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 Sep 7
Claudia Santos
Deliver me O Lord,
from the desires of my selfish mind.
Deliver me O Lord,
from the recklessness of my defiled heart.
Deliver me O Lord,
or I won’t survive.
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 Sep 3
Yacov Mitchenko
Sometimes alone in his room,
sometimes alone on a stretch of dust,
trees, bushes stirring, clear indigo sky
moon-awoken, sometimes he'd look up
longingly, all things steeped in prayer.
The child weeping was alone with God.
The light of longing and tears
lent beautiful wings to his lyre,
soothing a tormented Saul.
The child before God, trusting God,
would see many a powerful army fall,
would become Death yielding a sling
before Goliath, a child turned conquerer,
Jerusalem in the hand of a mighty king,
fathering Solomon, free of worms, time,
the child's light spreading, suffusing this rhyme.
 Apr 17
Keyana Brown
~I'd rather
start burning
all my anger

~I'd rather
start cutting
down my anxiety
because it's
getting in the

~I'd rather
start drowning
every sadness
that ruins my

~I'd rather
start burying
my problems aside
It will be blissful
for that I
 Nov 2020
Austin D Woodruff
All hope was lost when I was alone,
I cried a prayer that reached the throne.

Addicted to tears shaped like the cross,
I wept aloud and found that which I lost.

Like a baby without a breast
I was hungry and starved, I needed to rest.

Weak without food I could barely see,
that The King had prepared a feast right before me.

Bestowed a place at his table,
I found grace that was fatal.

"Eat and drink and be joyful,
by faith my hope is bountiful."

When Jesus made me cry,
I knew, that for me he had to die.

By grace, through faith we are saved,
by the blood that Jesus has paid.

Completely God and completely man,
this Jesus was killed by human hand.

A sacrifice he was,
Jesus loves you, just because.

Resurrected from the dead,
Jesus is alive, no matter what is said.

Living and strong,
Jesus is with you, all your life long.

Jesus is building his house so big,
he wants you to come and see his Kingdom gig ;)

You are loved.
You are blessed.

In the Kings righteousness,
you are dressed.
Copyright 2020 coup de grace by Austin Woodruff

coup de grace (n.)
"a single blow or stroke, dispatching one condemned or mortally wounded to put an end to misery," 1690s, from French coup de grce, literally "stroke of grace;" the merciful death-blow that ends another's suffering. (Etymonline; Online Etymology Dictionary)
 Jul 2020
O Lord, hear thy children pleas and answer us.
O Lord, for we see that this world is getting darker.
O Lord, every time that we turn around here O God.
O Lord, something happens that is worst than before.
O Lord, it seems that only painful things happen now.
O Lord, hear our pleas and strengthen us right now.
O Lord,we desperately need your healing love here.
O Lord, so help us to stand firm on this dying world.
Pain is like an anguished heart.
Trapped embedded
Deep within the soul.
Your spirit crushed
The viper bites
It left a scar so big

big enough to sting
it's too raw.
Your heart is cold.
ice cold
From memories that surface.
Some memories are so painful
when they surface.
Physically and physiologically
find it hard to breath.
I share my pain it's so deep.
and the only comfort that I can seek.
Knowing that God will see me through  this difficult time.
My heart is broken but not beyond Gods care.
God knows the truth.
Past is the past ,
But I carry the pain .
I have come to the end of my journey and I choose  to forgive you.
I cannot  (forget) the hurt, pain- you inflicted on my family .
But God you have got this.
The door to Jesus is not far away
Around the corner if need be.
Often we live trapped  
Beyond our thinking
Afraid of making an effortless decision.
Christainly is a lifestyle not just a one day  repentance
 Mar 2019
leona chaput
Here I am Jesus, here I am
Resting within your glory and peace
Here I stand to rejoice and praise you
With everything I have within me
Reaching towards the place of salvation
Where you hold me for all of eternity
Within the peace and joy of your glory
Believing in you my God, my creator
Trusting the word that I have from you daily
Here I am Jesus, here I stand humble and contrite
Worshiping you, Jesus my Savior
Praising you every day I live

By: Leona Chaput
Oh I can see you now
I can see the love in your eyes
I Stop and stare
And see the wonderful love
That was shed upon a cross

Beautiful Saviour
I see your love
But I hide my tears
they are embedded in my dreams

My heart won’t let me forget
Your wonderful story
Of a love that has so much to give
My past say’s I am not good enough.
But my heart says reach out to your hand
Jesus says, “I have waited for you my child,
To heal a broken past”
Teach me, Lord,
What I don't know.
Show me which way
And where to go.
Alone I stumble,
Alone I fall,
But your gentle voice
Leads through it all.
Take my hand,
Light my way,
Be my beacon
Night and day.
I am weak
And sometimes so low,
But you give me strength
And make me whole.
Teach me, Lord and Father.
Your child has become new.
Empty me of myself
So I can live for you

Original version: © Heather Flood
My End of Year Examinations are just around the corner, it's just 6 more days to it! I'm really anxious about not getting my As, not continuing to be top 3 in academics, disappointing my family members. However, I'm brought back to the word of God:
Romans 8:37 "Yet in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us"
I'm really blessed to have come to know the Lord, to learn from His word each week, to have God's people to pray for me, and on my part I'm seeking to develop my faith in Him as I read His word, to entrust everything to Him, trusting that He will help me in every aspect of my life. Grades take precedence in my life, but at the end of this exams, my goal is to get good grades, and a far greater thing-- to develop a personal relationship with God :)
--So, for those struggling out there with all sorts of problems, I encourage you to seek God, read His word and pray to Him, and one day He will change your lives in the most special, personal and extraordinary way :)
--on a side note, guess how old I am?
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