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 Nov 2015
Sedoo Ashivor
Love* may be a feeling
Love is not just how you feel,

I love you may be the right words
Love is not just what you say,

Love is a decision
Love is what you do.
I'm thoroughly amazed! A poem of mine has made the daily! I had little to do with it. My thanks go to everyone who saw meaning in this work and shared, liked, added, commented, and even sent me messages. I am grateful to every one of you! You guys here on Hello Poetry are wonderful, wonderful people. Bless you!
 Oct 2015
David Hall
rainbow colored  butterfly
floating through my dreams
delicate and fair
full of life and rare

you flutter at my periphery
daring me to touch
always just beyond my grasp

better if I should never hold you
wrap you up inside my palm
within my arms enfold you

for then my dream would end
and I would awaken
with blood and butterfly wings
stuck between my fingers
 Oct 2015
Is it your face
that adorns the garden?

Is it your fragrance
that intoxicates this garden?

Is it your spirit
that has made this brook
a river of wine?

Hundreds have looked for you
and died searching
in this garden
where you hide behind the scenes.

But this pain is not for those
who come as lovers.

You are easy to find here.

You are in the breeze
and in this river of wine.
 Oct 2015
Brent Kincaid
You are like a beauty contest
Where nobody is keeping score.
The clothes make you beautiful
But I like you naked even more.
You’re a hot hunk of manhood
From your hairline to your boots
And you look a lot better naked
Than some men look in suits.

Yeah, I have to admit it here
It was your looks caught my eye
But as time went by I discovered
There was much more to you, guy.
There’s poetry and wit and then
That ever present sense of fun.

At first it was just infatuation;
A fan sitting close to the stage.
But later it turned into something
Beyond a **** picture on a page.
I found out there was more to you
Than the beauty that stops hearts.
There is something special there
That sets you delightfully apart.

So, I hope I can be forgiven
For being such a rabid fan.
I have excellent taste in things
Like the looks of a hot man.
I have heard so many call you
One hot, **** son of a gun.
Of the members of your fan club
I’m sure I am your number one.
 Oct 2015
what shall I do with you?
My gipsy, my fix, my oyster, sea —
only a few spiritual members
gather in front of you, speechless:
my eyes, lips, *****, hands…
— And the heart, my love, where is the heart?
Here and here, and there, my love,
in every place
that your lips touch.

Amir Or from *Let's speak you
 Oct 2015
Mike Essig
Your body
clamps to mine
like a magnet
or an electric eel.

Feel the jolting
current bounce
and flow and
jerking take
hold of you.

Particles dance
us tighter
like fleshly

See how we
clutch and
writhe and
grind, hum
like overloaded

No escape
once you
touch the
live wire.

And anyway:

nowhere else
you want
but here;
nothing else
you want
to be,

but a jello mold


- mce
 Oct 2015
Pastell dichter
Sweetheart I love you,
You don't need a mask,
Your beautiful and smart
and sweetheart I love you,
for you and not for who you pretend to be,
You don’t need to try to be any thing more than you,
Because you are strong and brave
and I know you may not love your self as much as you should,
But sweetheart I love you,
So please don't hide behind a mask,
Let me see you as you and not as any one else,
I believe in you sweetheart,
I know you can do it,
I’m not asking you to smile for me,
I’m not asking you to laugh,
I just want you sweetheart,
Because I love you and I want my sweetheart back.
for my maple
 Oct 2015
Willard Wells
she's easy to spot,
long dark hair,
eyes like dark
pools of chocolate.

skin with the
softness of silk,
with ruby red lips,
that beg to be touched.

she walks the shore
beside the sea.
stealing all the
beauty there is to see.
 Oct 2015
Mike Essig
she firmly
runs her
wet hand
up and down
down and up
its slippery

before placing
the spatula
on the cloth
to dry

 Oct 2015
He wants his honey in lace
and combat boots.

A hip so smooth it burns like
whiskey going down,

and dreams that spell
like perfume
when he lights her cigarette
and dives into never-land.

she wants a fair fight
a fighting chance.

This is an equal opportunity
my space,
Coxbones and ashes.
 Oct 2015
Phasma de Oceanus
I feel the passion smoldering my vision;

I am enraptured by your earthly eyes,

And your delicate, bare skin against mine

Is the ultimate nirvana; it's an addiction.

My skin crawls where you have touched;

My neurons detonate, triggered by your voice.

I'm infatuated with the high of desire.
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