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Out of no where darkness fell
no clouds
no stars
no sound
only moon light remained
for those living on the ground.

with no light we couldn't see
only shadows standing in front of me
not of human shape
but standing tall
my legs froze, no way for me to escape.

Out of the darkness
came more shadows
no sound
no light
a figure not resembling human shape
questions swam around my head, will this be my final night
with my legs frozen, my body shaking
I was scared, but I knew I'd have to fight.

Like going blind, I was in complete darkness
moon light behind me started to fade
I was surrounded, they got closer
A face, so horrible, so ugly
what was it, what did they want.
As they got closer and closer
they spoke, 4 words
only 4 little words
but they scared me so much
they said

The End
I hope you like
Wind blowing, leaves falling
In the woods I am walking
Birds chirping, squirrels digging
Not stopping my mind from wandering

Fashion walks, beach resorts
Nice weather, beautiful people
City breaks, country retreats
Exotic animals, spiders and snakes

Mona Lisa, The last supper
Beautiful art, beautiful mind
Excellent artists are hard to find

Beautiful things everywhere
open your eyes, happiness is right their
Out of no where thunder roared
lighting struck
buildings shook
Looking up at the darkened sky
something was flying high
A ship of unknown design
piercing through the clouds.
The greatest question had been answered
Hope you like
Working for our future
putting our money away
ready and waiting for our retirement day

Businesses closing
banks shutting
The world in recession
Pensions cutting
Working all our life
Never living free
I'll end up working until the day I die
you wait and see

No more money
It's all gone
Giving up our futures one by one
putting our money away
ready and waiting for our retirement day
in the heat of the day
through the thickness of air
lies a small ray of hope
in a cloud of despair
just turn to the sky
and you'll see me there
(C) Maxwell 2014
Are they the crash of lightening on a dry desert plain?
Are they the sound of thunder in the night rumbling for miles and miles and miles?
Or are they the soft center of a fresh apple pie on a fall day?
I tell you dreams are good
and they are bad
But dreams are the best and worst
of reality
which is why they take no shape nor form and lose all sense of normality
Dreams have no jurisdiction
and that's beauty in their existence

So what are dreams?
What are they you say?
I say the pink sky of dusk on a hot summer day after a wrath of cooling rain
and in purest form may they take photographs of the most intimate part of your brain
and as complicated as they may seem
they are nothing but a dream
Beyond what they become is entirely up to you..
for dreams don't appear from nothing and it is the responsibility of your own soul
to make them true
Just thinking aloud.

(C) Maxwell 2014
I met a man lost in a wood so thick not even the sun could provide light
I outstretched my hand to hold his own
and we walked not by sight
We held hands right there in the darkness and found comfort in our tears
We used them to quench our thirst and conquer our fears
I began to see a break in the trees as he sunk further away
And we still hold on never letting go of the promise we made
Has he become so lost that even upon wandering he has gone?
I still feel the touch of his fingertips as by the grace of God I hold on

I met a man lost in a wood so thick not even the sun could provide light
And it was then I remembered we walked not by sight
So it is the faith in the night that will promise the lost to be found
When everything surrounding your vision has hit below ground
I will be deep in the wood with you at your side
For disappointment is a sight for sore eyes anyway and I am glad we are blind
Squeeze my hand my friend and feel that I have not yet left
And here I will walk with you until darkness is death
I wrote this poem for a friend who battles depression and he is having a rather difficult time these days. I haven't heard from him and I hope he is okay.
(C) Maxwell 2014
Liberty from my inner prisons;
from my mind I am freed!
No more shall I fall;
my heart is lighter indeed!
Toast up your wine
in honor of my soul;
For freedom taste like honey
and my future's paved in gold!
Be it the center of a rose;
I am the food of the seed
Let the wind carry my presence;
for I have finally been freed!
(C) Maxwell 2014
Every night and every day
In every way
I dream of you
And every word that I would say
If things should change
But they never do
Each time I think I see your face
Or hear your voice
In someone new
It leads to one more lonely night
In sleep or wake
To dream of you
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