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  Jan 2016 Dayana
I'll be always me
No matter where we'll be
Living in a palace or under a tree
I'm me as long as you're with me.

I'll be always me,
Even if we don't stay as we
I'll never forget the good you've done
Even if it hurts to know you're gone

I'll be always me
That's what I said when you were there for me
Cause if you came back you'll find the same me you left before
I'll be always me, do I need to roar?
Dayana Mar 2015
You distracted me from people
People who really mattered, and always will
You distracted me from the greatness of my life
My true and initial life
You brought upon what you assumed I wanted
What you assumed I needed
But dear, you were wrong
Oh how wrong
For all the mess you caused petrified me
And left you astounded so you decided to leave
You left me behind in a fire you started
Dry out of the water
But hey,
It's my fault, for standing too close to the fuel...
Dayana Feb 2015
I wrote about you, day and night
You are my moon, you are my sun
I wished for the day when we would finally unite
Like the stars in the galaxy, shining bright
I was dreading the fact that the day might never come
When you wrap me in your arms and tell me it's fine
When you utter those words and protect me for life
My dread was increasing, my hopes were decreasing
I slowly shattered into a deep despair
Losing all senses of a fulfilled life and hope
I thought that the fantasies and dreams in my head are unrealistic and are merely an illusion
But then there you were, my protector, my hero
You grabbed me right at the end of the cliff and held me tight
You reassured and brought my soul back to life
You were my protector, and I was yours
We are now, now and forever, inseparable
For we suffered too long in the absence of one another
Dayana Oct 2014
I used to walk in a garden that blossomed
It blossomed with the finest of trees and flowers
I saw everything in the happiest light
    and life, was a walk in the park
Never did I think there's a dark side to it all
     ....and everything else
The garden withered
The walls keeping away the negativity broke down
The little happy girl no longer walked in her garden
She sadly sat in the darkness and despair of her room, her soul
Hopelessly she scolded herself
Without any hope she still wishes for a happy end anyway.
Dayana Jul 2014
there are poems raging through my head
they burn me inside out
but if i were to write them down
they'd burn the paper and the reader
just the same as they burn my soul
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