series contains a collection of somewhat poetic thoughts I had but was never able to turn into an entire poem
ejb Mar 2019
I wish I'd never wasted poems on you.
you don't deserve it
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