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trf Nov 2020
i see your breath,
cold calling,
i must confess,
it’s shivering.

a pale dew,
from your lips,
and falling.

looking back,
i’m painted blue,
your exhale
was resisting.
trf Apr 2020
tell darkness
that love is
lighting a rescue
through our
window pane view
Blinds pulled back
and curtains askew
Just know for a fact
we’re in here with you_
Important inside
We’ll be on your side
trf Mar 2020
your violet candle vents
vanilla lilac scents
reminiscent of nights
spent beset by blankets
of silent flower fields
and blinks of fire flies
lighting our landscape love
trf Mar 2020
sewing time together,
we scribe our narrative,
your lace stitches leather,
like a seamstress.

failures don't forget me,
i'm their stone to engrave,
designed imperfections
and a chiseled face.

close enough to notice,
constellations are yarn,
unthreading in the distance,
these days seam apart.
trf Oct 2019
i lasso lightning
i enjoy the pain
it numbs my fingers
it bolts my brain

my smoke rings linger
but the fire fades
i'm drawn to darkness
i'm a long delay
trf Sep 2019
the escape that i get
when i take a deep breath,
chest pains cease
their restless wander,

air fleeing trees,
a velvet braille,
my exhale.
the blind see breath
trf Aug 2019
i bought us two tickets,
underneath the stars,
our plateau in the distance,
fly the wind with me.

i block the sound of crickets,
muffle right ears with my palms,
alone we bare resemblance,
together we hear calm.

i like to feel your exhale,
warming like summer fog,
let's hike from here to mecca,
have faith in our song.

voyage is illusion,
cannot separate free,
beauty is our fusion,
to air our symphony.
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