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 Feb 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
Many and
Many years later
My Poetry books
That I had lost
From the middle of the bookshelf
Within Thousands of many other books
Where I have found
Utterly Unknown
Some Pages
Is very difficult to read
Yet quietly reading
I read with a lot of the force
As a Small child walking
Many years later,
Become that Strange Poem

The Poem
Showed me Dreams
Told me to Love
Bought all the Colors of my Canvas
Drawn your Images
That happened,
Many and
Many years before
In my Heart and the Soul

You and I
Grew as a highly Sophisticated
In an extreme
Nice One

My Heart put on your Heart
In a Romantic Tune
Bode on a Small Boat
Toward a Tough Sea,
That happened,
Many and
Many years before
In the Song of the Sea

Sudden Sea Storm Came
Made Substantially Vortex water
We Drowned
Lost you
That also happened
Many and
Many years before
In this Sea and my Soul

Today I have found you again
In a Sprung Dream
As I lost you
Many and
Many years before
As if I'm standing
On the Shore of the Sea
You as a form of Sea Angel
Come forward to me-
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Tribute to the Greatest Romantic Poet Ever, Edger Allan Poe
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 Feb 2015
Dark Jewel
With a rose of Purple,
Death calls to you now.

With one ******,
Your blood is mine.

Purple Rose for Redemption,
For you to be revived.
 Feb 2015
Dark Jewel
Dire circumstances..
Call for drastic measures.
When you scream,
They break your bones,
Tear you apart.

Your soul is theirs,
To devour..
To savor..

Their mask hiding,
The wicked smile,
With blood staining the white coat.

They care not,
Your their slave.
To torture..
To burn..
To devour..

They will drag you down,*
Into the very bowels of *Hell..
Souls be ****** by the white mask,
Savoring your blood.
 Feb 2015
The dark is a comfort,
it does not deserve a phobia.

Darkness should not be feared.
It can protect you from reality.

Starry mornings, full of fog
Soothes me with silent lullabies.

I welcome the dark, and
The dark embraces me warmly.

I let the shadows wrap around me,
Pulled over my shoulders like a blanket.

The dark is a friend,
Nothing to be feared.
 Feb 2015
Dark Jewel
Once in a forest far away,
Undecided by society.
Living beings strive,
To protect the landscape.

Calling it home..
Majestic mountains,
Fruitful valleys..
Simply breath taking.

Desire of the King's Mountain,
Rumor has it,
That A dragon lives in the cave.

Fire breathing dragon,
Like the landscape.

Mother's tear,
The cave,
*of the scorned.
 Jan 2015
Hunter of Jewel
I scream
you hit
i speak
you burn
i cry
you cut
i go dark
you kick

I leave
you beg
you stay the same
i cannot stay beside you
i cannot lay next you
I dont know if anybody reads these lol, this was a hard subject to bring up, i bet most of you can see what this is about. Thanks to my love for another i was finally able to open up, and i figured writing would be pretty good therapy. Thanks for reading if you made it this far lol.
 Dec 2014
Dark Jewel
Wrecking into darkness,
Rounding about the lowly grove.
Singing Precious,
Hymns of the holy love.

Wings spreading into length,
Eyes glazing over blood red.
Blood gone cold,
Releasing the old.

Archaic beast has awakened,
After these long years.
Finale of Transformation.
Life or Death.
What to Choose?

Finally old enough,
To cure thy soul.
Finally brave enough,
To say whats true.

I am awakened,
I will not take it anymore.
I am a woman.
Hear me roar.

I am beast,
Cursed with blue eyes.
Under the snowy wonderland,
I will claim my prize.
 Dec 2014
Dr Strange
"yas *****," I would say
Only to be dismissed away
Looking him in the eyes wondering
How dare you frown upon me
As if I'm the beast unseen
You came to my home stripped me of my joy
***** and killed my family
Holding me captive as a prison of war
How dare you frown upon me
As if I'm the beast unseen
You forced my daughter to cry
As you hauled off her last bit of hope
At least I have some dignity
Though it seems my pride has been lost deep within green
Where the blue skies don't feel darker than coal
How dare you frown upon me
As if I'm the beast unseen
 Dec 2014
Horror speaks in silence
    and Fear speaks in signs
              it’s written on my face
                        and on the faces I see.

How did I end up here?

A masked man brought us food.
The smell of it drives us mad in hunger.
We eat like we're crazy.
Devouring it like messy animals.

I see the eyes of superiority
            in the sight of the masked man.
I look at them with deep curiosity.
He looks back with a look of intent.
Deep blue eyes inspect the whole me.
then I realized, everyone, including me
            wears nothing but just two pieces of
I quickly cover my well-being,
then he just walks away.

I felt ***** ,
and Cold in this rusty dark place.
Where are we going?
Our future is uncertain.
I felt that our life is for sale,
like animals going to be slaughtered.

Sleep is taking my reality
Hoping that dreams will wash away
            the fear, horror and uncertainty along the way.                      

*© Pax
written May 21, 2012

Justice is blind when money talks
people who treats women as a pleasure tool is just cruel
this poem tackles about white slavery

This is reality, weather we see it or not. A sad case that still keeps on going around the world.

I thank you all for reading.
 Nov 2014
Red Bergan
Thy fate is revealed,
The darkness over takes her.
She screams to be free.
From the torture.

Tendrils of knives,
Sorting marks on her skin.
Flawless to scarred,
Born of thy kin.

Deathly hallows,
The kiss of death.
A demon is born,
A selfish beast.

Beautiful but deadly,
Sworn to fight.
For their goddess of the moon.

Born under the blood moon.
Thy precious Valkyrie.

Eyes of red,
Wings of black.

The Dark fate of thee,
Has taken her over.
Never again,
**Shall she be free.
 Nov 2014
Dark Jewel
Precious gem,
Gleaming so gallantly.
Streaming light into streets.

Luminescent gem,
Containing Dragon souls.
Shining on her neck,
Breathing fire down on the world.

Precious gem,
Agonize thy souls.
Never to be free again.

In this human world.
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