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I want to be happy forever
Sadly nothing is forever
My grandma said "study, forget men"
Something I should of done was listen
We always do something we regret
And I haven't forgotten yet
I haven't forgotten all the mistakes
Because I put everything at stake
I became the lover of many
I kissed many
My heart forgot how to feel
And it all didn't seem real
I was loosing myself
How could I help thyself?
The obsession of men grew bigger
But I loved neither
I only loved once in my life
And I wish I had become his wife
I miss him and it's ridiculous to say
That after a year I wish he would of stayed
I should have listened to my grandma and avoid love
But my heart could not avoid love!
I now suffer the consequence of the broken hearted
And I still wish he wouldn't have parted
I have to let go, trust me I know
But my mind set does not let me know
That I still love him so
That I still want him so
To my mind his just another guy
To my heart he is the only guy
How can my heart and mind understand each other?
If they cannot stand one another
Copyright under Delilah Wine
I feel empty inside
Like something is missing
I think that destiny is not on my side
The only thing that feels this void is    kissing
But I do not want to be a *****
I prefer being a bore
My lips have not met others since April
My heart hasn't opened up since April
Is love what I need to fill this void?
Or is it something I should avoid?
I was told to love myself first than another
Yet I chose to love another
And so my heart got broken
And since then I haven't spoken
I have not spoken the language of love
I do not want to know of love
Nobody understands this pain
I loved him, was my effort in vain?
I know I was the one who left him
And so I became slim
I lost 30 pounds
But I thought we were meant to be bound
I had to leave him, there was no remedy
Yet I was not ready
Almost a year has past and I haven't forgotten
That he was the one who broke my heart
Copyright under Delilah Wine
I take care of everyone and then some
When will my turn come
Will anyone ever take care of me
They just float on the breeze
The weight of the world is on my shoulders
I'm getting wore out crawling over the boulders
tell them i was the
warmest place you knew
and that

you turned me cold
It's nights like this
That I remember there's
Tinted glass
Between us.
Our lives
Our worlds
Go through a filter
Before touching each other.

It's nights like this
I rememer that I'm the one
Banging on the glass
And screaming your name,
But either you can't hear me,
Or you
Want to.

Sometimes you glance up
And I ask myself
'What does that look mean?'
Or I internally shriek
'He actually sees me'

I've spent I don't know how long
At this point,
I've lost track,
Desperately trying
To get your attention.

I want to tell you.

I want to walk miles
And miles
To you,
And yell everything
I've never understood about you
And demand answers.
But that's selfish.

Right now it'd be selfish of me
To voice
What is going wrong,
And that reminds me
How trapped I am.

On the other side
Of tinted glass
Today was a day
A day like any other
I came across an old picture today
Her and I
The days we shared, the love we had
Today is a day,I still find myself not over you Our love would not last, try but fail
Today is a day, a day that must pass
I ask why today
The memories come back
Where would we be today if our love had not failed.
I will not know.
For today is just a day.
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