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 Apr 2015 Ria
Rob Rutledge
Find solace in solitude,
There is no shame in that.
We are unknown to ourselves
An ocean to which we delve.
Scarcely coming up for air,
Entangled in fathoms
Whirlpools of despair.
Waves of introspection
Spare us shallow reefs,
Yet cast us into darkness
And the horrors of the deep.
 Sep 2014 Ria
Tom Leveille
she was leaving
and got the gumption
to see me before she did
so we went to dinner
she sat, crumpled
at the edge of the booth
playing with her silverware
hands sweating
our knees barely touching
underneath the table
they shook like the day we met
they shook like floodgates
when the clouds get upset
her hair was drawn back
into an apology
and she didn't answer
when the waiter asked for drinks
she pans, tilts
looking for the restroom
but doesn't get up
covers her mouth
to hide her furled chin
i cut her a piece of bread
not sparingly
i didn't want to ruin the symbolism
of cutting a gangrenous thing
from ones self
she half wept out "tell me a joke"
i thought to say "look at us."
that's it. that's the joke.
the premise & the punch line
sharing some silence
here in this ominous moment
so thick with goodbye
you could touch it
i said "when they asked what the name was for the wait, i should've said "awkward, party of 2"
but that's not the joke
"knock knock"
she whispered "who's there?"
i sat for a moment and said
"so we've come full circle.. we're even in the same seats, from all those months ago"
her lips quivered
and she hid her mouth
"i just wanted to hear a joke"
she said
i came back with
*"if i fell for you in a quiet restaurant & no one was around to hear it, does the laughter of children i drempt we'd have make a sound?"
 Aug 2014 Ria
 Aug 2014 Ria
See what you have done
A broken wall of hopes
A small tear across my heart
I am left to think
I have nothing more
You turned and left
Not a hug, word or thought
Now often down and sad I roam
Watching, Waiting
For things to end
 Aug 2014 Ria
This is when the world is golden.
When sun shimmers on the branches of forever-green trees
And light dances on the apple blossoms, white since spring came.

This is when the world is alive.
She is truly a women,
glowing and happy, radiating unrestrained joy,
Smiling at all the little moments of wonder she held in her day.
She caresses the leaves with gentle sunlight,
lulls the trees into a careless sway with the deep lavender
of the evening breeze.

This is when the world is golden.
When she is singing.
 Aug 2014 Ria
 Aug 2014 Ria
What is happy?

It's having low expectations
And not caring
About anything
But yourself

But I care about you
And I expected us to be
Something it never was

What is happy?

It's trying to walk
Even though
You know your legs
Are broken
But making sure
Everyone sees how hard
You are trying
 Aug 2014 Ria
Bailey Rennae
It hurts looking at him...but when he walks into the room,  My eyes still follow his every step.. I cant tear my gaze away from him,  He's just so beautiful it hurts, and even after he disappeared my eyes linger a bit at where he last stood, and I'm left thinking the worst feeling is liking someone you know you can never have..
Someone, that doesn't even know you exist..

 Jul 2014 Ria
Rhiannon Grace
i'm standing here all alone
tears filling up my eyes
i'm just trying to forget
all of your lies

the rain falls down
washing away the pain
that i'm forced to take
again and again

i'm running away
from the demons chasing after me
they're trying to hunt me down
i'm trying to get free

the sun sets
and darkness fills the skies
a grown man stares
and a young girl cries.
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