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  Oct 2017 Africa
"I love you"
"I Hate you"
Really though they are the same
The more you HATE
The more you show how much you care
The more you LOVE
The more you're open to despair
"I love you..."
"I love you...."
"I LOVE YOU....."
Like I'm pleading for you to need me
Like I need you to want me
Your attention is all I want
Your touch is all I need
I scream in my own head over & over
And it's so good!
I can't take this anymore
Maybe I don't want you to need me
Please stop touching me
Why are we still doing this
"I hate you"
EVERY thing about you makes me mad
Your hair
Your eyes
The way you speak like you KNOW everything
News flash
You don't
"I hate you"
The way you walk
The soft skin you have
The way you held me
"I hate you"
That you made me feel
That you left
That you're not here
Not just Because loving you got So hard
But because
Hating you made me realize
How much 'I still love you"
Africa May 2017
There's always an option
don't let the demons eat your soul
bright shine,
s h i n e r
make 'em go
a w a y

Smile like no one's smiling
dance like no one's watching
care like a real human being
for another soul

Souls should run
should cry
should laugh
should feel

If you feel you're not this kind of soul
turn into one
souls can have moments of low
souls can have moments of high
souls are meant to live

What a contradiction, huh?
Every soul has its own kind of poetry inside.
Let 'em express it.
Hate is not an option here.
Africa Apr 2017
no exit possible
lots of lights

but no light is shining tho

eyes closed


you’re gone
but I’m still here
lights are starting shining
opened eyes
wake up

Africa Apr 2017
just wanted to say “hi”.

just wanted to know “how have you been?”.

just wanted to care.

just wanted to be (w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶).

just wanted to say “sorry”.

just wanted to understand.

just wanted to see your brown eyes.

just wanted to see you smile.

just wanted to hear you laugh.

just wanted to.




i think you will understand that I miss you.

it’s okay

I miss me too.

— The End —