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 Dec 2020
Sarah Mulqueen
Pained with a sadness I have never known
A dagger driving into the core of my soul
As I let go of everything
Yet a calmness washes over me
Something guiding me
Its not my own
I'm noticing things differently
The way the breeze dances softly with everything it touches
The scents that are heightened
The smell of rain before the storm
Clipped grass on a hot summers day
Perfume that lingers long after they've gone
I'm not in a daze
simple pleasures are filling me with more
I don't have to be ok
I'm not sure I ever will be the same again
Love lost and shared, can rupture your entirety
 Sep 2020
Third Eye Candy
Now imagine this.
You have all day to get somewhere
but you haven’t any goldfish…
And that makes you king of the world.
but you can’t lance the boil until
you abdicate the throne of Yarn
and bind a cat to your shadows’ pearl.
The black thing you carry in your pocket
is the eye of all Typhoons
in your lap.

Imagine opening your eyes-
and being surrounded by Thursday!
So much velvet tinkering with grey things
and gimlets… torchlit fantasies slurry forth
in an unending tide of appetites
disguised as appetites
in disguise.
Sunspots on paper plates
and taffeta medallions
all in love with blue cranes
and very little else
that you lack.

Imagine that.
 Aug 2020
Third Eye Candy
No slumlords in the orchard, only the good Lord’s bounty
heaped upon troubles and shimmering defaults.
where life has loaned you-
a lemonous sun, as ashes belie the anthracite
smoldering in clandestine doubts and rarified hope.
This world is teeming with life without irony. Teeming with you-
like a vestigial immortal, entranced by a wasp
in an apple tree.
 Jul 2020
Vagueness encircled
Fragmented aspiration!
Vagueness crafted
Fadeout the dream of living!
Vagueness designed
Slaughter the humanity!
Vagueness contrived
Maneuver division!
Vagueness persuaded
Project masculinity!
Vagueness indorsed
Homicide creation.
 May 2020
the present
forever shifts

yet remains

claiming and
re-claiming us

a sequence
of stillnesses

flux and

finite and
‘It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis.’
- Henry Miller
 Mar 2020
It is the supply
Receipt of the followings
Ecological security,
Social and emotional security, and  
Economic security!
These supply are conditional
With the followings
Passion for naturalism and nature stewardship,
Care for humanism,  
Ready to co-exist with diversity,
And minimalism!
Total Cost for supply is
World with stable equilibrium linking to steady state
With additional taxes for negative externalities
And subsidy for positive externalities!
Receipt from mother earth
 Mar 2020
It is a call for ‘social isolation’
to make ‘social distance’ far-reaching
Isolate the self and searching for self!

So, lock the gate from inside
And Lock the main door!
Confined myself at house!
Try to find myself in the space within!
Searching for the self!

Searching self in the gadgets of communication
Unable to find out the absolute self …
It is Relative!
Relative to space and time ….
At point becoming invisible!
Question arises
“Whether invisibility link to infinity?”

Now, it is started to rain,
Sound of raindrops on the rooftop
Remind me
‘you are not alone’!

In-between ponder on
  ‘Existence of infinity’
“An infinite temporal regress of events is an actual infinite”……
“An infinite temporal regress of events cannot exist”!

‘Infinite cannot exist’,
Self is not infinite
It is miniscule!

“What is about sense of singularity
Individuality, or self-sameness?”
Is it there!

It is
Confronted with question of identity
In the world where flexibility expected
As virtue and
Accelerating change transfuses in society!

It is the call for ‘social isolation’
To make ‘social distance’ far-reaching
Searching self and
Answering who am I?
Pondering with pandemic under incursions   of Covid19
 Mar 2020
Once started with riddle!
Transect through deprivation
drudgery and debarred!      
Experience edifies us!
Learn how to deign
deliver and derive,  
Crafting self
and bring meaning to life!
Dedicated to Ms Kabe Rongpipi of Chandra Sing Rongpi Village located in Kohora River Basin area of Karbi-Anglong ,Assam.
Getting married at the age of 22 years she pursuing Jhum (slash and burn cultivation) in hills. When first child was born she realizes practicing jhum with small child is difficult, so she search for alternative. She started her alternative venture as Vegetable vendor (she was the first women on this trade in the area) gradually started trading of wild edibles and other NTFP. Now she also practices fruit gardening, food processing along with earlier practices. In our last discussion in January, 2020, she shared ‘she love introduce as business women’.
 Dec 2019
Third Eye Candy
i wanna get into
living loudly.
into saying something-
for once-
at the very least
i wanna get into
killing boredom
with a blind rage
and X-Ray
and  a heart
at the heart
of an open
 Mar 2019
Sarah Mulqueen
Chest caught
A pressure weighing
Nothing seemed this heavy before
Nothing was so precious before
My whole world has been flipped brought smack back intoo reality

Just breathe

A love so pure
So strong
So fierce
How can I muster the strength to wield such a strong and beautiful being

Just breathe

Your ailments become my own
Your achievements fill my my heart
Your presence brightens my darkest day
I am so blessed to have you in my life
I feel unworthy to call you my daughter

Just a breath could change everything.
To stop my chest growing so tight
 Feb 2019
Carel Prinsloo
only Love and kindness
can justify the existence
of this cruel Universe
 Feb 2019
With delicate, yet awkward, fingers
I edge my way down my throat
And loosen the cut you made on my neck.
Nails crawl through my flesh
until I hear the strum of my failing violin, cat gut, vocal chords.
An ear drum bursting TWANG;
Reminiscent of the s c r e a m s
You forced from my bones.

My body twists around the thought of your
Gaze pounding down my spine.
You’ve buried your way into my skin,
A burdensome parasite I can’t shake, or dig out.
Despite the number of nails I break
And bones I dislocate.
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