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How do I even start this text?
What words to use?
What should come next?
In my body, no longer vexed!

I can't remember this good feeling!
My mind is giddy!
My senses reeling!
I finally received a healing!
You best believe
I have been kneeling...
No devil brood to do more stealing!

I was ill. Terribly cursed.
I went to the doctor
Expecting the worst
His response was not rehearsed...
My kidney problem was reversed!

I had a problem on many points
Uric acid in my joints

I had a fog inside my brain
I felt tired, my body strained.
My whole system felt restrained.
My tears made my pillow stained.

Oh! But now I am so elated!
All the symptoms have abated!
Everything in us is related!
More progress anticipated!

I might even find a job!
There's Someone I wish to applaud
Don't find it strange.
Don't find it odd...

I give ALL the PRAISE TO GOD!!!

Cathy Jarvis
My kidney function has reversed! I was nearly in kidney failure... But now I am healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ! I will be bold about talking about HIM. I owe him everything. The uric acid in my joints has gone down significantly, and the same had affected my brain. There are a lot of other changes, also. Thanks for reading! ♡♡♡
 Dec 2018 A Love For Hatred
when Zeus parted
human beings into two,
i could have sworn
i found my other half
in you

I was threatened
With tantric ****
I refuse to be a statistic
I want to be a survivor
I refuse to be a survivor
I need to thrive
Through this
I found
Why I am on this planet
To stop this
From happening
To someone else
Not enlightenment
I know
The sad fact
That I am
Still a statistic.
But I am much more
Than that.  
I am a human.
Tantra is the Buddhist *** art. And **** is *** with out your permission. The predator that I meet and talk to threaten me with tantric ****.  It basically **** but with Tantra involved.  

Read this to know more***-slave-1069859.html
Trapped in this world,
uttering words of no meaning.

As I have falling into a lost crack,
through this journey of my life.

Trying to find the secrets to success,
I ask myself many questions.

Life seems so mysterious to me,
where people remind me of ants.

They travel in a straight line,
seemingly knowing where there at.

Only to remind me,
that death comes easy,
even to the determined.

As I work so hard to figure my life out,
I am always let down at every turn.

Is it myself or someone else, to blame.  
For my reasoning of not understanding.

As they find excuses for everything I did wrong,
It only reminds me of what I have done right.

Is it the world who is  to blame or
is it just not my time in life.
Excuses are tools of incompetency that build monuments of nothing.
And those who are good at it, seldom go nowhere.
Dear Everyone,

Most should know me past from my writings, most know that I was an addict, in prison, lonely at times, heart aches, I've been trough a lot including death of loves ones.

But do you pay attention to my writings about goals, dreams, to inspire, teach, motivate. I just don't talk about it, I follow through, which I hope everyone learns to do one day. If your doing it know, my hats off to you.

I have been having trouble getting a job because I am a convicted felon. That only inspired me to talk with God which had changed my way of thinking. I had a dream 2 weeks ago to open up my knowledge from the past. I was very successful in the energy field, to help fight global warming while reducing energy cost. I've been working 24/7 since that conversation.

My company is now  real but the opening is postponed because of new ideas. I have been approached by many investors, so me and my team has decided to go public with our stocks. I want to open four offices, Alexandria, Lafayette, Baton Rouge at one time.  And by year two New Orleans where I  I will have my Corporate office.

I don't tell you this to boast, but to inspire, especially our youth. I always tell them to dream big and you will never fail. Most don't understand, how sad.  Is that the parents these day don't teach this, just simple say my child if you dream it may come true one day. Tell them to simply dream about a new bike and provide it for them, don't have them earn it. These dreams will always grow year after year. Every day we get older and your children will leave from under your wing. Prepare for this world in the simplest ways and they will be prepared to step out in life.

Remember DREAM BIG and you will never fail.



My hats off to my Marketing guru & genius , "Gailforcewinds".

this is very real

I really miss being on this site. ****, I've posted over 700 writings in 2 months and read 1000's/
Energy Specialty Solutions Inc.
Consulting Firm

Founder, CEO, President

Note: Web site launch date. ask Gailforcewinds, that's her department.
She does such a great job.
What does one say, who does not understand.
"Look at that loser"
"There out of control"
"Thank God that's not me"

What *******!
If you were never there, you will never care or understand.

Unless it happens to you or a loved one.
I now exactly what your thinking.
Never in my life time and I praise you if that happens.

But be real, look at today's society.
I know Layers that said it.
I know Judges that said it.
I know Politicians that said.
I know Doctor's that said.
I know Musician's that said it.
I know Actor's that said it.
The rich, the poor, your friend next door.
This is just to name a few.

Are you better then us, do you but yourself on a pedestal,
for demeaning an addict or do step up and learn about addiction.

These are not only good people but great people.
They try to fight their demon straight on, which is
the toughest battle that anyone can fight.

I can only say one last thing.
I wish the best for everyone and
hope that you never have to deal with this battle.

We are not bad people
We just have bad ways,
and that one day we will overcome our battle.

*God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change.
The courage to change the things that I can.
And the wisdom to know the difference.
When one says,
they know it all.

They then set themselves up,
for failure.
With one step
With one blow

Life vanishes before your eyes
Life is now seen from a distance

Many miles away
From the skies
Across the Milky-Way

Another life has ended
Like shiny little rain drops
To some place we all will know

Is it a place of darkness
Is it a place of brightness
Is it a place that is unknown
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