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I wonder
if everyone’s blind
or if this smile
is just a good disguise.
But really
it isn't that hard to see
when every night
she cries to sleep.
It doesn’t mean
she doesn’t hurt
though she doesn’t bleed.
Everyone suffers differently.
We are all in pain.
Blood poured from head, hands, lacerated skin
Water flowed from stabbed side
Love filled eyes instead of tears
 May 2014 Ankush Samant
We have even died 'together'
in my imagination.
 May 2014 Ankush Samant
As the ink sinks into the paper
i burrow deeper
inside of myself, until i am lost
in words, alliteration, commas and
full stops
to crop my faults
and tie my edges together
sew myself,
with rhythmic leather
in an attempt to hold secure
My frayed mentality,
conceal the reality,
That i have fallen apart,
Glue together new beginnings and fresh starts,
With ink at the heart,
Of it all.
 May 2014 Ankush Samant
 May 2014 Ankush Samant
When I burn around my edges
And sometimes my very core
You shower me with your love,
When it rains it pours.
An extract taken from my previous poem, i feel it has enough power to stand alone..
 May 2014 Ankush Samant
I bit open a lie and it tasted like you.
Sometimes you put up walls

to see who would care


to break them.

At times you put up walls,

just to get away

and not be found.


you find yourself.
Like the air, you are with me everywhere
Like the solid walls, you protect me
Like the burning fire, you warm me
   I will never forget you, or how you made me feel.
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