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1d · 203
rk 1d
with your cool steel eyes
and ink stained hands,
you are the only one
who calms the storm
in my mind.
- just like honey.
2d · 102
rk 2d
he told me he loved the rain
the same as i did
what he meant,
was that he loved to watch
from behind the window
and listen as it gently tapped
against the glass.
when i say i love the rain
i mean that the roar of thunder
awakens my bones,
just as the smell of lightning
fills my lungs.
i hear it kissing the earth
and all at once
i can't stop myself
from running outside
and letting it consume me.
- maybe that is why it would never have worked.
4d · 366
rk 4d
i saw glaciers in your eyes,
icy plains and lost streams.
i felt you fill my lungs
your salt water burning
with each new breath,
drowning in you
with every exhale.
5d · 220
pearly dewdrops
rk 5d
i kissed you
and tasted the light of the stars
& the apricot dawn all at once.
your lips had something wild in them
as if you were birthed,
from lightning itself
as if the sea had strung you together
from her most precious pearls.
- it's 6am and i'm falling again.
6d · 105
rk 6d
i bathe with charcoal and roses
and spray nettles in my hair,
i cover my body with moon oil
and whisper my secrets to the stars
when i'm silent i can hear them
dancing in my blood
when i feel lost and truly alone
i feel their tender fingers
brushing my hair,
with their gentle voices
singing in my ear

r i s e
sweet child, we are with you
r i s e
sweet child, we will guide you.
7d · 138
depression cherry
rk 7d
and i loved you
in a golden crescendo
of moonlit sunsets
sweet amber kisses
and honey soaked lips.
- if i welcome death, it is because i know i have loved so intensely that it ate me whole.
Jul 4 · 293
rk Jul 4
i can no longer remember
your voice with such clarity
when you'd say my name
in those moments
of temptation
yet i have learned
that hands can remember too,
they twitch and burn
feeling for you in the dark
searching for the fingers
that once wrapped around them
like a phantom limb
the memory of you
scorched into them
too deep to be lost.
- each night my soul leaves my body and finds you.
Jul 3 · 306
rk Jul 3
now i understand,
that i have always
been enough

i just wasn't
enough for you.
Jul 2 · 135
scrapped knees
rk Jul 2
365 sunsets
yet i still remember
how your fingertips
danced along
the curve of my hips,
and how much it hurt
when you walked
out the door.

i guess that is the gift
of feeling too much
there will always be
too many memories
slowly burning,
too many words
to describe how i felt.
forever picking
at the wound,
leaving me aching.
- and i will gladly break it, i will gladly break my heart for you.
Jul 1 · 127
love lost
rk Jul 1
isn't it strange,
how we are each made
from little scrap pieces
of lovers left behind.
one lovers
favourite coffee order
is still my most reached for,
anothers user name
became endless passwords
and your t-shirt
became all i could sleep in.
i guess those we loved
never really leave us,
and so i wonder
which part of me
you took with you
when you left.
Jun 28 · 171
paper walls
rk Jun 28
i guess i was the one
foolish enough to believe
that maybe
we might have made it,
to prove fate wrong
and outlive even our own fears.
now i see that i
was just another form
of therapy to you,
an escape from the every day
a hiding place from your demons.
i wish i had realised
that i was just another idea
before i pulled down my walls
one brick at a time,
forgetting that my heart
was only ever
made from paper.
- i never wanted to say goodbye but now i see you already did.
Jun 28 · 343
s h i n e
rk Jun 28
i do not want you
to try to complete
each missing part of me
to make me perfect for you
i want you
to see me perfectly flawed
lost pieces and all
and still want
to light up my darkest shadows
enough to outshine
each star in the sky.
Jun 26 · 138
autumn fire
rk Jun 26
he was crimson fireworks
kissing my horizon,
the sweetest honey
upon my lips
and the milky way
dancing on my skin.
Jun 25 · 116
rk Jun 25
i have never
felt so helpless
as when i fell
head first into you,
in your murky waters
you were the only
light i could see.
you kissed me
and my body
drifted to the surface
my heart cracked open
like a lotus
knowing that
without the darkness,
without being held
in your grasp,
i would never
have been able
to dance along the surface
kissing the waterlillies
confessing my love
in sweet whispers
to the dragonflies
bathing in the scent
of soft summer rain.
- you were my descent into madness.
Jun 23 · 156
holy ghost
rk Jun 23
my sweet obsession
you are my holy ghost
the only one
that keeps me awake
each and every night,
your gentle heartbeat
shaking the walls
daring to be heard.
my sweetest haunting
although there may be
an endless ocean
between us,
you sunk your teeth
so deep into velvet flesh
tasting a love so ancient
not even the waves
can pull us apart.
- your name is a prayer on my lips.
Jun 22 · 580
t e m p t r e s s
rk Jun 22
i remember
how sweet you tasted
strawberries and whiskey
staining my lips,
so beautifully sweet
with a power that burned me
as i couldn't stop myself
from asking for more.
Jun 21 · 181
rk Jun 21
i've always been told
that i am a greedy lover
allowing love
to eat me whole,
devoting myself entirely
and expecting
the same in return.

i let you swim in my veins,
before burying yourself
inside my bones.

my kisses
will burn your skin,
and leave pathways
of where i've been.

i will breathe you in
forsaking all oxygen
injecting you into my blood,
desperate for another fix
so completely addicted
so completely yours.
- press your teeth upon my flesh and ******* beating heart.
Jun 18 · 141
ghost waltz
rk Jun 18
despite fighting fate
despite time
luck or chance
never being on our side,
our memories still dance
wrapped tightly
in a ghostly waltz
like dead stars
in a cosmic boneyard
their light shining brightly
even the darkest of nights.
Jun 12 · 158
neon moon
rk Jun 12
on nights like these
i gaze in wonder
at the star filled sky,
thinking that the constellations
dwarf in comparison
to the ones in your eyes.
i stare at the moon
and she reminds me of you,
i can't help but wonder
if i ever cross your mind
if the memory
of my touch in the darkness
makes you ache like i ache,
or if you sleep peacefully
without a second thought at all.
Jun 10 · 177
honey & amber
rk Jun 10
soft summer rain
gently falls
as morning candlelight
dances against the window
the scent of amber
and thunderstorms
hang in the air
while my memories of you
play like a vintage film
sweeter than cherry wine
and sun kissed honeydew.
- loving you was such a treasure.
Jun 8 · 189
moonlight sonata
rk Jun 8
the moon comes by
and tells me
about you.
how she created your eyes
from the sea itself
and your bones
from the dust
of forgotten stars
kissed by saturn,
before sending you
soaring over my horizon.
i gaze at her in wonder,
knowing i will never find
the words to say
t h a n k  y o u
for sharing you
with me.
Jun 7 · 162
to build a home
rk Jun 7
you may not be mine
but i still remember
that the only way
you can drift off to sleep
is to the gentle murmur
of clementine
pulling you under
with her whispered promises,
and how your fingers
would always find themselves
pushing the hair from my face
as you placed your headphones
to my ears in the dark.
these are the moments
where i come back to you,
stained by your love
like red wine on fresh sheets.
Jun 6 · 173
due north
rk Jun 6
my pull towards you
was instant
and all-encompassing,
as if i'd been
living in darkness
and you were the first
splashes of colour
i'd ever seen.
i wondered how someone
could be so beautiful,
how i could be so lucky
to wake up and see
the ocean
dancing in your eyes.
in those moments i knew
my heart would never
burn for anyone,
the way it ached for you.
Jun 5 · 542
h o l y
rk Jun 5
stolen amber nights
wrapped in your arms
the midsummer moon,
our greedy hands
looking for more.
worshipping each other
like sinners
searching for a god
we don't believe in,
now your sweet moans
will always be
my greatest hallelujah.
- you are the only heaven i want to be sent to.
Jun 4 · 215
rk Jun 4
you told me
actions speak
louder than words,
now i hear more
in your silence
than you were ever
able to tell me aloud.
- i guess ignorance is bliss.
Jun 3 · 173
rk Jun 3
the hardest part
of this whole mess
was realizing
that you had let us
get so far,
all the while knowing
that we couldn't continue
without you
breaking us apart.
Jun 3 · 181
spilled wine
rk Jun 3
only you
can make a conversation
feel like a one night stand
leaving me drunk on your words
before sneaking out the door
disappearing into silence
without so much as a goodbye.
- you would think i'd be used to this routine by now.
Jun 2 · 1.4k
rk Jun 2
just a foolish girl
letting nostalgia
fill her heart
and leave her aching
for a love
that never existed.
- only you have the uncanny ability to make me feel so incredibly forgettable.
Jun 1 · 178
free fall
rk Jun 1
a great man said
that to love,
is to allow yourself
to free fall helplessly
into another
falling for you
wasn't soft and quiet
like autumn leaves
dancing in the wind,
it was closing my eyes
and diving
into the unknown
like a baby bird
finding my wings,
unsure if the jump
would **** me
or set me free.
May 30 · 352
rk May 30
the hardest truth
is that nothing lasts forever
everything is temporary
i see now
that our reality was simple
i was just another way
for you to get through
the lonely nights
i knew the hurt was inevitable
that foolish dreams
had clouded my vision
i guess i just thought
we might have made it.
May 29 · 288
nectarine dreams
rk May 29
i still remember
your sleepy steel eyes
staring back at me
bed hair and soft sheets
your tender fingertips
always lost
in my crimson hair
that just couldn't stop itself
from gently spilling
onto your face
in those moments i knew
you would always give me
a thousand new reasons
to unravel for you
before the amber sun
filled the sky
with her nectarine kisses.
- it's all for you.
May 27 · 172
rk May 27
i've been asked
what the best moment
of my life is so far
and in my head
one sole memory
dances brightly;
the first time you kissed me
you pulled me into you
with unstoppable fire
your hands in my hair,
moonlight burning in your eyes.
it was as if you had waited
your whole life to do it
and the moment your lips
bled into mine i knew,
i had been waiting
my whole **** life to feel it.
May 25 · 232
satellite of love
rk May 25
endless times
you have called me
in and out of your orbit
sharing moments
of melancholy and madness
i'm drawn once more
to the violet light you emit
you stand beside me
and i feel it
f a m i l i a r i t y
you are the constellation
in my darkened sky
your hand in mine
a hushed whisper
during a forced goodbye
a forbidden confession
of an eternal craving

i wish i could hold our memories
tightly inside rose petals
despite the aching
despite the uncertainty
i know only this
if i am to live wholly
i can't do so without you
my fallen valentine
my immortal shadow
and so i'll wait for you
over the hills past saturn
underneath the burning sky
like a wilting flower
summoning the rains.
rk May 24
i should have warned you
that if i kissed you
more than once
i'd fall in love
but your lips met mine
underneath the velvet moon
and i couldn't help
but ask for more
my lips longing to taste you
again and again
my own demise
dancing infront of me
your sweet kisses
my own undoing.
- i couldn't stop loving you if i tried.
May 23 · 227
rk May 23
what if we weren't
so bound by time
what if, like the universe
our thoughts,
our memories were linear
burning, alive and electric.
what if we could swim
between what has been
and what is yet to come,
would our moments
underneath a summer moon
where our souls bled
and our demons danced
be the ones you go back to?
- this routine is all too familiar.
May 22 · 354
night swimming
rk May 22
as darkness falls
i feel you
calling to me.
the starlight
screams your name
pulling me back
to silver nights
dressed in midnight,
with your kisses tasting
like strawberries
and fated promises.
May 21 · 383
violet lemonade
rk May 21
your lips meet mine
and i reach such a high
life is sweeter
than summer lemonade
voilets in full bloom,
now that my hands
have held you.
- your lips will always taste the sweetest.
May 18 · 214
honey wine
rk May 18
we came crashing down
before we even begun
yet i can still remember
satin nights underneath
that hot july moon
and how your smile tasted
between each sacred kiss,
leaving the taste
of honey and oranges
lingering on my lips.
May 18 · 428
rk May 18
now there's an ocean
lying between us
the nights grow dark,
the waters cold.
these velvet tears
and this rabbit heart
can't help but wonder
if i meant anything to you,
or nothing at all.
May 16 · 233
v o i d
rk May 16
alone in the darkness
i stare blankly
at the night sky
the memory of you
outshining every star
and although i am alone
your ghost
is there to hold me
and i know my bones
will miss you
until they are but ashes
blowing in the wind.
- i wish you stayed.
May 14 · 353
winters child
rk May 14
she dances
with the winter dew
in her hair
silver moonbeams
gently kissing her skin
carried by the wind,
she speaks
and the stars
sing along in unison
following her
into the unknown.
May 14 · 215
the fall of icarus
rk May 14
my sweetest apollo
you are the only one
i will hopelessly
freefall into
time and time again
and even as i'm falling,
i will only
thank the stars
that i got so close.
May 12 · 1.0k
starless sea
rk May 12
this pain in my chest
pulls me under
and all at once
i am a paper boat
lost in a starless sea,
drowning in the memory
of what we had.
i may not know
what lies ahead
the course uncertain,
the waters black
but as i lay here alone
i realise,
perhaps i am not
so difficult to love
perhaps others
are simply afraid

and that's okay too.
May 10 · 276
rk May 10
now all that's left
is burning valentines
and forgotten promises
my heart beating
outside of my chest,
destined for a life
of solitude
searching for a love
so beautiful
that even fate herself
weeps amongst the stars.
May 9 · 1.1k
rk May 9
we cling to each other
desperately trying
to perserve what is left
finding darkened corners
to confess our love,
like foxes in the night
with countless eyes
watching our every move.
now i understand
that sometimes
it is easier to love
inside a locked room,
where the world becomes
just one person
and the eyes in the dark
can no longer follow.
- a rabbit hearted girl with foolish thoughts.
May 8 · 288
rk May 8
love me in the darkness
i want to feel
your breath on mine,
our demons dancing
under the sweet moonlight.
only you have the power
to peform an exorcism
so beautiful,
even fate herself
can't help but watch.
- only you can cool my desire.
May 6 · 766
rk May 6
i once was told
that i loved too much
my lotus heart
opening too quickly,
yearning for a love
deeper than i could handle.
i may be soft,
but i am also a fire
and you are the only one
who sets my heart to bloom.
- for you i wait amongst the wildflowers.
May 4 · 257
rk May 4
i have spent
many nights
gazing in wonder
at the night sky,
just as i have spent
many nights
loving you;
the universe dulls
in comparison.
May 4 · 430
f a l l i n g
rk May 4
if there is one thing
that meeting you
has taught me,
it's that love doesn't wait
for you to catch up.
- please prove me wrong.
May 1 · 196
witches night
rk May 1
in the darkness i dance
crimson hair
like flames on the wind,
the moonlight
kissing my skin
wearing nothing
but midnight
i lie in wait,
surrendering myself
to the flames
for from the dark
my love has returned.
- starlight filters through the trees while the horned God chases his Queen.
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