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I'm that piece of torn ,
worn out jacket ,
that knows every move you've made .
I created that frazzled attitude that rises up
roaring from your solitude
. . . don't mess with me .

I'm the one who twists your tornado .
The one who makes the truth hard to swallow .
Like I said , don't mess with me .

I've got no excuses for reasons I don't need .
Touch me and see .

I'm the one who paved your breaks , not the one who potholed the double takes , ruffled your
feathers . . . nor will attend your wake .

So drink your liquid grapes of wrath .
All I have to say ?
"Don't Mess With Me !"
 Jan 24
Francie Lynch
I'm ******* with Robert Frost
And the guy who wrote Paradise Lost.
I ain't happy with Aristotle,
And especially John, the weird Apostle.
Don't mention, please, Shelley or Keats,
Blake, Byron, or that poser, Yeats.
Each and every one you see,
Lifted their best themes from me.

Don't look aghast,
Don't tsk and titter,
Their thievery's made me
Mean and bitter.

Just because they said it first,
Doesn't mean I find it just.
It doesn't give them ownership
Of my themes and authorship.
I write of Roads, Good and Evil,
God and Satan, love and leaving.
I know I'm internally bleating,
But I can't abide this metric beating.

Although they're  now just dust and bones,
They still don't have the right to own
All the great lines I have sown, like,
The best laid plans of mice and men.
(I thought that up before Robbie Burns).

Let me make this poetically clear;
If I was there, or he were here,
I'd sue the *** of Will Shakespeare
Robbie Burns Day 2024
 Aug 2021
Slur pee
Heart attacks, en masse
I wear a mask when I relapse-
*******! The laugh track’s scratched.
Tied a knot out of my tongue, instead of the cherry stem.

It’s so sad... how when I fall apart,
It’s like I needed that; the blowback,
From a shot through the mouth into a brainstem.
The hole that starts in my nose ‘cause I snort things that erode-
The soul, and leave my bones to hold a fetal pose.
My brain recites such delicate prose,
Whispered to me by the specter of your notes.
A voice I no longer know…

Where’d you go?
My head’s a black hole.
This grey matter’s decomposed.
I’m scared to death, talking 'bout
“Ruh-rohs” and “Hell nos!”
Trying to outrun your ghost
but, I’m stuck inside smoke Os...
Scattered across the ozone,
Riddled with “I don’t knows”

I want to exorcise my heart,
But I don’t want to be alone.

 Dec 2020
Mr Xelle
I ain’t felt like this in a long time
I ain’t had **** for a long time
Just to feel like this it took a long time
Just to live like this it took a long  time
Just to think like this it took a long time yea
Just to love like this it took long time
Just to think like this I had to leave me my mind
Just to trust like this it took a lot of wine
Just to feel like this it took long time yea
Just to love like this it took long time yea
Just to smile like this it took long time....
 Nov 2020
Francie Lynch
I'm a loser.
I'm a loser.
And I'm all that I appear to be.

Of all the foes I have won or have lost,
There is one foe I should never have crossed.
He tallied tons more than I did my friends,
I'll not admit that I lose in the end.

I'm a loser.
I'm a loser.
And I'm all that I appear to be.

They say I look and I act like a clown;
My skin runs orange when I have my meltdowns.
My fears of jail are too real and acute,
A real man would self-aim and then shoot.

I'm a loser,
And I'm not the president you see.
I'm a loser,
And I'm all that I appear to be.

All I have done is the cause of my fate;
I'm old, bald, and stably overweight.
And so it's true pride comes before the fall,
It's also true they won't finish my wall.

I'm a loser.
And I'm not the president you see.
I'm a loser,
And I'm all that I appear to be.

(harmonica and don fade out)
Sung to the same title as the Beatles' song, "I'm A Loser."
 Jun 2020
Thomas W Case
Orchids wilt and rot
in time.
Roses have thorns that
***** to bleed.
Seeds bring life that
ultimately dies.
In lieu of flowers
give me your
eyes full of
heat and desire.
Surrender your heart of
passion, but most of all,
water me with your
love so that I can grow.
 Jun 2020


In this brave new world of no handshakes and multiple rounds of hand sanitiser there exists a blessed irony: social distancing is bringing my neighbourhood closer together. The solidarity of a shared smile - albeit bestowed from an apologetic distance of two metres - lifts the spirits, straightens the shoulders, and tickles the heartstrings more than any viral meme (no pun intended) could ever do.
 Mar 2020
Salmabanu Hatim
Let me be the reason for it please.
 Jan 2020
Whisper Yes
Boundaries not barriers baby
Protect but don’t shut out
You feel you have to close the door
But please don’t lock it
 Nov 2019
Mike Hauser
Play for me a melody
Something in a far off tune
One that brings the sounds together
The way it's meant to do

A symphony to fill the need
Of those who have lost sight
As woodwinds permeate the air we breath
Setting music into flight

Play for me a rhapsody
One that takes me to cloud nine
Swoon me into ecstasy
As euphoria waits in line

With a hand held over my warming heart
As it flutters to the beat
Play for me a melody
That is ever so soft and sweet
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