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Where I escape —
All that is real.

On both sides of the water,
Strange shadows meet
To greet the ****** yet hiding moonlight,
I reflect unknown,
Thrown in the waves,
The water never gives up,
It just takes.

As it flows
With painful motion,
As I run down,
Carrying my sorrows
As all I have,
I run to my Lover:
The dearest Solitude.

Let me not forget where I indeed came from —
That even the blood that runs within me
Was a choice of my Father in Heaven
Who answers my cry and filters even my deepest thoughts.

Let me not forget how my parents worked hard for us to move forward,
That I may be grateful to my ancestors (elders in the family)
For paving the way for us to believe
In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

For as I ponder throughout my days,
It’s like God revealing to me,
“Anak, be faithful in your days
For your generation will benefit
From both your actions and choices”
And so, what can I do away from the Lord?

Let me not forget how the good Lord
Has brought my parents from Romblon to Palawan by His purpose and will.
Their step of faith was a domino-effect
For us to see the glory of God in the time of our encounter —
The revealing of His power and His identity in us.

Let me value even the days that are still unknown to me
The past where they grind for a living —
How they enjoyed walkin’ going to school
And bartering products for school supplies.

God heard their desire not to simply graduate
But granted them land jobs
To which I believe God is glorified.
They tasted being the first generation Christians
For us to experience breakthroughs
Together with the Lord while being patient in His time.

Never did they allow poverty to hold them back
From what the Lord has openly bestowed for us.
We are never rich in material things
But they have instilled in us
The greatest thing we must possess in life
And that is our relationship with Jesus.

Let me not forget how He has lifted my generation (my clan)
To succeed while relying on His Word & sovereignty.
And so during these past few days,
I’ve witnessed how His favor showered
Every member of our clan —
All I can say is praise be to our God!
That wherever we are led,
We’d keep in mind that He is watching over us
And He is always after saving our entire generation.

Let me always rejoice in the Lord
Even in tests & trials of life.
That everything is in His hands
And we are safe in Him.
All the glory and honor of Jesus Christ,
You are the beginning and the end!
In 2020, do reign in our hearts!
 Mar 2022
Keyana Brown
In my daily life
I consumed so many pills
to ease my troubles
I'm frozen as I remained still.

~It isn't enough

In the middle of
my dose,
Lord you were there
when I needed you the most
because of you
my mood is not so cold
everyday you always
remind me I'm never alone.

He set the rain
to my fire
whenever I lack love
or even desire
He was there
as my protector
when my mind
wasn't sheltered.

When people
don't find me equal
Lord uplift my story
and enhance my sequal.

He's love
He's my will
He's better
than a happy pill.
 Sep 2021
Claudia Santos
Deliver me O Lord,
from the desires of my selfish mind.
Deliver me O Lord,
from the recklessness of my defiled heart.
Deliver me O Lord,
or I won’t survive.
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 Apr 2021
Keyana Brown
~I'd rather
start burning
all my anger

~I'd rather
start cutting
down my anxiety
because it's
getting in the

~I'd rather
start drowning
every sadness
that ruins my

~I'd rather
start burying
my problems aside
It will be blissful
for that I
 Nov 2020
Austin D Woodruff
All hope was lost when I was alone,
I cried a prayer that reached the throne.

Addicted to tears shaped like the cross,
I wept aloud and found that which I lost.

Like a baby without a breast
I was hungry and starved, I needed to rest.

Weak without food I could barely see,
that The King had prepared a feast right before me.

Bestowed a place at his table,
I found grace that was fatal.

"Eat and drink and be joyful,
by faith my hope is bountiful."

When Jesus made me cry,
I knew, that for me he had to die.

By grace, through faith we are saved,
by the blood that Jesus has paid.

Completely God and completely man,
this Jesus was killed by human hand.

A sacrifice he was,
Jesus loves you, just because.

Resurrected from the dead,
Jesus is alive, no matter what is said.

Living and strong,
Jesus is with you, all your life long.

Jesus is building his house so big,
he wants you to come and see his Kingdom gig ;)

You are loved.
You are blessed.

In the Kings righteousness,
you are dressed.
Copyright 2020 coup de grace by Austin Woodruff

coup de grace (n.)
"a single blow or stroke, dispatching one condemned or mortally wounded to put an end to misery," 1690s, from French coup de grce, literally "stroke of grace;" the merciful death-blow that ends another's suffering. (Etymonline; Online Etymology Dictionary)
 Jul 2020
O Lord, hear thy children pleas and answer us.
O Lord, for we see that this world is getting darker.
O Lord, every time that we turn around here O God.
O Lord, something happens that is worst than before.
O Lord, it seems that only painful things happen now.
O Lord, hear our pleas and strengthen us right now.
O Lord,we desperately need your healing love here.
O Lord, so help us to stand firm on this dying world.
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