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Apr 16 · 3.0k
iced coffee
rk Apr 16
i want to love you
like a lazy sunday morning
staying in bed
taking our time
sipping coffee
memorising every freckle
like the constellations in the sky
white sheets
and tangled limbs
with the scent of a memory
fresh on our lips.
Apr 11 · 699
golden urns
rk Apr 11
i long for a love
that will break me,
eat me whole
and spit me out aching.
i want to love
as achilles loved patroclus,
with a burning in my heart
and a madness
that would tear
even the fates apart.
- my heart will only ever utter your name.
Apr 8 · 371
h u n g e r
rk Apr 8
i don't think you understand
just how hungry i am for you
my lips water
at the very thought
of your skin against mine
all teeth and claws
and hands in my hair
eyes alive with starvation
fork and knife ready
begging you
to let me eat you whole.
Mar 30 · 399
first defeat
rk Mar 30
even now
i am haunted by you still
i see you everywhere,
i hear you every time
the waves crash into the shore
and feel you each time
the wind caresses my skin.
our songs play
and my day comes to hault
i'm back to those summer nights,
wrapped inside your arms
honey and clementines
bleeding from our lips.

in those moments i realise
how deeply you are buried
into my being,
as if my bones are made
from magnets
searching just for you.
Mar 29 · 463
laid bare
rk Mar 29
you told me
when you closed your eyes
and you felt your blood
start to boil
it's my face you see
all without ever
having my body.

i smiled
and replied;
undress the mind
and the soul will follow
the body will never come close.
- in that case you have captured me entirely.
Mar 29 · 327
rk Mar 29
as surely as winter
loosens it's icy grip
with one last kiss
upon my throat,
i know spring
will soon return
to gently hold me
in her warm embrace
as the earth
calls me back home.
- after the darkness you will find hope again.
Mar 26 · 359
blue dot
rk Mar 26
you once said
our first kiss
felt like two lost stars
hopelessly colliding,
consuming each other
faster than we
could ever comprehend.
how then
after such an impact
can we fade to nothing
but whispers in the dark
just as easily?
Mar 20 · 658
wendy, darling
rk Mar 20
i always adored the story
of peter pan and his lost boys,
yet the ending made me ache.
it's in the moment
where he tells his darling wendy
that he'll love her forever,
in the place between sleep and awake.
i know now that i wait for you there
with my heart in my hands
beating out your name,
wondering if the whole thing
had been nothing more
than a day dream.
Feb 7 · 572
rk Feb 7
i begged myself not to say it
to keep the words
hidden tightly behind my lips
yet you drew them out
with each hungry kiss you stole
your name a prayer
i couldn't stop them forming
pushing their way out into existence

"i am so completely in love with you"

the moment they escaped i felt it
my breath catching in my throat
it was more of a question
than a confession
one that had been dancing
on the tip of my tongue for days

"me too, babe."

you barely let the words out
before greedily filling my mouth
with yours once more.

it wasn't your agreement
that gave me my answer
but the way that you expertly avoided
uttering the words
i needed to hear back to me.
Jan 4 · 441
the original sin
rk Jan 4
you devoured me
so easily,
leaving me starving
for your touch
and no fruits on earth
can ease my hunger.
so tell me lover,
how does it feel
to have your teeth
in my beating heart?
Jan 1 · 589
celestial waltz
rk Jan 1
there is an endless poem
burning in my throat
scratching at my bones,
keeping me awake
like a lover of the night
and it is only ever
howling your name.
Dec 2020 · 428
rk Dec 2020
you picked me up
and spread me apart
over and over
leaving your notes
in the margins
and fingerprints
on my pages.
now no matter
who reads me
all they can see is you,
staining each page
with blue ink
and a hopeful heart.
- we had that don't talk or you might wake it love.
Dec 2020 · 455
rk Dec 2020
we are nothing but ghosts
yet you've stained me
like red lipstick
on fresh white linen.
- does her love make your head spin?
Nov 2020 · 543
rk Nov 2020
your love is both
the shining altar
and the smoldering
gates of hell,
i dance between
like a woman possessed
unsure if you will save me
or devour me whole.
- i would serve at your feet.
Nov 2020 · 342
rk Nov 2020
the silence between us
deafens me
yet even in the darkness
all i know
is that there is a beating
behind these weary bones
singing just for you.
- does she know where your lips begin?
Oct 2020 · 474
rk Oct 2020
i want to unravel you
pick apart your bones
devour you so hungrily,
you'll stain my sheets
and leave me aching.
- h a d e s; my love.
Oct 2020 · 557
the fool
rk Oct 2020
i have always
lived in the past,
dragging around
this melancholy heart
looking for lost places
or past loves.
i guess i lost myself
a little too much
in you this time.
- shame on me.
Oct 2020 · 474
falling clovers
rk Oct 2020
the memory
of your gentle breath
as your hands
found my hips
in a symphony of clovers
pulling me in,
consuming me so easily
it was as if
i had been molded
just for you.
Oct 2020 · 304
lilac summer
rk Oct 2020
yet you linger
like a hollow cavity
in my chest.
i feel you
wrapped tight
around my ribcage
with every breath,
the sweetest lilacs
wrapping tight
like your body on mine
on clementine nights.
Sep 2020 · 812
sonnet for saturn
rk Sep 2020
i want to write poems for you
but you bled me dry
and now all i have are whispers
in place of sonnets.
Sep 2020 · 1.2k
rk Sep 2020
and now
at the end of our days
when we have nothing left
but our memories,
if i could tell you
just one thing
it would be how much
my heart burns for you
and that our love
will remain
my sweestest hallelujah
and outshine every star
in the night sky.
- my soul will search for you in each lifetime.
Sep 2020 · 607
rk Sep 2020
i will wait for you
until there is nothing left
but burning skies
and wilting roses.
- it has always been you.
Sep 2020 · 491
rk Sep 2020
you feel like
soft autumn rain
amber streetlights,
while stormclouds
dance above
bringing the promise
of m a g i c.
Sep 2020 · 582
lust at first bite
rk Sep 2020
i was always told
vampires don't exist
yet i spend hours and days
feverishly trying
to forget the feel
of your teeth upon my skin.
Aug 2020 · 352
where the phantom walks
rk Aug 2020
even now
my memories
torment me
your ghost
travelling the halls
it's sweet song
denying me of sleep
your scent
fresh pine sap
and crisp salt water
lingers in my dreams
like a thorn
around my ribcage
holding me close
each breath deadly.
- i'm always thinking i could love you more.
Aug 2020 · 466
funeral attire
rk Aug 2020
isn't it strange
how we can go
from star crossed lovers
fighting fate,
in stolen moments
to strangers
before the sun
ever met the morning.
- you promised we wouldn't.
Aug 2020 · 1.2k
m a r t y r
rk Aug 2020
your voice is slowly fading
your words too far
to remember clearly
but the discussion between
your fingertips
and my skin,
still blazes wildly
keeping me up at night
like a moth to a flame.
- for my love for you.
Aug 2020 · 368
a dance in eden
rk Aug 2020
the painful truth
echoes in your silence
and now i understand
that for you
the thrill of the chase
was sweeter
than even the ripest fruit.
Aug 2020 · 344
rk Aug 2020
white tshirts
clinging to wet skin
rain soaked hair
and orange soaked lips
the gentle amber
of the streetlights above
hummed softly
around us
but all i could see
was the ocean waves
dancing in your eyes
before your mouth
poured into mine
so hungrily
as if you realised
you had been starving
your whole life.
Aug 2020 · 353
sweater weather
rk Aug 2020
i remember the moment
where it all came into focus
after a night of drunken kisses
and lipstick stains
on your autumn sweater.
i told myself this was it
the chance to finish what we started
yet you stood infront of me
eyes casting shadows,
explaining that our stolen embrace
was an impromptu mistake
meaning that to you
we were a blinding moment
and to me, we were the sun.
- this ******* heart will never learn.
Aug 2020 · 317
holy ground
rk Aug 2020
i see you everywhere
i miss what we had
who we were,
so lost
yet we found eden
in each other.
your arms
became my sanctuary,
now i ache
for their familiar warmth
and your lips on mine.
yours is a void that never fills
nor do i want it to
self sabotage
in the sweetest way.
you are my church,
my holy ground.
- i will wait at your gates.
Aug 2020 · 517
rk Aug 2020
i'd pull every single star
from the night sky
if it would only bring
me back to you.
- you came closer than anyone.
Jul 2020 · 1.2k
rk Jul 2020
i couldn't be human
so i made a home
in the woods
i danced with the mist
and ran with the wolves.
i lay on the pine needles
wove leaves into my hair,
perhaps if you come looking
you will find me there.
- the wind sings my name.
Jul 2020 · 359
wicked crimson
rk Jul 2020
to the darkness
i surrender
my body laying in wait
claws in the earth
ruby droplets
decorating my throat
laying myself open
bathing in moonight,
from beyond the trees
my love has come
and i am ready
to be devoured.
- wine soaked lips & crisp white sheets.
Jul 2020 · 570
rk Jul 2020
my lips have known yours
in every lifetime
and now i know for certain
that the universe
will always
bring me back
to y o u.
- you are worth the wait in every eternity.
Jul 2020 · 349
rk Jul 2020
if it takes 28 days
for skin to renew,
then i have been
13 new versions of myself
since i last felt your touch.
each day gets longer,
yet i still hear your name
in the ocean waves
and your moon soaked kisses
still keep me up at night.
Jul 2020 · 437
rk Jul 2020
i long to taste you
in the darkness
to feel your breath upon my neck
and taste your sweet kisses
once more.
i crave your touch
like a woman possessed
perhaps i am,
perhaps i am sure to drown
in this perpetual state of hunger
with your voice in my head
and your name upon my lips.
- when night falls i reach for you.
Jul 2020 · 477
s u c c u b u s
rk Jul 2020
i will eat you
with kisses
drowning deeper
with each mouthful
until i taste nothing
but the sweetness
of your lips
and the burning
of my heart.
"my god, what would a man do with a woman like that except worship her?"
Jul 2020 · 333
lost hands
rk Jul 2020
i guess
to put it simply,
i miss each atom of you
each molecule
each grain of stardust,
more than i ever knew
was humanly possible.
- i woke up wishing you were beside me, again.
Jul 2020 · 309
rk Jul 2020
i guess you thought
our love
was an april shower
but lover,
when i rain
i pour.
i let you consume me
and soak me
to the bone.
i guess you thought
our love
was an april shower,
when it hit me
like a hurricane.
Jul 2020 · 673
rk Jul 2020
even in the shadows
of your love
i can still see
the stars that fall
from your eyes,
i hear your heartbeat
and i know
that although i am lost
you are here
in the darkness with me
and so the dark
doesn't feel so bad.
- you are the waves that carry me to safety.
Jul 2020 · 505
rk Jul 2020
with your cool steel eyes
and ink stained hands,
you are the only one
who calms the storm
in my mind.
- just like honey.
Jul 2020 · 762
rk Jul 2020
he told me he loved the rain
the same as i did
what he meant,
was that he loved to watch
from behind the window
and listen as it gently tapped
against the glass.
when i say i love the rain
i mean that the roar of thunder
awakens my bones,
just as the smell of lightning
fills my lungs.
i hear it kissing the earth
and all at once
i can't stop myself
from running outside
and letting it consume me.
- maybe that is why it would never have worked.
Jul 2020 · 704
rk Jul 2020
i saw glaciers in your eyes,
icy plains and lost streams.
i felt you fill my lungs
your salt water burning
with each new breath,
drowning in you
with every exhale.
Jul 2020 · 502
pearly dewdrops
rk Jul 2020
i kissed you
and tasted the light of the stars
& the apricot dawn all at once.
your lips had something wild in them
as if you were birthed,
from lightning itself
as if the sea had strung you together
from her most precious pearls.
- it's 6am and i'm falling again.
Jul 2020 · 299
rk Jul 2020
i bathe with charcoal and roses
and spray nettles in my hair,
i cover my body with moon oil
and whisper my secrets to the stars
when i'm silent i can hear them
dancing in my blood
when i feel lost and truly alone
i feel their tender fingers
brushing my hair,
with their gentle voices
singing in my ear

r i s e
sweet child, we are with you
r i s e
sweet child, we will guide you.
Jul 2020 · 396
depression cherry
rk Jul 2020
and i loved you
in a golden crescendo
of moonlit sunsets
sweet amber kisses
and honey soaked lips.
- if i welcome death, it is because i know i have loved so intensely that it ate me whole.
Jul 2020 · 522
rk Jul 2020
i can no longer remember
your voice with such clarity
when you'd say my name
in those moments
of temptation
yet i have learned
that hands can remember too,
they twitch and burn
feeling for you in the dark
searching for the fingers
that once wrapped around them
like a phantom limb
the memory of you
scorched into them
too deep to be lost.
- each night my soul leaves my body and finds you.
Jul 2020 · 513
rk Jul 2020
now i understand,
that i have always
been enough

i just wasn't
enough for you.
Jul 2020 · 336
scrapped knees
rk Jul 2020
365 sunsets
yet i still remember
how your fingertips
danced along
the curve of my hips,
and how much it hurt
when you walked
out the door.

i guess that is the gift
of feeling too much
there will always be
too many memories
slowly burning,
too many words
to describe how i felt.
forever picking
at the wound,
leaving me aching.
- and i will gladly break it, i will gladly break my heart for you.
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