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annh May 2020
the present
forever shifts

yet remains

claiming and
re-claiming us

a sequence
of stillnesses

flux and

finite and
‘It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis.’
- Henry Miller
Noelle Marie Jan 2016
Today I'm fresh
Today I am new
I am feeling around in the dark, but it's only my hands
It's only my voice that answers the queries
I knew something was wrong when I looked for your voice before my own
When I wanted your hands in case my clumsy pair failed
I was living my life through you
So, one set of hands and one voice ringing through the dark is the answer
And I answered
I am all I need
I first began writing in 2011
It all began seeing and reading
my favourite author
Helene Steiner Rice.
Her poetry inspired me.

I wrote my first poem at the
Water of Leith
If I find it
On another site I'll repost it.
That's why I had
to see *justice" done
and write delete.

But to be fair
It was a genuine mistake
and he corrected it.
But a lot of people do
steal and post them
It's wrong and illegal
It should be made unlawful.

So I hope it speaks to the people
Who practice P.......
Watch out ...
We will not condole it .
Jamie Aug 2014
Yesterday it took me 3 hours to calm down
It was one of our best dates
As I went to sleep and I clutched my pillow
I still felt your hand in mine

This is why I never got over you...
Yet I know I shouldn't get attached
But deep down I know I love you
And we don't have long till you go

This is why, I need to leave after you do
I can't stand living in this city
When I know I will never be happy here
Not without you by my side

Problem is we can't be right now
Because we would hold each other back
All your dreams and mine will have to do

I would never want to hold anyone back
From achieving their true potential
Being together would do that to you
If I love you I will let you go and not fight

Although it will **** me when we are apart
I will settle for the happiest I will ever be
For the time we have left
Yet I know it will be a beautiful goodbye

The firery walls are slowly caving in
Yet I am clinging on to every last second
In my head I am holding you and just
Slow dancing in this burning room
Settling for pure joy right now, knowing I will be beaten and very down in a few weeks time. Every second is worth it
Sy Lilang Jul 2014
Before I utter words
You already know the condition of my heart
My intention, my bunch of reasons.

I raise my voice
Not because I'm shoutin' and screamin'
But because I wanna be heard by You
And yes, I'm gonna shake the Heaven
With all respect to the Holy Throne of Yours.

You then are my Healer
You then have saved me.

I pant, with continual desire
With praise and longing
With tears that's melting my soul
Not because I'm worned-out of this battle
But just because of my faith
Like a mustard seed
But can move mountains.

You are the same
Yesterday, today and forever
You then heard Joshua
And fought his battles
You then are with him
And gave him strength all through out
Indeed, you then will give me victory.

Your grace
It was precious to me
You are the living water
The very reason for me
To be thirsty no more
I then, am pleading
For the shower of grace
For Your miraculous act
For Your perfect will.

My cup overflows
As I seek Your face
Don't hide Yourself,
For I'll be weak without You.

I throw myself into You
I have no other fear
But the fear of You alone
You gave me the keys to Your Kingdom
And yes, I am ready for more!

Yes, yes, You are victorious in me!
Hallelujah! Praise the King of all Kings!

(7/2/14 @xirlleelang)
Lara Wan Jun 2014
put your lips close to mine
and let's breathe in the same air
let's wait for the stars to shine
before we lay our cards bare
will you let me in your heart tonight?
answer me once the moon is bright
skin to skin, can we be any closer?
chest to chest, feel our hearts beat together
tingles start to rain down on my neck
sparks erupt from gentle little pecks
with your hands restrain my wrists
there's no need to wonder if it fits
as your edges match my curves
sparks start running through my nerves
I try my best to take it all
as you succeed to break my wall
and I'll watch you bask in glory
as I let you take and claim me

— The End —