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 Nov 2021 trf
 Nov 2021 trf

Two blocks away
between the houses
the sunset smolders golden
through an oak

Cold creeps behind it
 Jul 2021 trf
niann smith
 Jul 2021 trf
niann smith
I remember when I was young and I believed in the trees and all the things they’d sing to a sinner with open hands. My sorrows were built in the Eden of their glory, the leaves whispering verse of such uncharted sands.

These are the king of lands that swells but I shall never grow old in.

I think that the heart is too impatient now with time forsaking nature’s whimsical glance, why haven’t we the space to pray anymore? Why?

These questions grasp at me endlessly and yet the answers remain elusive still.
Old as the grave, I am now a wandering human. Yet, caught again between the trees. I carelessly step upon the branches of the things I once worshiped in state of my youth.
 Jul 2021 trf
Amanda Kay Burke
I wonder what you are up to
Do I ever cross your mind?
Know you are with somebody new
You are on mine all the time
If you asked me how many times you've crossed my mind I'd say once because you never left
 Mar 2021 trf
my soul on a screen,

that no one will see.

all eyes towards the restless,

the fake apathy fiend.

let me say what they cant,

all the things they dont mean:
 Mar 2021 trf
Qualyxian Quest
crossing the Baltic
young sons sung
 Mar 2021 trf
Eleanor Sinclair
You stole my heart with your silver tongue
with a voice so sweet from your crimson lungs
I beg for a day when my dreams don't consist of you
I lose sleep looking into your eyes, light blue
What's worse is the feeling that you'll never be mine
so I drown my heart in a bottle of wine
No liquor can remove the taste of your lips
or the warmth of my cheeks when your hands touch my hips
Maybe I'll forget how you laugh and you smell
but they pain you brought me... I'll take that with me to Hell
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