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See the beauty in everything
Rise above the madness
There is always hope
Find the joy and gladness
Those dark clouds will disappear
And the sun will shine again
Put your heart into everything
Those jubilant moments will appear my friend
Mar 2020 · 571
Always Find Your Strength
Always find your strength
And stay on the move
You have it in you
Just find your inner groove
Continue to do your thing
Keep your spirits up
Move in a forward motion
Until you have reached for the top
Mar 2020 · 381
Keep Your Eyes
Keep your eyes
On your dream
No matter how hard
The battle may seem
Just hang in there
Believe that you can do it
Have that intense enthusiasm
Make yourself legit
Mar 2020 · 371
Everyday Is A Gift
Everyday is a gift
That has already been given
We get another chance to better ourselves
We must stay driven
Take things one step at a time
As one makes a move for the gate
Learn to carry yourself better
And always have faith
Mar 2020 · 338
We Will Surge
We will surge
And lift ourselves up again
The darkness cannot last forever
The phoenix shall rise my friend
Have that strong will
In order to find your purpose
Always rise upward
And stay on course
Mar 2020 · 321
Keep Moving Forward
Keep moving forward
Do not ever look back
Pick yourself upward
Just get back on track
Think grand thoughts
Envision yourself getting sharper
Find your strength and courage
In order for your days to be brighter
Mar 2020 · 322
Still Carry On
Still carry on
Find the energy in you
To continue to learn
Keep pushing on through
It all comes from within
Knowledge is power
Educate your mind
Be the one to prosper
Girl, the magic that we both make
Is nothing but sweet and pure tenderness
We build each other up a great deal
Together, we find our happiness
With each day that passes
We empower one another
With every kiss
We both feel the fire
Mar 2020 · 245
Just Keep At It
Just keep at it
Let those words flow
Be the encouraging voice
That teaches the little ones to strive for more
Always be that mentor
Who is sincere
Make your presence felt
Just always be there
Mar 2020 · 328
Everyday Is A Struggle
Everyday is a struggle
The lessons are there
We must live life more carefully
In order to conquer
Things are not always golden
We may sadly have to deal with corruption and strife
We remove ourselves from those shadows
In order to find the light
Mar 2020 · 213
Always Stay Determined
Always stay determined
And never ever quit
Continue to give it your all
Be fierce bit by bit
You can do it
Have the courage and strength
Show your gratitude
Lift your head up and do your best
Mar 2020 · 233
Better Days Are Coming
Better days are coming
The darkness will eventually give way to the light
Courage and confidence returns
We strive to make things right
Things will look upward
The clouds will disappear my friend
Brightness comes to the forefront
The sun shines once again
Mar 2020 · 193
Always Speak From The Heart
Always speak from the heart
Be the one who inspires
Continue to teach the youth
Encourage them to reach higher
Instill all of the good values
Show them that they can achieve
In order for the youth to earn tomorrow
Speak wise words of wisdom in order for them to believe
Mar 2020 · 198
Through The Darkness
Through the darkness
The light always appears
To take away the emptiness
Along with those fears
Never ever give up
Be the one who conquers
Always climb that mountain
In order to prosper
The roads will always be there
Figure out the best path for you to take
The journey will serve its purpose
Where you end up traveling to, may determine your fate
Always choose wisely
You may tumble before you rise
Maintain those positive thoughts
And keep your eyes on the prize
Mar 2020 · 163
Do Not Run And Hide
Do not run and hide
Show them that you belong there
Always keep your chin upward
You have nothing to fear
Show your gratitude
Be fierce with determination
Have that power source
Carry out your mission
Mar 2020 · 342
Always Keep It Moving
Always keep it moving
Do not ever stop
Continue to forge ahead
Until you have reached the top
Let no one deter you
Have the strength to shine on through
Put your heart into everything
Keep that positive mindset on what to do
Mar 2020 · 163
Just Continue On Your Climb
Just continue on your climb
Let no one stop you
Take those necessary steps
And pull your way through
Believe that you can do it
It is all about the heart
Rise up through the atmosphere
And do your part
Mar 2020 · 201
Always Have It In You
Always have it in you
To please be kind
One never knows what is going on
Within one's mind
Life is hard for us all
The maze is more difficult for some of us
But, we go through the challenge
That is where we find our strength and courage
Mar 2020 · 181
Learn As Much As You Can
Learn as much as you can
Just open your mind
Always be willing to try
In order to make your world shine
All of the tools are there
Edify yourself a great deal
Open those books everyday
Learn those lessons with great zeal
Mar 2020 · 243
Always Reach Out
Always reach out
And grab education
It is food for your mind
Continue to build your foundation
Learning is a lifelong process
Enlighten and empower
You have it all from within
Reach for that top tower
Lift yourself up continuously
Always make progress
Just find your stride
Climb that ladder of success
With strength and courage
You have the ability to do well
Never give up hope
Find it in yourself to excel
Mar 2020 · 148
Build Your Character
Build your character
And learn to stand up tall
Always safeguard your heart
In order to avoid a potential pitfall
It is all up to you
Always show your gratitude
Move forward in a positive motion
Be the one who gains altitude
Mar 2020 · 203
Girl, Our Heartbeats
Girl, our heartbeats
They are two of a kind
Let us mesh into one
And let the bells of sweet love chime
The two of us
Walk together along this land
We build each other up completely
As we both make our lives grand
Always be willing to push yourself
And charge a lot harder
Rise up to the challenge
Let it make your visions sharper
Continue on your climb
Just reach for the sky
Be fierce with determination
And always aim high
Mar 2020 · 159
With Opportunity There
With opportunity there
There is always room to advance
One must put themselves in a position to succeed
When there is a chance
One has to be ambitious
And stay on course
Put your heart into everything
Have that power source
You will always have another chance
To make yourself better
Just keep on training
And envision getting stronger
Put your mind to everything
Believe that you can do it
The road may sometimes be difficult
But, you must have that strong will bit by bit
Mar 2020 · 203
Consistency Is The Key
Consistency is the key
Continue to have that drive
Find your strength and courage
Just keep hope alive
Have that kindred spirit
To keep things afloat
It is all within you
Always be willing to channel that note
Mar 2020 · 283
Always Stay In Motion
Always stay in motion
And remain on course
You may have to deviate your path
Continue to have that motivating force
Be firm and fierce
Carry out your plan
Demand excellence of yourself
Rise up and take a stand
Feb 2020 · 202
Always Find A Way
Always find a way
To stay afloat
Things are sometimes going to be rocky
Find your inner strength as you travel on that boat
You may have to make adjustments
As you continue to sail
Promote the good demeanor
In order for you to prevail
Feb 2020 · 347
Anything Is Possible
Anything is possible
Just give yourself a chance
Keep pressing on through
And take that stance
You have your mind
Set on a dream
Always believe that you can do it
No matter how arduous the battle may seem
Feb 2020 · 142
You Can Make A Difference
You can make a difference
Just be in your children's life
Be that mentor to guide and protect
Lift the children up and encourage them to do what is right
Show them how to be a winner
Be that beacon of light
Always be that motivator
To help make their world bright
Feb 2020 · 165
Girl, We Both Feel The Fire
Girl, we both feel the fire
Whenever, we hold one another
There is sweet magic in the air
Nothing but pure passion when we are together
We both are enjoying this lovely ride
And think things through and through
Our courtship will stand the test of time
It is simply just us two
Feb 2020 · 150
You May Have To Struggle
You may have to struggle
Before you can shine
Go through the journey
In order to leave the past behind
Focus on doing better
Be that encouraging soul
Look for the positive in everything
To make your world whole
Feb 2020 · 172
Work For Everything
Work for everything
And continue to learn
Edify yourself a great deal
In order for you to earn
Opportunity is always there
Take advantage of it
Always empower yourself
There are more accomplishments for you to get
The sadness and frigidness are there
When there is no clear communication
Ambiguity is present
Along with a cryptic situation
Nothing but darkness
When words are left unspoken
You block your blessings
As things are sadly blown out of proportion
Feb 2020 · 297
Always Cherish Your Mother
Always cherish your mother
She is your guidance and protection
She is there for you at all times
She always taught you tough lessons
She found a way to boost you up
Whenever life seemed to knock you down
She always found a way to make you smile
And helped you reach for your crown
Feb 2020 · 178
The Magic Is Always There
The magic is always there
Just reach out and grab it
You have that strong will
Continue to build yourself bit by bit
Always rise above the storm
In order to find your happiness
Instill those positive values
And strive for excellence
Feb 2020 · 163
Have That Vision
Have that vision
To do great things
You can do it
Just promote your well being
Make good usage of your word
And rise to the occasion
Always be the one
To carry out your determination
Just put your heart into everything
In order to rise up through the air
Build up your courage and confidence
Make sure that your words are clear and sincere
Find the strength from within
Always move towards the light
Remove from those dark shadows
In order to do things right
Feb 2020 · 197
Always Find A Way
Always find a way
You can go far
Believe in yourself
So you can be the star
Rise up to the next level
In order to do better
All of the power is there
Take charge and get to the matter
Feb 2020 · 149
Let Your Words Encourage
Let your words encourage
Let them make you move
Always be uplifting
And find your inner groove
Everything is there
Just take things one step at a time
Maintain your composure
Be the one who enshrines
Girl, let us take this one step further
And put our hearts together
We need one another
In order to make this last forever
What a masterpiece you are
Gorgeous, classy, sassy and stunning
We share and care for one another
And give each other such tender loving
Feb 2020 · 203
Always Be Willing To Try
Always be willing to try
And give it your best
Situations are not going to be easy
Be a cut above the rest
Continue on your climb
Learn to stand up tall
Keep your chin upward
And rise above those pitfalls
Always remain self-motivated
Find the vigor in each day
Rise up and take charge
Be the inner strength in every way
With each moment that passes
You get another opportunity to better yourself
Just continue to surge
And enrich your wealth
Be thankful for what you have
Be the one who is sincere
Because, in the blink of an eye
Those precious things can disappear
Always appreciate more
Stop being so edgy
Look for the conciliatory mode
And find your remedy
Feb 2020 · 257
Do Not Dwell In The Past
Do not dwell in the past
Always focus on the present
Keep the mind in tune
So you can receive your blessing
Put your foot to the ground
Be willing to take action
The treasures are out there
Fill your world with positivity and satisfaction
Feb 2020 · 184
The World Is Yours
The world is yours
Take center stage
Learn as much as you can
Empower yourself and be sage
Build your world accordingly
Education is the foundation of success
Always be willing to elevate yourself
Be the one to do your best
Feb 2020 · 196
Nothing Is There
Nothing is there
Everything was thrown away
You did not appreciate anything
What more is there to say?
Sadness will continue to be there
As a result of your putrid demeanor
Opportunity is going to pass you by
Visions will unfortunately remain darker
Feb 2020 · 117
Utilize Those Tools
Utilize those tools
And you will never fall behind
Be on the up and up
Enrich yourself accordingly and be kind
Have that strong will
To continue to do better
You have the ability
Just forge ahead and prosper
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