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Girl, together we build our strength
When we lift each other up
We make our happiness each day
As we rise to the top
The love that we share is deep and complete
For it is real inside of our hearts
Nothing but a pure blessing
We cherish one another right from the start
When words can not express themselves clearly
Silence is truly golden
Once you speak those words into existence
They can never be forgotten
Keep that tongue still
For it promotes a wise mind
Let your actions speak volumes
Continue to be bright as the sunshine
Wisdom and knowledge
Are always there
Reach out and grab it
In order to rise up through the air
There is absolutely nothing wrong
For one to have a sharp mind
Always be willing to learn
Be gentle, humble and kind
Everyday, you have another chance
It is all up to you
Make those necessary adjustments
In order to see your way through
As you move forward daily
Put yourself in a position to be great
Rise up through the challenge
And make your run for the gate
What has happened here?
You seem to have fallen behind
Get your rhythm back
Move towards the sunshine
Open up those books
And feed your brain
Always stay determined
There is more knowledge for you to gain
You have the power
It is all within you
Always take charge
Excel at the things you need to do
Do not settle for second best
Strike with a power source
Enlighten and empower
Be that tender force
After the moment is gone
There sadly, will not be any more time
Take advantage of opportunity
And get everything in line
Put yourself in a position to do well
Get at it and forge ahead
Lift yourself up completely
Always be willing to learn more instead
Mother, I thank you
For your tender-loving care
You showed me courage and love
And taught me to be aware
Your surroundings alone
Comforted me each day
You were there always to lift me up
And brighten my world in every way
The answer is right there
But, some of us are too blind to see it
Some people sadly choose to live in obscurity
Nothing but a deep and bottomless pit
Just open your eyes
And look for the solution
Try to open your mind
In order to remove yourself from the confusion
May 10 · 313
Always Charge Forward
Always charge forward
And go through that maze
Build your world accordingly
Be the one to make your case
Lift yourself up
Be bold and be brave
You have the fire in you
Just sail along that tidal wave
As you live your life you will realize that
Every path has its' own level of difficulty
Always be willing to rise up to the challenge
In order to reach for the victory
There are many obstacles that you may face
Hang in there and learn that valuable lesson
Let the path make you stronger and wiser
In order for you to receive your blessing
Girl, we lift one another up
Whenever we are together
We make that sweet tenderness
Let us make this last forever
We bring out the best in each other
We both cherish our happiness
With every hug and kiss
Together we have a heavenly bliss
May 7 · 162
Nothing Is Impossible
Nothing is impossible
All you have to do is believe
Have a great mindset
In order for you to achieve
Just put your mind to everything
Always stay motivated
Be fierce with determination
Have a strong will and be dedicated
Certain situations may seem tougher than others
But, you still have to be willing to try
You just might surprise yourself
Hang in there and reach for the sky
Remember to push yourself even harder
Always find your inner strength
Look inside yourself respectfully
You have the ability to give it your best
May 6 · 75
Always Spread Love
Always spread love
And have good cheer
See the positive in everything
Make yourself clear
Live life to the fullest
Be the beacon of light
Fulfill your spirit
And make things bright
There is absolutely nothing wrong
When one is in a state of serenity and tranquility
You have the ability to calm your nerves and clear your mind
One can do things rather sufficiently
There is rest and relaxation accordingly
You lift your spirits and elevate yourself dearly
One has the opportunity to carry out a new mission
And enhance their world efficiently and effectively
It can not stay gloomy forever
The light will take away the darkness
The clouds eventually fade away
The scenery shows its brightness
Maintain your composure
It is all in the mind
Stay upbeat and positive
Be gentle and kind
May 2 · 50
The Ability Is There
The ability is there
Along with a strong will
Build yourself up
Learn a valuable skill
Put your mind to everything
Enhance yourself a great deal
Reach for the sky
Show them the vigor and zeal
May 1 · 48
The Choice Is Yours
The choice is yours
Make yourself clear
Build your world accordingly
Be the one who perseveres
Always take action
Manifest your destiny
Be that positive motivating force
Make those changes when necessary
Girl, the loving bond that we share
Is pure and true
We build that sweet magic together
It is simply just us two
Together, we rise and shine
And comfort one another
We both feel the fire deeply
Let us make this last forever
Apr 29 · 55
Find Your Rhythm
Find your rhythm
As time goes on
Always be cognizant
Train your mind to be strong
With each day that passes
We learn something new
Take everything to heart
In all that you do
Moments become memories
After time passes on
We live and learn accordingly
Hopefully, we become heartstrong
Learn to grow and go with the flow
And shine our inner light
We enlighten and empower respectfully
As morning becomes night
Apr 27 · 61
Those Quiet Times
Those quiet times
Can bring about a big noise
Be gentle and tender
Maintain your poise
You have it all in you
Just make your world grand
Cultivate your efforts
For the time is at hand
Apr 26 · 42
Let Your Words Inspire
Let your words inspire
Be the one who is uplifting
Give them the empowerment
Encourage them to reach the ceiling
Always promote the positive
Show them the way
Be the beacon of light
That guides them each day
Apr 25 · 139
It Is All There
It is all there
Just keep pushing on through
Reach for that gold
Let no one deter you
You have come a long way
Continue on to the end
The path is now clear
Make yourself grand
Utilize all of the tools that are there
Let them lift you up respectively
Be prepared for the big dance with life
As you go through the challenge accordingly
Changes you may go through
But, let them make you stronger and wiser
Edify yourself endlessly
Make your visions sharper
If change comes from within
Then you must be willing to take risks
You will grow and go with the flow
And have the ability to embrace new tasks
New doors will open for you
The opportunity is there to shine bright
Strike with a motivational force
Through the day and night
Apr 22 · 593
Always Be The Sun
Always be the sun
To light all darkness
Bring yourself back to life
When you feel hopeless
Strength is in you
Guide yourself respectfully
Be willing and able
Stay determined accordingly
Apr 21 · 57
Always Find Yourself
Always find yourself
And take flight
Get your vision back
And make your world bright
Get back on track
Move towards your destination
You have it all in you
Continue with your determination
Apr 20 · 164
Girl, It Is Just Us Two
Girl, it is just us two
Together side by side
We comfort one another dearly
While enjoying this love ride
Our vision is one
We lift one another up each day
Shine brightly together
And grow stronger in every way
Everyone goes through a struggle
But, we need to hang in there
No one said that life would ever be easy
We all must lift ourselves up and adhere
These battles will test our mettle accordingly
But, we must keep the faith
Go through those potential pitfalls
And make that run for the gate
Apr 18 · 90
You Are The Total Sum
You are the total sum
Of everything
The brilliance will eventually show
Just keep on studying
You have it all from the heart
Aim high and reach for the stars
Build yourself accordingly
You will go so far
Apr 17 · 124
Always Continue To Try
Always continue to try
There is hope in everything
Do not ever give in
Press forward and do your thing
Always keep the faith
Believe that you can
Continue to rise up
That shall be your master plan
You are the one who begins
But, you have to keep at it
Learn to breathe and relax
Do not ever quit
You have your mind set on a goal
Continue to move towards the light
The journey may be arduous
But, it is up to you to make things bright
You may have taken a fall
But, you can always rise up again
Do not be discouraged
Instill positivity my friend
This setback is only temporary
You still have the fire
Get back up on your feet
And continue to reach even higher
Have that drive and strong will
To get through the day
Continue along with the kindred spirit
In every which way
Let no one discourage you
Accentuate the positive
It is all within you
Remember, you have only one life to live
If it is all in the heart
Then do not waste your life away
Time is too precious
To be lead astray
Get on the horn
And take courage
Always be on the alert
Be the one of resurgence
Apr 12 · 180
Just Keep On Studying
Just keep on studying
Continue to edify your brain
Knowledge is power
There is more for you to gain
Put yourself on a path to greatness
Just open up your mind
Enrich yourself accordingly
Be gentle and kind
Create your own sunshine
And lead the way
Brightness you will see
It would make your day
Be bold and be brave
Make a statement on your stage
Greatness is within you
Remove yourself from the cage
We learn to adapt accordingly
As moments are fleeting
Nothing ever stays the same
With the scenarios that we are receiving
We live day by day
As some situations appear to be brighter
We look towards the sky
And try to reach even higher
When dark clouds appear
The sadness and pain are there
Those tears start to fall
Because, a person's heart was insincere
No words were spoken
There was nothing but a masquerade
Souls are in a state of uncertainty
All hope has faded
The knowledge is there
Just feed it to your brain
Enrich yourself greatly
There is more for you to gain
The world is an open book
As you become a scholar
Doors open up for you accordingly
Every minute and hour
Always find your inner strength
In order to push on through
Do not let obstruction
Stop you from what you need to do
Always take flight
And aim high
Ponder on grand thoughts
Just reach for the sky
From the time one blinks their eyes
They really need to realize
That life is not a game
And that they are the ones to blame
They choose to drown
And act like a clown
Darkness sadly appears
Because their hearts were insincere
Apr 5 · 86
Of A Cryptic Nature
Of a cryptic nature
The situation is fickle
A puzzling story here
Totally unpredictable
No one can quite understand
Obstacles may obstruct your path to reach higher
Filled with treacherous terrain
Go through that hazardous fire
Take advantage of a valuable opportunity
Have style and class
Be the one who forges ahead
Be great and strive for excellence
Always climb that staircase
Create your own sunshine
Stay determined and dedicated
Keep everything in line
Just keep yourself in motion
Always press forward
You have the power from within
Float onward and upward
Take the world by storm
Absorb the sensation
Visualize being your best
In order to build your foundation
Tell your lady that she is beautiful
Just stay by her side
It is the two of you together
Enjoying this lovely ride
Care for her always
Tell her that she is your number one
Love her completely
Underneath the sun
Apr 1 · 168
It is incomplete
If words are not spoken
Grief and sorrow sadly appear
Hearts are often broken
The light will fade
In comes obscurity
Nothing but dark clouds
Along with misery
Mar 31 · 75
We Seek Understanding
We seek understanding
With every story that we read
We ponder our thoughts
With the information that we receive
Imagination captives us greatly
As we turn the page
Edification is a lifelong process
We enhance our minds and become sage
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