BW 1d
I took out my heart, piece by piece
from the bin and you stuck it back
fractured, cello taped, but back in one piece
And I wore it carefully on my sleeve for
them to see you were there for me.

Then it became toxic, what was cute turned into
poison. You grew sick. And I frantically
annoyed you harder, desperate
not to show what fear was driving me.

My naivety, my vain, my egos and my tears
I didn't know whether you liked them
Probably not,
Probably I promised too much to be kept up
All I know is I wouldn't show them to anyone
else, I put a wall for everyone but you to find out
I was a child and you were the plushie
ripped from me, then apart.

I was your Kitty but I am a stray cat without
a home. How can you be a stray cat with all
your diamonds and pearls? They ask.
YSL Black Opium. Tiffany Collars. Cartier Bracelets.
I would give them all up.
A kitty will always be a stray cat, when without your love as her armor.
BW 3d
I can't write poetry anymore, I just can't
When you told me you were sick of me
Sick of love, sick of everything.
Our past. Our future. Sick of it all.

So this is how you left me.
We could have
talked. You could have told me I stepped
over the line. I could have changed.

Instead of fixing we are too used to
calling it quits.
We'd rather watch ourselves burn than
to change and compromise.

I wrapped myself up in my insecurities
Forged a knife out of it
stabbed in your  heart.
I was too caught up in my own
illusion of fun to notice you were gone

You were too used to being on top to
allow a wild animal challenge you up
You wouldn't allow your ego to bend
down to your heart

We loved like it's forever, if forever meant
59 days, countless kisses, and two broken
to NW. Goodbye
BW 5d
I paid my therapist £600 for a piece of paper
to tell me what's wrong with me.
I don't care about money, it's just a figure
like the numb large sum
Sitting in my bank account.

How you fucked me up
I dream of you,
I dream a river of red, dyed by your blood
How much I wish I hit you
with that glass, again and again, on the
back of your head, until you fall down
When you locked me in that room
And stopped me in my road.

If I had a trigger, I would have pulled it
a thousand times over. No blink.
they are all wrong. "You were too slutty"
"It's because you were frivolous"
How is jeans and a hoodie frivolous?
Tell me, how is it my fault
for a man three times my age to try
ripping my clothes off
at 16 year old?
It's a personal story, that's all I can say
BW Mar 13
Don't you dare
manipulate me
or I swear I will fuck you up so much
You will end up killing yourself

Would you want to see me, wrist slit in a tub?

I would not, but I would be indifferent.
How is it my fault? It only shows you
value death more than life.
Come on pick up the phone.
Stop being silly ok, I didn't want you to actually do that.
Look, stop being stupid, it's nothing.
Pick up. B?
Are you ok? I am sorry, I didn't actually mean it like that.
B? Come on, stop being a silly kitten.I love you.
Pick up the phone, please!!
B are you alright? Do you want me to come down? Please, talk.

They found her, they told me. Wrist slit in a tub.
Her lips were crimson, her hair like a black dahlia.
Her body bathing in blood,
Bright red as the girl I first met, who fell in love,
the same girl I pushed down
the cliff of death never to come back.
BW Mar 12
I don't like the way
how I have to take all the blame for arguments
How you threaten to fuck me up
Until I slit my wrist in the bathtub
then tell me I am the one who stirs all the shit up

You thicken the air I breathe
You cremated the butterflies in my stomach
That I had for you, once upon a time
Dread filled my lungs whenever you talked

Now they can't see anything wrong, you buy me
Tiffany's on the first date made love to me on the
third. Your Loro Piana goes with my dress, your
Patek Phillipe matches my Cartier.
Smile and wave
Smile on, for the camera.
Even our cat can end up on Tatler's cover

But it's faultless right? Picture perfect, look at us.
Covered it up, no no, no one must see
Your deceits and my tears, how a tornado meets
a volcano, we are falling apart.
Fear. Anxiety. Scars. You leave me burning, and I
stab a knife in your heart

I wanna quit you up.
a tormented story really
BW Mar 9
Between the whiskey
He said
You are now composed and calm, gentle and
sweet. Never taking the piss, never crazy
Smiles with your mouth closed,
No more pouts, no more kitty noises.

But I remember you
As a kitty on my couch, arms stretched
Wicked light in your eyes, pouting and
crying, madly jealous, a little whirlwind of
passion and lush, throws your head back
laughing at your own lame jokes.

Another shot
He said
you are the perfect wife now.
You put your hair up, wiped off the rouge
Slipped out of the heels and picks up him
when he is drunk and all alone.

But I remember you
As a vixen, turning heads, red lips and dress
Curls teasing my heartstrings, heels to the sky
Stumbles into my arms, alcoholic breaths,
whispering I was the only one you will ever love

We finished the glass, he laughed.
We all yielded
into the changing course of life, and I will
never tell anyone my heart continues to
carry the oaths of forever for a girl that I pushed
out of my arms.
broken hearts
BW Mar 4
How can you cut me off
The way you cut off a stranger
if only hours ago my poem was still about you?
How can you leave me
The way you left your keys on the counter
Careless. Clinical. Cold.

Cut the knife a little deeper, come on
Don't be shy. Look me in the eyes as you bleed
my soul dry. Did I ever love you? You me?
Marlboros lit, tears dry, bitter and blood on
my tongue the way you used to mark me

A stray cat without a home. That's how you left
me on a cold Sunday morning. How you
Broke your own heart as well as mine.
Back in the shadows, back to vacant eyes and circling
souls wanting a piece of me.
But never again you.
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