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 Jul 24
Megan H
I needed to write this poem-
It's what I do when I'm lost,
Trapped by my own mind.
I blame others for my prison,
But it is I who locked the door.

I needed to write this poem-
What happened to who I was?
The freedom, the youth.
I am still very young
But they tell me I should grow up.

I needed to write this poem-
Because I saw how happy I was,
Dancing with my toes in the sand.
I've replaced it with a nice, quiet life.
If only my past and present could collide.

I needed to write this poem-
To remind myself not to put blame.
I am happy.
And there are many forms of happiness.
If only I could taste them all.

I needed to write this poem-
Even if no one knows what it's about.
Because that isn't what matters.
I needed to purge my bad thoughts-
Before they get locked away again.
I guess you can't have it all.
 Jun 9
Megan H
She started off-
As they all do,
Following the path,
As told by her elders.

She was told to find her purpose-
Her place in this world.
She began a journey,
Ready for the adventure.

She discovered the stars,
And danced in the moonlight.
She climbed many mountains,
And came face to face with a god.

She unearthed wonderful elixirs,
That allowed her to converse with many.
She became one with these people,
They helped her understand humanity.

She ran through the streets,
Of many foreign places,
For the adventure,
To meet so many new faces.

She needed to find her purpose,
Her one final stop.
But no one ever told her the truth.
There was no final stop.

She convinced herself the journey was over.
She fell in love with a wonderful man,
And got to work,
She assumed her purpose would come-

Some day.
And yet, the stars called to her.
And the music sang to her.
The mountains quaked for her.
The gods thundered for her.
And she yearned to see it all again.

The journey itself-
Was the purpose she had been looking for.

How does one return to the adventure?
 Apr 26
Megan H
Her dreams-
Were too loud
And when she was told to be quiet,
She listened.
Now she just sits in silence.
 Feb 4
Even the strongest breakdown
Human nature catches up with them
They try to hide their tears
They say I'm strong.
How can that be?
When I feel suffocated with my own breath
I feel cold, and empty and alone
Even in a room full of people
I put on a mask everytime.
I'm tired of masking
I'm tired of wearing that version
It kills me inside.
This is the only place I can be myself.
The only place that feels like home
The only place, I let tears flow
I'm trying...I'm trying.
G-o-d...I.I.I I'm try- - -
 Dec 2019
Ella Mobach
I opened up to you
You said you loved me too
But now you say nothing at all
Cause you let me fall
My heart is crying
But I'm not done fighting
I”ll get stronger than this
And you won't be missed
 Nov 2019
Darian Marie Dalton
I don't identify as,
I don't identify as,
going to church everyday.
I don't tell people I've read the bible,
because I haven't.
I don't tell people,
I believe.
Because I'm not religious,
and I don't go to church at all,
I don't think I own a bible,
and I didn't believe at a point in time.
I believe there is a figure in the sky,
who watches over us.
I don't have evidence,
and I don't have bullet proof faith.
But I have faith,
and a little bit of patience,
and he hasn't let me down yet.
 Oct 2019
South by Southwest

Everytime I hotwired reality

I took a bite out of animosity

I followed all the wrong examples

Danced to the music I didn't know

I never knew the new ground

Before it brought me down

In the end we all dance to the music alone

Twirling until we are nowhere to be found

. . . . dancing our sorrow away . . . .

. . . . all the dying years enthused . . . .

. . . .  in the end keep the fire burning
         in your eyes . . . .

. . . . until the light in you reaches the sky . . . .
 May 2019
South by Southwest
As reckless
as a bound beauty

on the edge
of eternity

God !
There is freedom
in the temptation
of the fates

One must kiss
the lips of death
to live
 Apr 2019
Megan H
She never moved
She never lived
She never existed.

She could have had the world.
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