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 Jan 2018
I guess it's
Been four years now
She turned up here homeless
She was old
Even then
Those used teats
The grey on her jowl
Lonely. So loving.
She's followed me
Like my shadow
Ever since
And don't believe
A dog can't smile
In my absences
She'll sit by the door
Until I come back
I'm 60 now.
Just had a birthday.
And this black Labrador
Beauty gave me the honor
Of crawling up next
To me as I went to sleep
She rarely has done before.
And it made me wonder
How I want to die before her
I don't think I could stand
Losing her
But thought
Of what would happen
To her
If I went before
And this isn't poetry
It's a love story
About two lonely orphans
Who found someone
Who loves them more
Than life itself
And how
Much love
Can mean
 Nov 2017
Musfiq us shaleheen
in the night to day
love love love-
that may you have gotten
that's why the poetry
yet makes a symmetry
between the life in the lost
in the desert or in the frost
you have never forgotten
the metaphoric cohesions
in the tunes of the flute
or in the dreams of mute
yes life processed some illusions
which may make any creation
love love love-
there is, of course, an inspiration
yet the lonely dream possessions
in the treasures
or in the desert
the mystic mirage why?
otherwise, the dreams to die
in the night to day
from one May to another May
a day remains a day
on another unique day
yet the elusive rose
never grew gray
love love love-
that once you have gotten
you have never forgotten
@Musfiq us shaleheen
love love love-
I am the poetry that breathes words into your mind.
I fill up blank spaces with encouraging lines.
I possess no magic powers to turn back time.

I am the poetry that brings back childhood fears.
I speak the truths you're not sure you wanna hear.
I clarify emotions that were previously unclear.

I am the poetry that digs deep to tear at the soul.
Once I enter you, you can never be whole.
Without the words inside you, you feel so cold.

I am the poetry that tries to hold back time.
Keep the body frozen but activate the mind.
Using line after line to make you all mine.

I am the poetry that flows through your veins.
That proves how much I love you, day after day.
I help keep your sanity, when you think you're going insane.

I am the poetry that floats in front of your eyes.
Always surrounding you, seeing through your every disguise.
I know everything you think, I know all your lies.

I am the poetry until the day you die.
With sweet memories of love
filling the night air,
her heart fills with bliss
in the love that’s shared.

In the silence of night
with her head upon your chest,
sleep beckons her body and mind
to a peaceful nights rest.

You see, never in her life
has she asked for anything new,
the only thing that comes close
is asking for a love pure and true.

Not just love of heart
but of body, soul and mind,
that honest love of truth
that is so hard to find.

So as her eyelids start to dance
and images start to form,
she gives into these beautiful dreams
that are now being born.

As sleep takes you into dreams
and you feel her head on your chest,
know that it’s your faithful love
that gives her peaceful rest.
 Sep 2017
How can thoughts be real
They're not solid enough to touch
So how can someone manifest
A feeling such as love?
Can you
Hold it
Breathe it
Squeeze it in your hands
It's forcing us to trust
In the invisible
Once again

Because although you can't see it
  It can still disappear
Love is the sad song
That left you crying in your beer

Blind sided
It can hit you
And you best believe it's true
Love is as real
As the way I feel for you
Traveler Tim
Dedicated to:
Everyone in the known universe!
 Sep 2017
Crystal Freda
There were two little cats
whose job was to chase bugs and rats.
Sue was frisky. Lou was was lazy.
Sue would chase things with glee
while Lou would rather sleep softly.

They'd sit on the porch.
Sue would light up like a torch
waiting for prey to arrive.
Lou found sleep as a way to survive.

Their owner was an older woman
who would pet them with her soft, wrinkled hand.
She was proud of Sue and Lou
for all what they could do.

Now the old woman didn't know about Lou.
That sleep was all she would do.
Sue thought Lou was no good.
That she shouldn't get what she should.

They were fed the same
and attention that came.
Sue didn't understand
why they received the same love from this woman.

The old woman sat on the porch swing.
She would pet Lou as she'd sing.
Sue came in.
She was determined to win.

The old woman picked up Sue
and continued to pet Lou.
She petted the two
and told them she loved them for what they could do.

She said to Lou, "I love you when you sleep."
She said to Sue, "I love you even with the rats you keep."

"I love you for who you are
even as I am an old char."
The cats cuddled with her
despite how different they were.
 Aug 2017
Bring me peace so I can be freely wild
Throw me into the water so I can go deep
If there's cold I can create heat
Where is love I can bring tears
but to survive
I need your heart.
 Aug 2017
A tentative touch unsure
of erotica I've yet to explore.
Her sweet ripe ******* allure
my watering mouth can't ignore.

Tickling teasing touch to ignite us
giggling on our high
Soft soothing caresses in between
wondering why I was so shy...

Our fingers tangled in long blonde hair,
then gently stroking soft warm skin.
Bodies writhing, legs entwining,
where she ends, there I begin.

Oblivious to our thoughts
enambered with desires
Lips of wine in heated passion
soaring pleasures even higher.

Perfumed oil on bodies glistening,
**** laughs and playful fights.
Lace and heels and toys aplenty,
Girl, we'll make this last all night.

By EJ and Cné
A little wine
A little laugh
A little pleasure
For our own behalf

Thank you EJ for such inspiration
 Mar 2017
She loosens on tiptoe
the latch of her window,

slides upward the sash
and the shine of the moon

pours over the sill,
like it's rushing downhill

like a silver stream,
flooding her room.
 Jan 2017
Days of sunshine,
skies of azure
and scents of blooming flowers.

Days of never ending conversations,
careless guffaws
and childlike jests.

Days of heartfelt promises,
unrestrained caresses
and wild beating hearts.

I think I've fallen again...

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