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 Dec 2022
Rochelle R
This stasis is unraveling.
You’ve upset a stagnant soul.
My essence is awakening.
There’s a light on in these halls.
The inner beast is stretching…

Our world is unprepared.
 Aug 2022
Jacobe Loman
Stuck in my head with this sickle hanging low
Within the forest of music
Nestled empty under a cradle of nature
Empty chest choked with the guilt
Quivering lips forget the words
Left incomplete as you go
The tranquil grove is no more
As the stars rain down like tears often do
The light shining above me is nothing special
This razor extinguishes the pain
The swirling blue embers reminding me of you
But you are not here by me
And now I swim in the creek
The current is pulling me into the abyss
I see no reason to comply
And the sanctified caress of the grass is warming
All I ever knew was you, and now I don't know myself
I don't want to go
What choice is there in this grief
Surrounded by the maggots and butterfly
Shrouded in your vibration
Your shoulders are so strong
I wish this was all I had to be
The anger is so primal and unforgiving
You are coming to terms and resenting me
Why should I try at the cemetery
Crawling around I'm wasted in the undertow
What was it you had to say
I just want to feel normal
Now it's too late
I'll hang onto those murmured words
Even though in this twilight I am to blame
 Aug 2021
There is no fear
In my kind of faith

No hell
No gardens
No castle
Nor gates

No kings
To bow down to
No fiery fate

Boundless and eternal
   Are Traveler's traits...
Traveler Tim

We are all blessed
In togetherness
Here and now
Look no further
Into the dark
For the darkness
See's right through
The transparency
Of every aspect of you.
 Aug 2021
Rochelle R
“Wherever you go, there you are.” They warned as I crossed the first three state lines.

Now, I’m here. Far.
Yes. The change is significant
In that I can’t feel your pull quite as hard from this distance.
…Though then, pull you do,
Regardless of miles.

But night falls and the same speckled skylights up brighten the distance the same. Between you and I.

I feel the pull, eye to I.

As our stars dance ‘round the moon
Just a tease, while we close our eyes.
 Jul 2021
I don't get distracted
apart from this reality
Social networking communities  
is but a gamming fatality
I've low tolerance for such mentality

I leave my device's in airplane mold
you can call me a shut in
a hermit or a hobo
I don't need google on the go!

My dopamine is in pursuit
of a better me...
I am one of those mindful type freaks!
Traveler Tim

Sorry, my adult children spend their free time on devices and it frustrates me!
 Jul 2021
I am the one
The one who goes fourth
I find the fire
Then bring it back on a torch

The tribe gets annoyed
Because they like things dim
I had to learn to turn it down
This enlightenment within

I feed their fires slowly
With sparks of brilliant stars
Know that I'm not holly
I'm The Shaman of The Fire!
Traveler Tim
an anagram of rules,
I am beginning to think
someone is casting us out
and playing us for fools.

Fed up and hungry for someone
to feed me the truth,
but that someone will be that someone
with the faraway look in their eyes.
 Jun 2021
Chelsea Rae
A soul purge so deep

That no one could be there to hold me in it.

A fire so englufing,
that if anyone had tried they'd have just been burned.
I lose control and only love the ones I have hurt.
How does that work?

The surrounding sounds muffle out as my chest caves in.
The kind of silence you endure as your surroundings completely disappear.

All you can feel is your chest pain burning like a thousand suns about to incinerate you alive.

You fight the urge to become a rage-induced animal
Because the pain is unbearable and no one gives a ****
and even if they do they CAN'T do anything about it.

I have to swallow it all and digest it.
I have to fight to not be overcome by it all.

But what do you do when you feel like your soul
is being filleted alive, soul stripped in all directions,
Bare, and ******* raw now..

The shedded lining burnt to a crisp in tatters across the floor around me and the pieces charred flying through the air.

Another phoenix stage of rising through the ashes
But where the **** does the sky take me?

I have been here before.

There is no where to go.

I give up.

I cut off my new wings.
******* God. I don't want to go down this road anymore.
 Jun 2021
It had been a long time
Since I seen his face
The demon inside
The climatic mistake

The angry response
Behind my eyes I play along
Where am I when I let him drive?
Scared little child hiding inside!

To the surface I’m climbing faster
Now I must answer for my *******!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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