BW Nov 22
Have you ever felt love
course through your veins
bite into your heart
Sorry I am late, the traffic was hectic
It's ok, I look so ****. I came straight from work

You smiled at me.
Aquamarine. ***** blonde. green tartan trousers. Hardrock cafe shirt.
I smiled back.

Later of later
I fall asleep in your arms everynight.
And you wouldn't sleep unless I am in bed.
And I lay here and wonder
If this is love, what was I feeling all those years instead?
to Roly x
BW Oct 13
You cut me off and run like I was a plague
And left me shattered,
while the love bites
you gave still marks me as your territory

How can you leave when the love bites hasn't even healed on me?

I sank knee deep, once bitten twice shy
Ripping trust from me
Let men come and go
But never again allowed myself to be

Liars. I tell myself. Cheaters. Excuses
and lost of interest. Players.
I was happy, because I was so numb I couldn't feel a thing

So I politely keep them out,
like you play violent. notes on
a string.  I doomed myself to be undeserving
of love, to never trust, to beg for security
from every hand willing to touch me.

This is the legacy you left me
to AF and RHAM
BW Sep 21
I thought the bravest thing I ever did
was run.
But it turns out I am too young and
Your shadows were too large.
And if love comes at your anger, anxiety
controlling manners and menacing venom.
Then mother.
I don't want to be your daughter at all.
I have a very toxic relationship with my mother, and it's always because her own fears and anxieties make her try to control every aspect of my life.
BW Sep 11
Your green eyes
sent shivers down my spine
That his exquisitely sculpted face
And muscular body never did
I bloomed at your touch.

Black silk between your thighs
looking at the exquisite timepiece
at eye-level. You reached for my hand
in the marble hallway.
But you said you hated physical contact
for me, you'd make an exception.
Subconsciously, holding onto me.

Bathe me in your money and glory
***** on the balcony looking over
the skyline of that great city. Ravish what
little love I have left for men. But I know
you'd keep me safe and warm.
It was only natural what's between me and you.

My fire and decadence
intertwined with your calm and composure
I forgot dreaming about the future
When everyday is a Monte Carlo when I have you
to P-O H
BW Jul 18
We are just two
Promiscuous souls. Huddling
Together on that cold July evening
for warmth.
Knowing well,
That we would crash and burn or fall in love.

Secretly. Both hoping. For the latter
to will
BW Jun 11
You touched the dark side of my moon
And you set it on fire.
You were born into the dark side
But who doesn't crave for the light?
One fleeing glimpse. Your eyes met mine.
Our hearts tumbled and then lost.

You loved me mad, and they say I was out of
my mind.A Lady and A Peaky Blinder.
Decadent, romantic, roses meet guns
My pretty face was the glamorous facade,
Standing behind me was you with uncleaned blood

You said I was a lady. Your lady.
High society's darling sweetheart.
They have never seen the devil
Until an angel tears off her mask.
0.3 calibre, Louboutins in check, rouge
on my lips, warm crimson filling my pond.

La Reina. The Queen. They whisper
little birds travel far on the backstreets
Just you see.
In love and revenge
I am always more barbaric than men.
This is a poem inspired by the famous novel La Reina Del Sur, or "Queen of the South" in which Teresa, an ordinary Mexican chica and the beau of a drug-dealer flees for her life, only to become the biggest drug cartel leader between mexico and the USA.
BW May 27
Gold. Red. Diamonds on velvet.
You showered the entire Bond Street
Onto my neck.
"You look gorgeous" Oh who doesn't
in a million dollar dress?
You truly knew the way to my heart:
You bought yourself a shortcut
Into a girl whose insecurities about money
ran larger,
larger than life.
Larger than her dark almond eyes.

But you were different. Oh you.
You had six off-shore accounts, and a
Swiss trust fund. I was so scared
of losing it all, so you gave me what a girl
could ever want.

Guess how many pairs of Louboutins I own?
As much as it could be carried in a Mulsanne.
It's how it is,I braced it now. I love you, as long
as the little black dress is not lost.
to Pete
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