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and I woke up with you beside me,
you were nestled in my heart
I went to sleep with you on my mind
and you never did depart
I thank you for that
because your warmth;
it comforts me,
it saves me from the dark
Missing a friend.

(C) Maxwell 2014
It hurts more lying to you that I never loved you than leaving you
I'm sorry
when I think about you not being here
(because you aren't)
I stop breathing

it just seems to bring us closer
and I've grown tired of missing you
(C) Maxwell 2014
my tears are very real
and in your absence they are made of glass
they cut open the strongest parts of my soul
and the wounds
they never heal
so i am forced to wear a mask
(C) Maxwell 2014
Through a forest of evergreens, redwoods, and blooming lilies, growing oaks and trailing vines,
you took my hand and guided me through the wilderness;
picking berries and placing them upon my tongue between each kiss, you were everything I had dreamed of.

And as you drew your sword and I bare your witness we braved the mystical creatures with eyes of stone and heads of bats, hands of knives and teeth of silver.
Upon discovering a place to sleep, we found our blanket beneath the stars that moved about the sky in such a way that wasn't natural, but yet it provided the perfect light so that we could gaze deep,
ever so deep into one another's eyes as we became one in our body and minds.

When the sun had risen, we traveled some more, your smile planting roses upon my cheek. I have no desire to be anywhere else in this world at this very moment, sanity is something I shall no longer seek.
We are soon falling.
Between the trees and evergreens and crushing the lilies and berries and seeding bees and soon we found ourselves battered upon a beach.
I am slightly bruised upon my face, you kiss my wounds and they go away. I see diamonds about.. diamonds in the sand. When I glance at your open scars, I immediately realize the true delicacy you are; for your blood is made of the finest jewels, and I now had a lot of protecting to do!

In the distance we see a castle so very high, touching the sun and kissing the sky.
"How do we get there, what do we do?" I am worried and afraid, for we have come so far to have lost our way.
You chopped down every palm and built us a boat. You took the string from your clothing to provide us the rope. My Prince charming you, this castle shall be ours, and we will live in royalty.

As we set sail beneath the sky so bright, you kiss my neck, and you bite my skin, and you promise to never leave me. My existence gives in to yours and I invite you in, not caring who is watching.
And when we are through my smile is wide as the ocean, and your veins sparkle, reflecting the water so blue.
Our perfect sail quickly turned into a raging night as a terrible storm rocked our boat into crashing tides.
Rocking waves and lightening strikes I scream for you in deepest fright, you take my hand and say "It's going to be alright!"
We are thrown down into the ocean of tears, the one that had been cursed by so many fears.
I am slipping.
I am slipping away.
Everything is  f a d i n g
f a d i n g

I awaken.
Face up on the boat, everything has gone black.
Though I see a glistening, and it's beautiful and it's you, and you smile.
"Let us continue my love, there is no looking back."
I am currently reading a book titled "Splintered" by A.G. Howard. It is a gothic modern twist to Alice in Wonderland. I dreamt this scenario (inspired by the book), and it was a dear friend that was with me. I had to pay credit where its due!

(C) Maxwell 2014
Kiss me and make love to me and hold me and hear me and wipe away my sadness and drown with me in my tears and give way to every door I have opened just for you..

Just do it.

Just kiss me.
(C) Maxwell 2014
You inspire me in more ways than one,
to bless the world with my thoughts
and write symphonies with my tongue
A fellow writer and friend you have deeply become
I thank you for your wisdom
and insightful teachings
and long conversations
and conceptual meetings
This connection we share is not of the norm, but from a divine intervention with the perfect intention to lead our creativity by storm
So take hold of my hand and let's sing the unsung!
For this is only the beginning;
our time is not done
I wrote this after having an awesome conversation with my friend Daniel Smith (aka freak morbidity). He is also a writer here on HP and be is INSANELY good. Please check him out if you have the time!

(C) Maxwell 2014
she doesn't speak anymore
she only moves her eyes about the room following voices


listening to all of humanity become lost within its own realm of despair
becoming engulfed in the loss of hope
all the while feeling the sting from the whips of society upon her skin
simply for not giving in

so she chooses to be still
she chooses not to speak
because no one else will choose to listen
(C) Maxwell 2014
rolling tears of satin pain
left from a night of passion's reign

now in a hell of great disguise
i'm a victim of my own demise
(C) Maxwell 2014
We live in a time of uncertainty
No jobs
Climate change
Mass killings
warnings of pandemics
Where is our utopia
where is our heaven on Earth

1900's we had
San Fransisco's earthquake
McKinley was assassinated
First Nobel prize
The Tunguska Event
nothing as changed in my eyes

1910's we had
Spanish flu
The sinking of the unsinkable ship, the Titanic
and World War 1
What else is needed to say about this decade
nothing changed as the human race lived on

1920's we had
Discovery of penicillin
The great depression
and prohibition

1930's we had
Bonnie and Clyde
Hindenburg disaster
Discovery of Pluto
Al Capone imprisoned

1940's we had
World War 2
Mount Rushmore completed
Big bang theory formulated
Israel founded
Nothing changed but who knew

1950's we had
Castro becomes Dictator of Cuba
Laika the dog goes into space
Korean War began
History never changed and neither will the Human Race

1960's we had
The rise of the Berlin wall
First man on the moon
Vietnam War
Nothing changed and won't any time soon

1970's we had
First test tube baby
Tangshan Earthquake
Kent state shootings
Elvis died

1980's we had
Tiananmen square massacre
Exxon oil spill
Nothing changed and never will

1990's we had
Oklahoma city bombing
Princess Diana died
Columbine massacre
World Trade Center bombed
End of the Cold War

2000's we had
Hurricane Katrina
Pluto reclassified
Obama elected
September 11th

2010's we had
Haiti Earthquake
Japan Earthquake
Bin Laden killed
BP oil spill
England riots
Brazil riots
China banned time travel.
We're only 4 years in.

**** sapiens are nearly 200,000 years old
nothing changed
and never will
Hope you like
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