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Bailey Rennae Nov 2015
Maybe we’re not meant to be happy 
Maybe the world is to big for that
Maybe some people are just supposed to fill up the empty spaces
Bailey Rennae Aug 2014
It hurts looking at him...but when he walks into the room,  My eyes still follow his every step.. I cant tear my gaze away from him,  He's just so beautiful it hurts, and even after he disappeared my eyes linger a bit at where he last stood, and I'm left thinking the worst feeling is liking someone you know you can never have..
Someone, that doesn't even know you exist..

Bailey Rennae Jul 2014
I hope and i pray,
but that doesn't mean i believe
everything's going to be okay.

  Jun 2014 Bailey Rennae
Every day is a strenuous battle just to keep marching forward.
The future terrifies me.
I can only hope I won't hurt then as much as I do now...
But, sometimes soldiers need to retire.
That doesn't make me weak, but vulnerable.
I'm an open target
but I'm on the verge of collapsing.
There aren't enough words to describe how I feel every day,
none strong enough or meaningful enough to describe this pain buried deep into my bones.
I want to ascend away, far, far away from here.

*What the ****
am I supposed to do?
I can't always hold onto false hope.
Bailey Rennae Jun 2014
I'm in the car watching the things outside the Window
Pass me by in fast blur of colors.
And is feels like my life,
Just passing me by, not really living it.  just watching  form a passenger side window,  never the one behind the wheel..
And I Wondered what my purpose is in life, or if I even have a purpose
Or if my purpose is Simply to be a lost, Wandering soul, never truly belonging.
nothing more then just a sad story,
With no meaning....

  Jun 2014 Bailey Rennae
J M Surgent
I am all that I am
Because I've been all that I've been

-And will continue to be.
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