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Thomas Esparza Aug 2021
The rage I have inside.
It's wants to come out, I want to let it out.
I keep it bottled up, and a bottle keeps me up.
If there were a way I could make this rage go away.
Keeping the rage at bay, I go day to day
Fore if this rage were to come out.
There would be no way out.
Out of the way.
The rage takes way.
Lost in the rage, no help came my way.
May there be a tomorrow, let the rage be caged.
I just go day by day, keeping the rage at bay.
Just words, I put down
Thomas Esparza Aug 2019
If today was your last day, would you have said all the things you needed to say.
If you knew that tomorrow was your last day, could you say everything that needed to be said.
Did you make your parents proud.
Did you marry the love of your life.
Do your children know you're proud of them.

Life threw you a curve ball.
Did you swing for the fences, or back out of the batters box.
When your time on this Earth expires, and you go home to be with God.
Can you say you lived your best life.
It's a challenge, it doesn't come with a manual.
It will beat you down, and lift you up.
Life, live it to the fullest.
I've had writers block for a few years
Thomas Esparza Nov 2016
I feel down, just want to be alone
Going nowhere, stuck in a rut
Lifes going good, I just can't be happy
The ***** not helping, tired I need rest
Sleep is a challenge, no comfort there
Work is a struggle, I hate it there
Just walk away, away to where
There is no place to go
Life is heavy, i'm to weak to bare
Stare into la la land
Just going through the motions
Day by day further down I go
How far down will I go
Far enough to know, this will pass
Just burned out, you thought I was in dispair
Down further I shall not go
Lightening flashing around her
Bringing shadows to life
Thunder echoing in the air
A telling of her strife
Rain pelting the earth
Along with her tears
She does not sway
Despite her fears

She stands as strong
As the mighty oak
Even when her heart
Feels forlorn and broke
When her soul
Is as black as night
Lightening flashes again
Bringing it back to life

Her mouth cannot form words
she wishes to be spoke
Hands unable to grasp
Tied so in trepidations rope
Thunder claps once more
Giving her freedom
More than before

The storm has enraptured
Her very essence
It has gifted her
Pure omnipresence
Lead her not into temptation
For she now holds the key
To your heaven or damnation
Into the storm is whispered "victory"....

And a huge thank you to Thomas Esparza for the help!!
Thomas Esparza Sep 2016
As time goes by
We grow older, wiser
Learning from mistakes past
Time never slowing
Clock always turning
Seasons ever changing
I think of my life
Have I lived up to my potential
Accomplished all I wanted
I have not
There has been no love of my life
This lonely life i've lived
Let down so many times
Was blessed to have kids
A pain in my side
Although I wouldn't change it for the world
Had fun at times, I did
But to no avail
Is there still time to change this life I live
Only time will tell
Credits to Karina Norris-Veirs for helping me with this one
Thomas Esparza Aug 2016
My day begins before the sun comes up
It usually ends after the sun has gone down
Theres times when the sun rises again
My day still going
Over worked and under payed and no time off
8 days aweek was a great Beetles song
It's not so great living it
Why do I work all these hours and all these days
I don't know how to do anything else
To old to start over to many bills to pay
I feel like Rhianna all she does is Work,Work,Work,Work,Work
Tired I stay, the days all seem the same
Are there actually 7 different days of the week
Mine all seem like they never end
One day i'll get a break
The day I break
Thomas Esparza Aug 2016
Tonight I lie awake thinking of you
You done me wrong, for so long
You were young, I was dumb
How could I think you would love me true
I lie awake thinking back
To times of fun and times of not
Our daughter barely born, so brand new
She was taken to young, we had to mourn
For her life barely begun and to end so soon
Our love grew apart and now we're torn
You live your new life, never looking back
I live my life always wondering what could have been
Your new life so happy and full
Never knowing how much pain I go through
I think back to days we shared, times of old
I lie awake and think of you
Never knowing why you came and went
I never deserved someone as beautiful as you
But I never deserved to be left with no excuse
I lie wake always thinking of you
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