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  Feb 2017 Corset
Harry J Baxter
For every single time I stumbled on loose sidewalk brickwork
I have allowed a so what? smile to cross my face
this is no roadmap
flat as the earth was all those years ago
this path is uneven
and littered with fragments of the lives of others
others who at one point may have walked down this same sidewalk
only to stumble on loose brickwork
so what?
and each parked car
that I may have kissed while backing up
has its own life
maybe the owner spends hours in discussion
how the hell did I get that scratch?
well you are welcome -
so what?

and just maybe
if you call that number
stenciled and fading in the weathered concrete beneath the bridge
you will have a good time
so what?
the homeless man I saw one morning
taking the cans out of my recycling bin
and putting them in a duffel bag
was once a ten year old boy
who did things that every ten year old boy does
so what?
and maybe every single dumb poem I pen
makes its way into the heart
of just one person
and maybe they just fly upwards
into the atmosphere
where they dissolve into wind
*so what?
  Feb 2017 Corset
If only I found it easy
To express my love for you
Why don't the words flow
Like they used to

You are my strength
And always there for me
I wish I deserved you
But that will never be

You've never left me
Even when pushed away
Despite my self sabotage
And harsh things I say

I've let you see my dark
Others only see my light
Yet you stayed with me
And held me every night

I don't often say the words
I love you
My heart is scarred by the past
But you know, I really do
Sounds like I'm terrible to be around. But I'm not. Just was once and sometimes I am. Everyone has darkness, even those who shine everyday. How else could they shine so bright?
  Feb 2017 Corset
Scar tissue
It's ugly stuff
Though some people say
It's beautiful
In its own way
Like hardened lava
After the eruption
Of pain you once knew
Tugging on your soul
And heart
Making it hard to beat
Leaving you breathless
It's like a ghost
That haunts your every move
A reminder of the past
And of your strength
That you got this far
You made it through
Scar tissue
It's tough stuff
But so are you
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