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I met the lover
you replaced me with
at our favorite cafe.
do you remember it?
the one where you claimed
I was your only?

Did you know
she takes her coffee
with sugar,
heavy on the cream?
Just like you.
It seems you were
made for each other.

She's lovely enough,
I suppose.
If you like that sort of thing.
A beautiful, surprised laugh,
especially when I told her
I prefer my coffee black.
I didn't tell her that
the bitterness tastes like
my memories of you.
we all deserve a chance at happiness and I wasn't going to ruin hers.

that's your job, not mine.
Eva Tell Jun 23
it heals as much as it hurts,
but prefers watching you bleed
to stitching you up.
Eva Tell Jun 23
the day I tell you I love you
it will be strong,
loud like thunder
rattling your soul.
you will feel it
in every bone
in your body.
you will know it,
greet it
like crickets serenade
the coming storm
with their violin song.
I will spell it for you
in the moonlit sky,
scattering stars
so that the last thing
you see before falling asleep
are constellation promises,
the last thing you taste
are goodnight kisses
lingering on your lips
like the last breaths
of dusk.
but for now,
I will tell you I love you
in the words I do not say,
the questions you do not ask,
and in the clear skies
we take for granted.
Eva Tell Jun 10
misery loves company.
isn't that why you're here?
Eva Tell Jun 4
did you love him
before they came to you?
when they asked you
what it would take
to put your lover in the ground?

did it rip you apart
to deceive him?
the first,
the second,
the third time
he lied to you?
the final time
you lied to him?

did he love you?
or had he kissed
too many women
to remember what
your name tasted like
on his lips?

you loved each other once.
the night you held the blade
to his hair,
you ran your fingers through it
one last time.
pressed kisses to the lids of eyes
that would be gouged out,
tears marking a path
on the wrists
that would be shackled.

they don't tell your story
like that.
was it hard, delilah?
choosing your people
over your lover?
knowing that he
would make the same choice?
realizing that maybe
love was equal parts merciless
and hopeless?

were you not,
in the end,
a prisoner too?
Eva Tell Jun 4
Loneliness isn't the feeling
of being empty.

It is the ache
that follows
when you try to fill
a broken vessel.

The numbness
of watching yourself
seep through the cracks,
reaching for something
that's long since
slipped away.
Eva Tell Jun 4
tell me
how to be enough
for myself.
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