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i can taste the summer as it comes to an end
the gnats from the grass getting caught in each breath as i try to ask if you'll stay until the sun has gone again
i proudly wear these green stains on my back from all the time we spent relaxed below our favorite buckeye tree
which allows us to see the world a little differently between the gaps on its branches and what's left of its leaves

the time won't matter soon
everything will begin to die until the next time the sun decides to shine
and the twigs snapping beneath my feet will sound so faint against the snow
the sky won't be the right color for a while
and the buckeye will lose the rest of its leaves

remembering things becomes more and more difficult as i grow older
and when everything is the same color, i have really tough time deciding which way i should go
no one is waiting for me on the other side
so what difference does it make where i end up?
My back hurts so bad,

But nobody will help,

Please let me die now.
A haiku about being a girl.
I love you.
I hate you.
I love your smile.
I hate what you did to me.
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