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7.5k · Sep 2014
Girl, You Deserve Better
Girl, you deserve better
But, you keep making an excuse
Putting up with all of his nonsense
Haven't you had enough of his abuse?
He thrives on making you bitter
You often drown yourself in tears
Year after year, you can clearly see
That he was never really sincere
5.0k · Aug 2014
Very Classy And Sassy
Very classy and sassy
Girl, I really love your style
You are head and shoulders above your peers
You possess a gorgeous and radiant smile
Your tender touch
Takes my breath away
Your beautiful personality
Shines so bright everyday
4.8k · Aug 2014
Brighten Your Day
Brighten your day
Strive for more success
Reach for the stars
Set the standard of excellence
Think great thoughts
You can achieve
Just take that first step
Wear your heart on your sleeve
4.5k · Mar 2016
What An Adventure It Is
What an adventure it is
When you face the world alone
You tend to have a big dance with life
You may need to work fingers to the bone
Many challenges you will take on
Some that will cloud your day
Look for brightness in everything
In order for the sunshine to come your way
4.1k · Aug 2018
Science Is Intriguing
Science is intriguing
With such reliable sources
Is it the physics and chemistry?
Or that of an electrostatic force?
Newton's law of motion
Along with kinetic energy
We open our minds and learn
What a pleasant sight to see
3.4k · Oct 2014
She Has The Will To Succeed
She has the will to succeed
Along with self-motivation
Possesses a very classy style
She also has the drive and self-determination
Nothing will stand in her way
On a path towards excellence
She puts her best foot forward
She has the desire to do her very best
That gorgeous gridiron beauty
Strives to be the best
Always training and preparing
She is a cut above the rest
It is no wonder
That her teammates follow her lead
She is a person that inspires
She knows how to succeed
Continue to strive for excellence
And do your very best
Maintain your inner focus
Do not settle for less
Think positive thoughts
Keep your head upward
Make your world brighter
Be very sharper
2.7k · Aug 2014
The Standard Of Excellence
The standard of excellence
Is something to strive for
Put yourself to the test
And give it your very best
Success is yours
Reach out and achieve
Think grand thoughts
And just believe
2.6k · Sep 2015
The Cruise Of Happiness
There is such happiness
As the couple takes a cruise
Nothing but smiles and glares
To brighten up the atmosphere
Always in a jubilant mood
Thinking nothing but positive thoughts
In a state of felicity
As the ship sails very smoothly
2.5k · May 2016
Of A Serene Nature
Of a serene nature
Peaceful and calm
Relaxing through the moments
And weathering the storm
Feeling the gentle breezes
As you hang out at the bay
Nature takes its course
All throughout the day
2.4k · Sep 2014
The Gorgeous Lady
The gorgeous lady
What a pretty face and beautiful smile
Very classy and sassy
Along with a sophisticated style
As she moves forward to the next chapter
Nothing will stand in her way
Taking everything one step at a time
She is bound to have even more brighter days
2.4k · May 2017
Yes, You Can Do It
Yes, you can do it
Step up and give yourself a chance
It is all up to you
Just face the big dance
Put your heart into everything
Be the one to inspire
Never give up on hope
Continue to reach even higher
2.3k · Sep 2018
It Has Been Seventeen Years
It has been seventeen years
Since that dreadful morning
Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly
Hearts are still grieving
The events that took place on that day
Sadly presented turmoil and corruption
The entire universe shook badly
As we all witnessed the confusion and frustration
As planes crashed
And buildings started to fall
Everyone watched in horror
As our backs were against the wall
A sullen mood sadly appeared
Many people cried lots of tears
Such acrimony and melancholy still lingers
After all of these years
2.3k · May 2016
Girl, Your Inner Beauty
Girl, your inner beauty
Takes my breath away
Enticing and enchanting
Very soothing and comforting
Of an amiable nature
Living and loving life
It shows in everything that you do
You have a heart that shines right through
2.2k · Apr 2016
Enlighten And Empower
Enlighten and empower
Continue to climb the ladder of success
Move forward and progress
Then you will be truly blessed
The road is a tough one
Challenges you will face
Rise above those treacherous terrains
And make your case
2.2k · Aug 2016
Yes, You Can Do It
Yes, you can do it
You have the ability
Success awaits you
Zero in on the opportunity
Fulfill your world
Just find your balance
Have determination to be great
Strive for excellence
Another typhoon attacks the same nation
Nothing but a major calamity
Hearts are suffering endlessly
A sad situation for all to see
People are grieving everywhere
The scenery is dark and dreary
What a major catastrophe
The country is in a state of uncertainty
1.9k · Apr 2016
The Resilient Warrior
The resilient warrior
Who never gave up
Kept her focus always
Until she climbed to the top
With drive, ambition and fierce determination
She was destined for success
Was a master motivator
Who gave it her very best
Aretha Louise Franklin
Labeled "The Queen Of Soul"
She was expressive in her music
There was a story waiting to be told
Her voice was fierce and powerful
The sound was succinct and sharp
She was one to open up your mind
And give light to those stuck in the dark
Uplifting and exhilarating
Willing to enhance one's vision
Embracing love, life, freedom, and happiness
And carrying out her mission
When in a state of sorrow and pain
She still found a way to persevere
Her inner strength was profound
The messages in her songs were clear
At the age of 76
She has sadly passed on
The legacy of Aretha Franklin
Will continue to be heartstrong
Live your life to the fullest
Enjoy yourself immensely
As time passes on
Moments become only a memory
Pick yourself upward
Move to the shining light
Reach towards the zenith
And make your world bright
1.9k · Apr 2016
Girl, When We Are Together
Girl, when we are together
We have a loving and sentimental bond
Nothing but sweetness and tenderness
Together, our hearts beat as one
With magic and wonder in the air
We light the fire through the night
We both feel nothing but a gentle breeze
As time passes on underneath the moonlight
1.8k · Aug 2016
You Can Achieve And Be Great
You can achieve and be great
Just try a little harder
Fill your world with knowledge
Make your brain sharper
The opportunity is there
Be sure to have self motivation
Have a strong will to be successful
Along with determination
1.7k · Sep 2015
Girl, Let Me Hold You Close
Girl, let me hold you close
And give you all of my charms
Your body shivers towards mine
Together our love will shine
A courtship that has a deep meaning
We both can touch the ceiling
With each passing day
We grow intellectually and spiritually
1.7k · Jun 2014
Dream, Believe, Achieve
Dream, believe, achieve
No matter how tough the battle may seem
The journey is never easy
Nor was it meant to be
Never stop improving
Learning is a lifelong experience
Strive for excellence
That my friends is the kindred spirit
1.7k · Dec 2013
Always Rise Up
Always rise up
And let your voice be heard
Do not suffer in silence
Let everyone hear your words
This shows that you have courage
Along with inner strength
Continue forward with your mission
You have a clear cut vision
1.6k · May 2014
Mom And Dad
Mom and dad
Are always there
To guide and protect you
And give you tender-loving care
You are their precious jewel
They think of you in every way
They want nothing but the best for you
Each and every single day
1.6k · Nov 2015
So Cryptic
So cryptic
No one can understand
Often in a state of bewilderment
About every method or plan
As time goes on
The situation remains unclear
Confusion and frustration continues to mount
Darkness is what will sadly appear
Girl, as we embark on this journey
We will always have one another
It is simply just you and I
We're in this thing together
The path may become rocky at times
We may take a slip and fall
We rise above the struggle
And together, we stand tall
1.5k · Jun 2014
Girl, That Gorgeous Smile
Girl, that gorgeous smile
Shines so bright
It is very radiant
It can light up the nightly skies
So tender, so loving
Along with an effervescent personality
So classy, so sassy
Girl, you are as pretty as can be
1.5k · Dec 2013
Be The Person
Be the person
That has the fire
Never give up
Just reach higher
The battle will be tough
Nothing comes easy
Maintain your composure
You will eventually see the victory
1.5k · May 2016
The Scenery Changes
The scenery changes
As day becomes night
Nature takes its course
With the moonlight shining bright
Nothing ever stays the same
Moments will come to pass
Embrace the life that you live
There is no telling how long it will last
1.4k · Mar 2017
The Heart Of A Champion
The heart of a champion
Willing to go through the battle
With such zeal and vigor
Always one to persevere
What courage she has
With a warrior like attitude
Handling situations with class and dignity
And showing her gratitude
1.4k · Jul 2014
An Airplane Crashes
An airplane crashes
Lives are sadly lost forever
Nothing but pain, sorrow, and grief
Tears are falling endlessly
A cloudy unfortunate situation
Leaves loved ones in dire misery
No one knows what will happen
This shows you that life is a mystery
Girl, your glamour mesmerizes me
It is such a pretty sight to see
Beautiful, charming, and radiant
You are as sweet as can be
One look at you
And my heart starts to palpitate and beat triple time
What a joy it is to be with you
You are sweeter than a glass of wine
1.3k · Nov 2018
Girl, Your Loving Smile
Girl, your loving smile
Shines so bright
Beautiful and charming
It lights the skies at night
Stunning and wonderful
A pretty sight to see
You truly are a masterpiece
You are radiant as can be
1.3k · Oct 2015
Be That Excellent Student
Be that excellent student
And get that piece of paper
Focus on your books
So that you can celebrate later
Follow that arduous path
Be the very best in class
The journey is a challenge
But, you can achieve success
1.3k · Jun 2016
Aspire To Inspire
Visualize being your best
Then go for it
Have that fire
Continue to aspire
Climb that mountain
Strive for greatness
Just reach higher
Be the one to inspire
1.3k · Mar 2017
Everyday Is A Blessing
Everyday is a blessing
It is a gift that has been given
Be more appreciative
Love your life and start living
Take things one step at a time
Let nature run its course
Move those mountains
Be a power source
Mother's are there from day one
Right from the beginning
To nurture the child a great deal
And be overly concerned with their well being
Mother's want the best for their child
A mentor to show them the way
A mother's voice is uplifting
She shines that light everyday
1.3k · Jun 2016
A Tribute To Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali was a global boxing icon
Who was ebuillent in his personality
A champion at heart
That showed perseverance with dignity
Many stated that he would never succeed
But, he took that crticism and lit the fire
No one could ever question his strong will
Ali, had the courage to reach higher
1.3k · May 2017
Spread Your Wings
Spread your wings
And learn to fly high
Take control of your destiny
Just reach for the sky
Greatness is within you
Set the standard of excellence
Find your inner strength
Rise up and stay blessed
Tell her that she is beautiful
Show her that you care
Be her everything
Put your heart into it and be there
Love and comfort your lady
She is an amazing human being
Guide and protect her
Make her feel like a queen
Girl, we are two loving souls joined together
Sharing our admiration for each other
Living life together as one
And having loads of fun
Our love is bright as the sunshine
It is sweeter than a glass of wine
Always taking the time to care
There is lots for us to share
Girl, that loving and beautiful smile
Really drives me wild
It can light up the solar system
It is peachy, lovely, and mild
You take my breath away
Every gorgeous day
You have an effervescent personality
That is radiant and adorable in every way
1.2k · Nov 2016
The Potent Mentor
The potent mentor
Always showing the little ones that she cares
Encourages them to give it their best
She is always there
Never takes anything for granted
She forever teaches them beneficial skills
What a great mentor she is
She is the epitome of having a strong will
1.2k · Aug 2016
Encourage And Empower
Encourage and empower
Build yourself up
Strive to be the best
Continue to rise to the top
Along the way
Obstacles may try to obstruct you
Lift your chin upward
Just shine on through
Girl, your stunning personality
Really mesmerizes me
Loving, sharing, and caring
You are as sweet as can be
With each moment that passes
Thoughts of you linger in my mind
Very radiant, sassy, and classy
You are precious, tender, and kind
1.1k · May 2017
Always Stay Persistent
Always stay persistent
Continue on walking in the right path
Let no one deter you
Keep it moving and stay on track
The sun will eventually shine
Greatness is within you
Never give up hope
Just travel along through
Girl, your loving personality
Really mesmerizes me
Very thoughtful and caring
A very pretty sight to see
That gorgeous face
And your beautiful smile
Is filled with sweet tenderness
It really drives me wild
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