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 Dec 2016
Do you want me baby
as much as I want you?
Do you want to hold me
as much as I want to hold you?
Do you want to kiss me
as much as I want to kiss you?

Do you want to stay alone
as much as I don't?

Are you coming closer
or are you running away?

Do you want me baby
as much as I want you?

I could feel love
coming along
as soon as I gave it up

Unexpected plans

I wonder what you're doing
and does it mean a thing

I know I'm trying to deliver
what ever it is you need

Do you want this as much
as I want to give it to you?

Is this your desire?

Or is this the creepy
part of the show?

I'm innocent
my feelings are genuine
I don't ever want to intrude

But you're sending me
mixed messages
I'm trying to figure it out

So I thought I'd ask you

Do you want me baby
as much as I want you?
 May 2016
DaSH the Hopeful
The way morning sunlight creeps through the blinds,
                Light streaming in, crisp and warm and new
The way air makes its way to our lungs and we feel the energy
The rush of fresh oxygen

    The way snow falls,
Small, clumsy flakes at first
           And grows into an all encompassing blizzard

THAT is how to fall in love
 Mar 2016
just one parting
the last word,
in this Shakespearean
love affair, I should have known,
seen by your actions,
by your slithering around,
striking everyone with
that forked but so beautiful
tongue, how
that meant, not everyone else was
wrong, as you said, and you had
one chain and ball already.
No matter what you said,
you never needed another.
 Feb 2016
DaSH the Hopeful
The body of a poem
            Could never be as beautiful as *yours
 Jan 2016
Vanessa Gatley
I don't want
The fame of
A celebrity
But the fame
That you are
Attracted to
Your the paparazzi
I am not  refusing
Your demand in pictures
Later on you'll post the
On my scrapbook
( photography romance )
What I want to have 1 time in a relationship
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