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Sophia Adelle Apr 2015
there's something about the way
the night calls to me
i see the dark skies
there's no birds chirping
and you can't see flowers either
but it has its own beauty
the way the stars shine
or how the moon seems
to know your secrets
it holds a kind of mystery
beckoning me to solve the case
This is an original, tell me what you think of it! c:
Sophia Adelle Apr 2015
it's a mistake
a mistake I'll always pay
it'll sink into me
and it'll stop
then it's all over
they will forget about it
but i won't
imbedded in me forever
it's now part of me
it can't be undone
leave but it sinks into you too.

my own creation please give credit :)
Sophia Adelle Aug 2014
Even after all this time
The Sun never said to the Earth
“ You owe me“
Look what happens
With a love like that
It lights up the whole world
not mine, found online
Sophia Adelle Jun 2014
I’m trying to convince my friends that I don’t like you anymore and that I only think of you as a brother.
But am I trying to convince them or myself?
I close my eyes and see your ridiculous smile
I see you in the faces of my school mates
I see you everywhere
My heart aches every time I think of you
Is this love?
Probably not
Love don’t exist
I see the proof is my friends heartbreak and my parents fights
But how do you manage to make me feel like this
Get out of my head you’re driving me crazy
Stop it
You’re torturing my brain
This is an endless torture
You’re a personal devil sent straight from the fires of hell to torture me
To make my heart crumble as I listen to you talking about another girl
Feel my heart break into a million pieces and crumble into ashes as I see you with another girl
This is against everything that I stand for
I refuse to let this get to me
I will be immune to you
I will be immune to everyone else
I will be heartless

idk this isn't really a poem
Sophia Adelle May 2014
Hear their whispers
Down the streets
Sweet child hold on to me please
Don't let their stares
Break your strides
Walk down the road with confidence
They won't know
About you and I
If we just live in silence now
Sophia Adelle May 2014
Because when he smiles at her
His bright blue eyes
Crinkles around the edges
Making jokes about
How he would die without her

Now it’s a cold night
The sirens are sounding
Who’s going the tell him
That she can’t live without him either
Sophia Adelle May 2014
Taigu Ryokan

Have You Forgotten Me
have you forgotten me
or lost the path here?
i wait for you
all day, every day
but you do not appear.
Not mine Its officially by Taigu Ryokan
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