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Chaotic world May 2016
We were both searching for love,  
Yet we didn't know what love was,
Because we both never felt it,
And we were never taught how to love,  
We wanted this idea of love,
So it's no wonder why we plunged into each other's lives so fast,
But I guess we went to fast,
Because we didn't catch each other,
We went through each other,
Taking only the things we were fast enough to catch.
Lindsay Thomas Jan 2016
Holding so much inside.
Ignoring the pain that resides.
Telling myself we'll be alright,
knowing full well it's a lie.
Breaking, shattering, falling apart.
Reaching the end of that rope;
my last gleaming hope is fading.
Jaded, incomprehensive, inconsolable. Extinguished fire behind my eyes,
the last burning embers pulsing out.
Collapsed lungs suffocating me,
drowning in deprivation.
Grim stands beside me, holding my hand.
Das ende. Slutten. Fin.
Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014
Are you burning out for answers?
Have you finally given up?
Did you think you'd ever find them?
When is enough enough?

Your burning fire's fading.
Your light is dimming down.
There's nothing left of valor.
What goes around comes around.

And I believe I'm sick of me.
All these fads. And all these popular magazines.
And I believe I'm sick of me.
I'm so tired of not knowing what to

Be alone. It's all we've ever known.
But all we know. It falls apart.
Singing on and on. I've known it all along.
But now I see that everyone here's gone.

But it isn't me you're seeing.
Halo. Lights. My ears are bleeding.
Waiting for a sad song to begin.
Lost in thought, my head is screaming.
Warning signs and empty feelings.
Thinking of the things that could've been.

And I believe I'm sick of me.
All ****** up and I'm just trying not to

Be alone. It's all we've ever known and all we know just falls apart.
Singing on and on but everything went wrong
And now I know that all of you are gone.

— The End —