Cameiyah Aug 14

Grind it up
Roll it up
Spark it up
Smoke it

Inhale, Exhale
Don't waste it
Inhale until you feel it in your eyes, your mind and your chest
As you exhale, let your worries leave as well as your stress

Inhale, Exhale
Don't be so serious
Have a little fun
Play with your smoke
Round your mouth and blow some o's
Inhale through the right pipe and Make the smoke leave through your nose

Inhale, Exhale
Don't stand up, Just sit down
Sink back, Lay back
Close your eyes, Relax your mind

Inhale, Exhale
Enjoy the temporary serenity
Enjoy the temporary silence
Cause after it has ran it's course
It always comes back

Cameiyah Aug 10

Head spinning
Hands trembling
Body ready to give up
Tears rolling down in streams faster and faster

Mind confused
Lips quivering
Emotions all over the place
Doesn't know whether to feel betrayed or hate

Infuriated with everyone and everything
Thoughts were scrambled everywhere
Her brown curly locs no longer cascaded down her back
It now masqueraded her face

She wanted to be embraced
Wanted to feel like she felt before
Not this feeling, that she was foreign to
Her quiet gasp, her salty tears, and struggling whispers
She grabbed her chest and asked what is this ?

Cameiyah Aug 10

Her skin is a creamy vanilla
She lies beneath a tree, it's a willa
Her eyes like two deep pools of chocolate that you could get lost in.
She looks different from others, but she's just like us within.

She unravels her beautiful bantu knots
She let her natural, kinky, thick curls go
Just like the wind, she goes with the flow
But something that's more beautiful than her, ....are her beautiful thoughts

— The End —